Jul 2012 12

im 15 1/2.. just got my temperary liscense.. thats cool. but im stressed the FU*K out. i wake up at 7 in the morning, sometimes a few hours earlier, monday through friday. i get off work at 3, and ride my bike home. its 1 mile, so its not that bad. But, 2 or 3 days after work, i have wrestling open mats for a little bit. that gets some anger and stuff out, but not all of it. im busy.. and when i get home, my parents want to go out, want me to clean, and im EXHAUSTED. i work at a sports camp, consisting of inside and outside sports. even though im a counselor, we go just as hard as we would as any camper. it sucks. i sweat, i get stressed, im busy, i wrestle, i go home, i wanna sleep but my parents want me to do stupid s**t. im sorry for my language.. im just stressed and honestly dont know what to do. Also to mention, i have a gym membership. I have a card where i can bring a guest. i get off work at 3, and my dad gets off work around 5:30-6. he wants to work out for about an hour when HE gets home. ending at 7, then taking a shower. making it 7:30.. then i cant go out or hang out with friends cuz my parents are soooo f**king lazy. im so sorry for my language, im just annoyed with everything. i havent been the same towards my friends, or my parents. i get nearly 4-6 hours of sleep, depending on if i can sleep. thats how busy i get. UGH! im literally sscreaming right now im so stressed. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

[by Anon on Sun July 15, 2012 03:32:20 am]
It's okay. I understand where you're coming from. You should talk to your parents and see if you can just do cleaning once or twice a week so you can take a break. :( All that stress and change in your relationships isn't good. If things continue, just hope you can repair your relationships.

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