Apr 2011 27

A couple nights ago, you asked me a question, I never answered.

We were having so much fun laughing and cracking jokes and you asked, "Do you think you could have this much fun with anyone else?" Surprised but intrigued, I asked "You mean with another guy, or with anyone?" You replied, "Another guy." I smiled at how cute the question was, coming from such a manly man and never answered. You went to sleep, but I kept thinking at how I wanted to reply in a way where you'd know how I felt.

So let me tell you know, I don't think and I don't want to have this much fun with anyone else. You bring out the biggest smiles, the loudest laughs, and deepest joys I've ever had and I look forward to all the fun we'll have in the future.

[by Anon on Tue June 21, 2011 07:07:56 pm]
This is so cute :) I wish you both the best

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