Jul 2011 06

Ok I had a huge fight with my two "friends" in January. I had just ranaway the day before but the cops came and took me home. They were calling and texting me and were so worried. But then the next day at school they attacked me! They said I started all this sh*t and I'm a little two faced wh*re and worst of all they called me a slutty c**t that they hopes get raped on the streets. We almost got into a physical fight but my mom came just in time to pick me up (I had a counseling appointment to go to). Everyone at school kept calling me a skank and all this other stuff. To this day every time they see me they make mean comments. But what I don't get is they never told me what I did and I can't thiink of anything. I mean this all just came out of nowhere.

And the thing that really sucks is no matter how hard I put up a front and come off as strong I go home and cry because so many people hate me. I've cried almost every night since that fight because that's how hated I am in my town now....

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