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Today at Costco I saw something I could not believe. A man and woman were in the bread isle and while discussing the different types of bread, the man took a loaf of french bread out of it's paper bag. He touched it all over, inspecting the loaf with his hands and then proceeded to put it back! As I approached, I just could not let this incident go, so I spoke up telling him that he really should not handle bread and then put it back. He responded in a snotty voice, "So I should buy it?" "Yes, you should" I replied. The next isle over he got my attention to let me know that he was going to buy the bread. I only hope that by embarassing him, he learned a lesson and that he truly did purchase the bread that he put his yucky hands all over. I guess I will think twice before buying bread (at Costco) that is not in a sealed bag. Sadly, some of the best breads come in just a bag. I think I would feel okay buying them in a smaller store where employees are able to see the bread displays easily. Anyone else have an opinion on this? Would you have said something???

[by anonanonanon on Sat November 21, 2009 06:29:00 pm]
YES!!! That is NASTY! Good for you for saying something. A few days ago a lady who works at subway picked up the phone with her gloves on while she was making my sandwich and then touched her nose and went right back to making my sub. I told her I did not need to get swine flu from her phone germs and left. I can't go back there now but it was worth it. You never know where those hands have been.

[by Michelle on Wed November 25, 2009 05:35:11 pm]
Good for you Anon and anonanonanon! Speak up when people are being gross and inconsiderate in a public environment.

[by Anon on Wed December 16, 2009 11:42:56 am]
Which Costco is it? I want to be prepared with some hand sanitizer should I see such behavior, since I wouldn't be able to mace the nasty sonofabitch without getting arrested.

[by Anon on Wed January 27, 2010 02:54:41 pm]
GROSS GROSS GROSS I'm glad you had the guts to call him on it. I would have told an employee.

[by Anon on Mon June 7, 2010 08:08:06 pm]
i'd say ewww thats nasty you better buy that or i would've told the people that work there or i would've slaped him in the face and said YOU BETTER BUY THAT MOTHER F*CKER

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