Sep 2009 06

ever since she lost weight all she talks about is how she looks- I'm having heart problems and told her my heart was bothering me, and she responded by pulling up her shirt, looking in the mirror, and telling me how great her stomach looks and that she wants to lose a few more pounds and how great it will look then...she tells me that all her friends are obsessed with her and that girls don't like her because they are all jealous..every five minutes she asks me how she looks, how is her makeup, how is her hair, how skinny does she look....she even interrupted me during my shower to show me how good her butt looked in a pair of my shorts...just because she used to not be able to fit into my clothes, she tries on all my stuff now and then throws it on the floor instead of hanging it up..then she says "why is it all your shorts fit me now?" ummmm because you lost weight! you know the answer, you just ask to get me to say it again and again...last week she was walking around the house in front of her dad with a see through shirt and no bra, and leggings for pants..she even wants her dad to notice her body she'll walk around in front of him in underwear...or a bikini and be like, look dad, didn't i lose so much weight? wtf! he looked embarrassed! she even stole our other friends little sister's bikini to try to squeeze into it. she keeps taking my dresses that are already short and pins them up so they are shorter and her a** is literally hanging out. she never goes out without dressing like a slut. she keeps trying to see me naked so she can compare herself to me, and keeps asking me to go swimming with her and lay out with her, and i don't want to because it's not for fun, it's because she wants to see my body and compare. she even asked me to show her my vagina, i am not kidding, she even wanted to compare the looks of that- i wouldn't, and she was like why? ummmmm maybe cuz i don't show my privates to other girls and i don't really care if mine is pretty or not....because i am not that shallow? one time she came in the bathroom and was like "i am not letting you out until you let me see your boobs"- it's not sexual, she's just so obsessed with how her body is compared to everyone else- even her hands, she said some girl had hands like a man and wanted to know what i thought of her hands in comparison. she is also gross, she walks around with her hands down her pants, she asked me if i really wash my hands after going to the bathroom because she never does...i do. she always makes some excuse or reason to touch the food i'm eating. she takes boogers, eye boogers, even things from her other body parts, and shows them to people. she farts and then waves the smell at people, even her own parents...she says she likes the smell of her farts...she burps out loud all the time, every time she eats she makes a smacking sound with every bite. she speaks a foreign language, so every time she's in public she calls her dad and starts talking really loud in it to get people to look at her. she says all the guys are looking at her everywhere she goes. she went to the mall with me and told me "watch how all the guys look at me" and how all the guys look at her with their wives right next to them. she is so gross, she even left a maxi pad that was dirty on the bathroom counter and takes off dirty period underwear and leaves it on the floor in front of the toilet that everyone uses. at a dinner party she told a story about how an airport worker gave her an upgrade "just because he thought I was so beautiful" she never ever stops talking about her looks and i am so bored and sick of is not that interesting- you can't have a conversation with her anymore, unless it involves how she looks...she's always taking pictures of herself, even her butt, she always posts pictures of herself on her website making a face like she's about to give someone a "BJ" she has sex with so many different guys, she doesn't even know how many she's been with. she smells bad and doesn't shower enough and she told me she never brushes her teeth....she asked me if i cleaned the toilet with her toothbrush,,,,of course not, but now i hide my toothbrush from her because who has those kinds of ideas? every time i'm cooking and i leave the kitchen, i come back and find her stirring the food, and then she doesn't eat any- i think she tries to do something gross to everything i eat! she smokes and throws the butts all over the yard, she has this really gross loud phlegmy cough...every time she walks the sound of her steps are so loud, it's like an elephant, even though she isn't fat anymore. even when another friend commented that they liked my dress she said "yeah, i wear it all the time"...of course you have to make sure everyone knows that you can fit in it, too! we have a friend who owns a clothing store and he sent a bunch of dresses for both of us- i asked him to do it- well she got the package while i was at work, and then left one dress and two shirts by my bed- i was thankful for that, but then i saw that he had actually sent like twenty dresses, and she had taken all but one for herself! i was the one who asked for them! then when i got mad she told me that he had sent one of each of everything, and that she had given the second set to her mom because she figured she and i could share! then why was it all in her room, hidden in her closet?! and what gives her the right to give her mom all that stuff without asking me?! she probably didn't actually give them to her mom anyway...and now if i want to wear those dresses i have to go into her room and borrow them, and they are a size large, which doesn't fit me, so when i asked him to send me the same things in a size small, she tried to talk me out of it, saying that they were supposed to be baggy...that's the style..well on her they're tight and look nice, when i wear them i look like i'm pregnant. so i need a small, deal with it...she is jealous, even though she is taller and looks just as skinny as me or skinnier,,,,just because of the size on the label. so i bet when he sends the small, she'll be going in my closet to wear them...and they'll be way too short, but that's how she likes it. the friend was saying she liked my new haircut, and asked this girl what she thought- she didn't even reply, didn't want to compliment anyone else! she's always saying girls don't like her because she's so much prettier than everyone- maybe it's because people don't like your behavior! i don't care how pretty someone is, when they talk about themselves all the time, it's annoying! she also likes to talk about what's wrong with everyone else,,,so and so has such a big butt, someone else has different sized boobs, someone else is too fat- she inspects everyone and points out their flaws. she has flaws, too, but i'm not going to point them out. and i have to take a shower when she's not home because she comes in and tries to see me naked every time i'm in there- yes i lock the door, but she unlocks it with a pin and comes in anyway..or she'll bang on the door acting like it's some emergency so i have to get out....she doesn't need privacy and will do anything in front of anyone. she needs attention all the time and is calling for me every five minutes, i never get any peace- even now when i'm writing this, i'll probably have to close it because she'll walk in. she's so lazy she won't even answer the phone or do her own dishes or laundry. you never get a break from her because she's home all the time, but every time i try to leave to get a break from her, she asks to come with me! she also tries to make me fat...she is always trying to talk me into eating bad food, or into eating again after i already ate, and then if i say no, she calls me anorexic, and tells other people in the house that i'm anorexic...and i am not skinny, i'm average. i swear i'm going to have to make up that the doctor told me i can't eat certain things to get her to leave me alone. when i was at a very important religious service, she came in dressed slutty and smelled bad and stood right next to me during a really somber period when i was trying to connect with the man upstairs, and totally distracted and embarrassed me, and she doesn't even go to my place of worship! she just did it because she can't leave me alone, ever! on top of it her parents pay for everything she does even though the rest of us have to work and she doesn't even help around the house, and she even tells people she doesn't care if she goes to jail because "my daddy will just pay for me to get out" and she told a guy at the mall that her dad told her she could do anything she wanted. she doesn't have a job or go to school, she just hangs out in the house all the time and goes out with guys at night, then sleeps all day and gets po'd at anyone who makes any noise before she gets up, which is like at 1 pm. but when i try to rest when i'm feeling sick, she blasts loud music, and whenever i'm sleeping and she's not, she'll wake me up for no reason, just to tell me something stupid. once she even came home at like 4 am, and woke me up at 5, just to tell me she can't sleep. before she dropped out of school, she would claim that she couldn't wake herself up with an alarm clock, and would ask me to come wake her up, on days when i was able to sleep in...i would wake up and go get her and she'd be like, can you come back in five minutes, like four times in a row ...when i finally got sick of it and went back to sleep, she was late and blamed it on me! she will never leave me alone, she even wanted to pick me up and spin me around to get me dizzy, and when i reminded her that i am having health problems, she was like "just for like a few seconds, please?" and every time we go anywhere together she wants me to pay because i have a job and she doesn't, but she doesn't try to get a job. and she doesn't want me to go anywhere by myself, because she's afraid i'll get something to eat or go shopping without her. she always asks me where i'm going, but when she wants to go somewhere by herself, she does, in my car, even though she has her own, she just likes mine better because i work to pay for a nicer car than the one she gets free from her parents. and she hardly ever replaces the gas, and the one time she did, she kept talking about it forever, like it was the greatest thing in the world. everytime i have a redbull she asks for a little sip and then chugs most of it, leaving me with almost none, even though i paid for it. if i leave a redbull in the fridge, she drinks it.... she talks to her parents like a spoiled brat and literally screams and cries if they don't give her what she wants right away. i don't fight with her because i don't want to deal with her having a screaming fit at me, i am not healthy enough to take the stress...and i cannot get a new roomate. I want to go to the mall right now, but staying home because she'll just ask where i'm going and try to come with me. i even stay at work later than i have to so i can avoid her, or i go someplace after work and tell her that i worked late, because she'll be like "why didn't you take me?" one time when i bought a shirt she asked me "when you buy things like that, can you get me one, too?" but when i asked her where she got some pants that i liked, she wouldn't tell me, until finally she said "ok they're at ****** store, but if you buy one, will you buy me one, too?" she already has like five pairs and they cost like fifty dollars! and every time i have a perfume i have to hide it because she'll keep asking to use it and spray herself like 20 times all over, and i run out so fast, or she'll borrow it and use it as air freshener for her car! i can't even wear some of my perfumes, because she literally smells it on me and asks to borrow it... i found out an old classmate had brain cancer and was going to die leaving five kids, and when i told her, she didn't even reply, just kept watching tv and then asked me if i ate anything yet....because i can't even eat without her worrying that she needs to eat with me. so today's latest comment "why is it that i am eating more, and still losing weight?" WHY is it that you won't shut up about your body! I don't care! Not everyone is as interested in how you look as you are!

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