Oct 2009 31

I am a young college student. I live at home with my mom. My mom lives with her mom. I also share a room with my grandmother. My brother sleeps on the couch and my little sister shares a room with our mom. It gets so frustrating! We live in a two bedroom house. There is a mother and a grandmother here and nobody wants to be a parent! People are sleeping around, smoking, drinking, and doing whatever else at their will. The children too. Note: the two children are all under the age of 18. The girl is 14 and the boy is 17. 17 year olds making out with a 14 year old friend who is also 14. mom does not give a crap! she says they are going to do it anyway! sometimes I hate living here! I wish I had some place to go for the weekend! oh another thing! I have finals next week.

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