Nov 2009 05

Here's what happens when your little RFID card for Zip Card stops working. When you get to the car you've reserved all day for your nice day trip you have planned for your family, you find your card isn't working. You try to use the little iPhone app to unlock the car, since the iPhone app requires your password and ought to be safe, but for no valid reason the iPhone can't unlock the car. You call customer service. You speak to a complete bitch who refuses to help you then puts you on hold for seven minutes. After seven minutes, you use the iPhone's conference call feature to call Zip Car *again*, this time getting through to a person with a clue. About three minutes of that person explaining that there is no way on Earth for you and your family to enjoy your day trip, since no mortal power can actually unlock the cars, it is then revealed that the only way to get a new card is to wait five to seven business days and then go to ZipCar HQ, which is, of course, not open on weekends (simply unacceptable for a service company) and is furthermore only open from 9:30 to 5:30, when, of course, you are at work. So not only can you not take your family on the day trip today, you cannot do so tomorrow, or indeed next weekend. Naturally we've canceled service, but I wanted to warn others. It seems great at first, but this is not the first problem we've had with Zip Car (mostly it's just people who never return the cars) and you're better off taking cabs for city travel or renting a car for day trips. I mean JESUS.

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