Jun 2010 10

I'm hopeless and it's entirely my fault. I feel like my efforts aren't good enough because I'm an anti-social immature guy who tries way too hard. Or maybe it's that I don't try hard enough, only talking to girls through Facebook and text because I'm a spineless pu**y.

I never make an effort to talk to people because I'm afraid to screw it up, which I'm 100% sure I would. Because that's just who I am. I'm a screw up. The only good idea I've ever made was posting this here, because here I can cry for attention without seeming like it to people who I see in my everyday life.

Did I mention I'm an attention whore? No? Well **** it I'm an attention whore too. So to sum it up I'm an ugly, shy, snti-social, immature, pu**y attention whore. Not even a pu**y-attention whore, because those guys at least seem happy.

And why is that? It's because they go out and do while I sit here and don't. And I'll continue to don't until I die of something. Not AIDS, because God knows I'm not getting laid. Not that what God knows matters because I'm atheist, ****ing up my chances even more because I like in the BIBLE BELT. I've been turned down because of religion before, it ****ing sucks.

So I'm an ugly, anti-social, shy, pu**y, atheist attention whore.

Let's add more adjectives, eh? Oh what to add? Oh, I'm incredibly jealous of all my friends who don't even try and have to TURN AWAY WOMEN. Meanwhile I'm over here crying myself to sleep, adding more emphasis to the word pu**y in my description.

So I'm an ugly, anti-social, shy, PU**Y, jealous atheist attention whore.

I'm an ugly, anti-social, shy, PU**Y, jealous atheist attention whore with one thing to say:

**** you, world.

[by Anon on Sun August 22, 2010 03:30:17 pm]
I posted this a couple months ago, and I must say, none of it's changed.

[by Anon on Wed August 25, 2010 07:51:34 pm]
Haha! That's the spirit. F*ck the world hard. When did it ever do anything nice for us? On a serious note, don't feel too bad. I have heard of many guys in their late 20s who haven't even held hands with a girl yet. Personally, the way I see it, just go make some money. A sh*t load of money. Take pride in your work and do it well. That way people notice and you get promoted. Then you make more money. If you're going to be the most miserable sod on the planet, then you might as well be one rich ass miserable sod. No, really. I totally feel where you're coming from. I think I lot of people have been there before. That's my mission. Oh, one other thing. Work on fake smiles that look sincere, warm, and business each respectively. That will help you make more money and make friends (even if you hate their guts... just to keep up appearances). Who knows, you may actually get a girlfriend in the process. Then you'll have a lot of money to do wild sh*t with her. At the worst, you can marry a gold digger and f*ck her hot ass for a long time before you divorces you and robs you blind.

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