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Are they...

I took the sluggish crowd down the staircase, and looked around. My old high school, here in my head, in my memory. I see the kids--- kids--- and the way they dress, the way they move, their expressions. There are girls, short and tall, every shape and size, but with such a similar dress; their shorts make a squeaking, scratching noise as the heavier of the girls manage up the staircase opposite mine. Their shirts all droop sadly at the collars, some slit open in a V to spill out the feminine flesh further, some yet are neon and bedazzled around the shoulders and cleavage, winking in the sunlight as if crying. The plastic or faux gems the girls wear is gaudy. \"Don\'t look at my face,\" she says, \"My ass has something better to say: JUICY, in gold lettering.\"

I digress, I understand it is not right to judge people solely on their appearance. But it is ignorant and foolish to say a person\'s attire does not say anything about them. I may say these girls are dressed as prostitutes, but I will not call one such based only on that. I would need further evidence or lack thereof, and keep in mind, the world is not just evidence; we make assumptions all the time. You\'re assuming that the light switch you touched is going to work today, because it worked all the other times, right? The air you\'re breathing now is safe, because it was safe for years, right? The wiring can error and the air can have a carbon monoxide leak. Depressing, but true occurrences. You\'re not as factual and logical as you would like to say.

I can\'t say much of the boys. Not many in this high school wear their pants at half-mast, or wear flashy things such as large chains and useless sideways hats. It\'s in their walk and manner, sometimes in their talk. Their heads are tipped close to the girl of the hour, their hands caress her and their words flatter her, or rather, entertain him in the safest way, clothed, in a public school courtyard. Some will push a girl\'s limits and entice her into play selfishly for his pleasure, many will jump at the chance to go as far as he can with a girl sexually, a staggering amount more will take the opportunity to do the same with a beautiful girl or one they find much to their liking. These same boys, a fair number who will play rules loosely and establish a kind of ritual and hierarchy in their social circles in order to \"get the girl\", will burst out in rowdy fights with teachers and classmates, mouth off, lash out at parents, while there are some who channel this energy into striving hard for grades and for sport performances. The drive is there. Compete! Fight! Produce!

No one formally tells the boys this as they grow. There is no social role for such a person. Even the roles of mother, father, teacher, sister, brother, friend, and coworker are not right in the developed nations. It is not talked about commonly, it is not comfortable, it is not needed as they see.

So no one will naturally tell these boys what they are; the strategic ones, the meek ones, the artistic ones, the rebellious ones. No one will tell them that they must engage in a life tug-of-war of leading and being led, that their bodies and straightforward or objective minds are their greatest allies. Of course, those who are exceptions to this standard, the boys who can be considered rather abstract, soft-natured, and sensitive, are highly praised and seen as the new man. The same is for the women; the social, nurturing beauties are made to think they must adhere to a standard of perfection, a universal, skin-deep artificial \"beauty\", have an \"attitude\" and be \"flirty\". The mom who stays at home and schools her own children, perhaps cares for a special needs child, and manages the estate while her husband works abroad, is scorned and pitied by these \"new women\". Event feminists who argue domination of the business workplace are in sharp contrast to the woman farmers and labor workers, cowgirls and shepherds, who simply do their job with little talk and fluff about it. There is no arguing for equality this or pay-me-that, the women toiling in the land do what they can and make peace with that. Support your group and gather.

I remember the movie \"Idiocracy\", the evolution of a stupid human race. While the high-IQ people are subject to the rigors of their selection, the plain dumb people reproduce at a staggering rate and their children follow the trend. Some darkly humorous form of Darwinism, I guess.

But I don\'t believe in Darwin. I believe in God, and I believe in Revelation. I believe in woman farmers, woman politicians, sportswomen, girls at McDonald\'s, girls in Kohl\'s, who can be in harmony with their identity and nature, and rival this unnatural world. I believe in men who can be honorable and be in harmony with women and nature.

[by Dasia on Mon July 25, 2016 01:51:02 am]
Well madiacmaa nuts, how about that.

[by Louisa on Tue July 26, 2016 08:59:03 pm]
That's an inguinoes way of thinking about it.

[by Adiana on Wed July 27, 2016 04:25:15 am]
At last! Someone who untrssdande! Thanks for posting!

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