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Andrew Olmstead, born in August, 1946 but now deceased, was my absolute savior back in May 1969. I was at the end of my pregnancy, ready to be driven to Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Oh, the pain was excruciating ! My Mother was with me, trying to calm me down, as we both vehemently begged my then-husband to take us to the hospital. He had other plans--he wanted to go to his college class that evening, and nothing could deter that thought, not even being there at the hospital for the birth of his second child. Heartless, oblivious to the fact that it was HIS child about to be born. Yes, he opted to go to school. My brother-in-law Andrew O. came to my rescue. He drove my Mother and me--who was writhing in pain--to Brookdale Hospital. My birdbrain ex went his merry way and came to see his newborn son and me the following morning.
This is the same father who took his young daughter's dinner away from her one particular eve because he wanted the chicken breast that I had served to her, not the chicken leg and thigh that I served to him. Chickens have two breasts and two legs/thighs. Previously, father and son were usually served the chicken legs (dark meat), and daughter and mother were served the white meat, by preference. Always, without fail--until the evening that s**thead daddy switched plates with his daughter and left her astonished and in tears. When I questioned his action, as we were sitting at the table, daughter sobbing, he shamelessly said, "I feel like eating white meat tonight. I paid for it." Selfishness personified. I gave my daughter the chicken breast that was supposed to be my dinner, and I settled for veggies that evening.

[by Anon on Tue July 14, 2015 02:00:26 pm]
Oh crap--I remember Andrew Olmstead clearly. He was married, then divorced, to Susan Handsman (Mangano) and they had three children. He was a known alcoholic and that is what killed him, so the story goes. Quite a family...illegitimate grandson, two bankruptcies, one abortion, his son\'s quickie wedding so his granddaughter would be legit...etc.

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