Jan 2012 02

So right now in my life I have quite a few issues to deal with.

For one, my life has sucked for the past four and a half years. I got no friends, cant get a job, and my family is in financial trouble. I have to apply for food stamps tomorrow and I am unsure about the future of my college education.
On top of that a bunch of a*****es are causing me and countless other men to suffer by spreading rumors about us and making us look bad. These a*****es have been successful thus far.

I am immeasurably pissed off but strangely I am actually in a better mood than I was a month ago. I typed up a venting post entitled "F**k me".

In this post I spoke of how badly I wanted to kill myself, yet I have no desires or even any thoughts to end my life now. Want to know why?

Because I will simply go out and live my life tomorrow like I do any day. I will simply hope that things improve for me and that my life becomes more enjoyable. That is just it: There is always hope.

No matter what you are going through, you could still end today on a bad note but discover tomorrow to be the greatest day of your life. This is why I am going to start focusing on the positive and not the negative. The more positive a person I am, the more positive my life will become. This rule works for everyone.

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