Jan 2013 11

i need more confidence to wear heels out in public. i usually end up with a lot of "what if's" that stop me- mostly "what if my feet start to hurt?" it'd be embarrassing to be out and be like, "crap! i need to change my shoes!" or "crap! i need to sit down!"

[by Anon on Thu January 17, 2013 04:04:24 pm]
That happens to almost any woman that wears heels. Their feet ALL hurt. Start wearing them around the house to get comfortable. They won't get scuffed up that way either. If it hurts, invest in some gel inserts - they do wonders. I hate wearing heels but where them when necessary. I even wore a shoe size 1/2 too big because it perfectly matched the shoes. Just got some liners, and it worked perfectly.

[by another female on Thu January 17, 2013 09:25:15 pm]
Funny, I just saw this video on AOL about high heel shoes: high heels can be difficult for anyone, just takes practice. Remember to take care of your feet. Don't do things you'll regret when you're older!

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