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Sep 2014 05
Dear Him...  (1869 views)

I think I have fallen for this guy...but he says he's a wolf or whatever the f**k that means. He told me he loves me but it surely doesn  more...

Apr 2014 28

I am 23, and I live with my boyfriend whom I have been dating for 5 years now. He basically told me he doesn't love me anymore, and said  more...

Sep 2013 20
Sacrifice  (1924 views)

Is it ok to sacrifice your own happiness to make someone else happy? Even if you don't love that person back?

Jun 2013 05
She loves a rapist  (2222 views)

My girlfriend and I were talking a few days ago, we have always had a great relationship never any hiccups (at least none caused by us) we w  more...

Aug 2012 27

My Mom can be great, and it seems she really loves me, but she looks past anything that doesn't fit inside her perfect little world. I h  more...

Jul 2012 31
Sick of it.  (2190 views)

I am about at my wits end with a friend of mine. Overall they've been a great friend. Mostly. But I just don't feel like they are 10  more...