Jun 2013 05

My girlfriend and I were talking a few days ago, we have always had a great relationship never any hiccups (at least none caused by us) we were talking about people we used to (past tense) have crushes on, I have no idea how the conversation got to this point. She mentions that she has a bit of a crush on another man because he is "a sweet talker", I took issue with it but said nothing because I know it is natural (and anyone who says they dont have a crush on someone else is a liar) a few days later she tells me that she had sex with this guy (though she has made it sound more like rape) long BEFORE she told me she had a crush on him and that she felt guilty about it and she supposedly lied to me when she said she had a crush on him. She refuses to speak to him. Now I am in constant mental turmoil not knowing whether to dump her, or do what my gut tells me and forgive her.

[by Anon on Tue June 25, 2013 10:31:32 pm]
It sounds like she may have cheated on you and is making it seem like "rape" to save herself. Just be careful. If you can look past this, forgive her but be aware. If it doesn't make sense, there's a lie in it somewhere.

[by Anon on Wed December 11, 2013 03:16:17 pm]
I do not think she cheated on you. And you need to forgive her. She said she had a crush on this kid(which turned out to be a lie). So dumping her will cause her so much pain. I you really like this girl then you need to care for her. I'm not going to say forgive because she has done nothing wrong. Let her know that you are glad she feels comfortable to tell you things and move on.

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