Jan 2010 14

I'm an explorer with our local fire department. There is this kid in our group who just f*cking thinks he knows EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is 17 years old, hyperactive and ADD like a 2nd grader, he never listens, never pays attention, asks dumb questions and can't remember sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone in the fire department has had it with him! Including myself. I got a jump bag for christmas which for those of you who don't know what a jump bag is it's basically the bag that the EMT's carry with them on the scene of an emergency medical situation. It has many useful things. Well this f*cking kid argues with me for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. about how I'll never use it blah blah blah. I go...so If I'm driving along and i see an accident, I can't use it???!!!!!! anyways. just a week ago he informed me that He got a jump bag- keep in mind he's taking the EMT class now and just failed the first part of it...so not that he's going anywhere fast but still!! I mean the f*cking idiot didn't even apologize!!!! I'm tired of getting three calls a week asking when our drills are!! Seriously, how hard is it to remember 2nd and 4th tuesday of everymonth?? The best part is though, he asked to shadow our explorer advisor on her ambulance squad and she turned him down because he is too argumentitve, inattentive and hyperactive. F*CK i just want to punch a few holes in my wall. Maybe I would if i didn't already have two there from the last time he pissed me off

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