Oct 2009 29

Well as it seams I have boyfriend who does love me but is extremely thickheaded telling me two days ago that he had to leave me 2 hours before I had to leave his house because he "had" to get his cd player from my friend Gina's house.......thought I was pissed at him for it but reassured him I wasn't...he left still thinking I was pissed at him. So I didn't talk to him for a day and call him today to see what he's doing.....didn't answer his phone...his guy friend who he's with doesn't answer his phone....and so I call my boyfriends mom..because it's a nice day out...I'm bored and would love to be hanging out with my boyfriend. She tells me he's out on the boat and to call gina because they were supossed to be taking her with today......So he had told me he had to get his cd player cuz he wasn't going to see her the rest of this week. Yet he f*cking has her out on the boat....never mentioned to his girl friend that he was going to go out on the boat....no but he takes the person who he said he wasn't going to see the rest of the week on the boat.......I know he doesn't like her cuz he sees her to much of a sister and he has proven over again and again that he loves me...but the bitch he is out on the boat with keeps trying to break me and him up to make him wait for his ex who he dated for like what 8 months and he has told plenty of people that he doesn't want to wait for her cuz he really likes me and wants to be with me.........But she tries my patience so f*cking much with all the sh*t she pulls....and so I call her...cuz I'm really not wanting to sit at home and I was wanting something to do today...she answers her phone all f*cking cheery......says that shes out on the boat and she really thinks I want to hang out with her after she's done with them....f*ck no..and right now I'm just so f*cking emotional that I want to cry...and I love him so much but at time I just want to break up with him because I'm so confused about how stressful he can make my life.....it's just when I really think about it I couldn't brake up with him because I love him way to much...and ugh!!!!!!!! I just wish I could punch gina in the face and kill her.....

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