May 2011 25

I'm the typical teenager, loves hanging out with friends and all.
I like to help my dad when i can, but just sometimes I want to strangle him and throw him against the wall, I know what you're thinking, "Don't that's just being sad to your dad, he raised you up and all" Yes I get it. But he seems to hate me.

That's where my anger starts
When he isn't pleased of some things that i do in life like; sitting down watching tv; playing on the computer; or just reading a book
he thinks its a bad thing and then he spazzes at me for "Not focusing hard on school enough, I need to study more etc etc" I hate it. FYI, I'm exhuasted. I've got singing lessons, tests choir and capoeria AND a brother to look after. Why do I have to look after him? Because APPARENTLY I'm not helping out enough. What else? I clean up his rooms the house and do all the housework. Yes I have a mum, she appericates what i do for. I thank her for that. But my dad doesn't. He yells at me, calling me an "inconsiderate jerk", "a bitch on PMS" saying "f**k you" and all that s**t, sometimes i want to dig a hole and die in it. I get really depressed sometimes, then my grades fall. Then he yells at me, for "not studying" when i'm just writing in my journal. Yes, I write in a journal about my daily life with that arrogant jerk.

Did I mention that he's a sexist prick?
He doesn't help around the house because "girls have to do everything"
Life is very stressful for me

This is my first ever entry
I just hope you understand...
Thank for listening and reading

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