Jan 2011 14

Huh. One whole day went by before I really needed to rant. That's an extremely small time span.

In the last ten minutes, I have wanted to flip off several people including my pig's-ass of a brother.

I try not to insult him because it weighs on my conscious, but what the heck? Nobody can connect these words back to him, so I'll say what I want.

What is a pig's-ass? In my opinion, it is a fat, milky-white, round thing where whatever comes out of it is crap. God, his life is so hard when he has math homework or has to write a timed write in English class. Oh~! A five paragraph essay! Mind you, I'm not master of essays, but his m***er is an English teacher, so if he wanted to, he could ask her to help him learn how to write an essay any day of the week. His problem is he never puts his pig-ass mind to anything but movies, food, and video games! He couldn't concentrate for ten minutes without shooting some crap out.

On another note, on Monday, I got a fifty-two percent on my math test. So, I used my once-a-semester re-do to take the test again (the end of the semester is in two weeks anyway).

I was explaining how my grade would return to a solid A when my brother explained how Algebra II was so easy that it isn't really an accomplishment. What did I do in response? I reminded him of the B- he had all year long in that class last year.

Which led to my m***er defending my brother. Yes, defend the wimp of the failure, which is fine, because I know he's a spineless rear end, but she didn't once acknowledge my near-4.0.

I sound like a priss.

I can't call him an imbecile, a wimp, or especially the pig's-ass that he is because dear m***er is protectign him.

Therefore, I'll scream it out through Suzanne McElle, complete with flipping the computer screen off,


Screw you.

And to my m***er..., no, I still love you too much to swear at you. Even over the internet. Even anonymously. Seriously, though, until I started ranting, I was pissed.

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[by Anon on Mon January 17, 2011 02:30:39 am]
Yikes, sorry to hear about the drama that unfolded at home. Sounds like your mom might be protecting your brother since he does have more trouble that you. And you obviously are capable of turning your own bad situation around by yourself. You seem like a really good daughter (still not wanting to bad mouth your mom after this) and even a good sister (not wanting to say anything bad to him). Keep up what you're doing, be proud and confident that you're the bigger and better person here.

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