Jan 2011 24

My mother and I are in a since "homeless", but my sister is letting us stay in her house. We have been cramped in one room for about a good 6 months. My mom got a boyfriend who comes down and stays with us, but in-turn I give up my bed and is kicked to the couch. I resonantly just got my s**t together and is going to online school. I told my mother she can't have her boyfriend over because-
A.) I need the room to be quite
B). I need my bed.

She replied saying he wont mind and all that bulls**t. No. I need sleep, I need a quite place to work! There is no way he can stay while school hours. Whats worse is that She's too poor to get us a house.

I've been dealing with this s**t for 6 months! I can't take this any more! This is ridiculous! I have no place to be private, to cry, to vent. I basically don't have a room because she needs here "precious" boyfriend here. No f**k this and f**k her!!!

[by AnoniGal on Tue February 1, 2011 08:05:40 pm]
Why can't your mom go to her bf's place? Why does he keep having to come down? Is it because he doesn't have a place either? That is just bad news.

I don't know how old you are, but if you want freedom from that lifestyle, maybe you can seek help from outside - school counselors, social work, etc. If you're over 18, you may be able to apply for help for yourself.

Also, in the meanwhile - invest in some good earplugs and/or a headset. Just block them out as much as you can, until you can get out of there.

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