Nov 2009 03

okay so.... theres so much stuff going on!! f*cking bitchy girls i known since i was 5 wont leave me the f*ck alone... determined to make me feel like sh*t when i just want to move on. i had to quit my only job,and only source of income, and i cant feel motivated to fix that. the only mates i have are all guys... who are great people but i need an estrogen rush just SOMETIMES!! my best friend wont talk to me cuz her 1st ever boyfriend is an a**hole n is jealous of her being social!! my boyfriend.. who i waited 3 years to get back together with... has trouble these days expressing emotion so im so confused about that!! i want to move out of home cuz my mum is a nutcase n makes me want to slit my wrists... apart from dealing with abotion i never wanted and having nothing and wanting it all!! i need help and i cant talk to anyone and im scared of myself... what am i going to do? its on repeat...

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