May 2009 27

Here's a dirty little secret about All-Tel. If a customer is late with payments, All-Tel will start calling and harrassing other people with that same last name. I have received 1-2 autmoated messages ON MY HOME NUMBER each day for the last three weeks, including 8 a.m. on a Saturday. C'mon! When I called the toll free number listed in the message, it's a completely automated system (no live people at all). I have tried about six times now to notify All-Tel that they have a wrong number but I keep getting calls. Tonight, I finally reached a live person in their tech support who told me there was nothing I could do to stop the calls. WTF??? I'm not an All-Tel customer. I've never been an All-Tel customer. But they seem to really think I should pay some bee-yatches bill. What's a girl to do?! Should I change my phone number that I've had for 10 years?! Should I make a Chad voodoo doll? Should I file harrassment charges? Should I start an All-Tel hate campaign? I just want them to leave me alone. Stop the insanity!!!!!

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