Mar 2010 17

Like the title says, wtf is with them? i mean, why do they treat the word hate, as serious as it means, but the word love, why do they treat it as if its not as serious as its supposed to mean? gosh i think they should just change the definition of love to just mean the same as like. cause apparently, a lot of people think thats what the word love means. why can't ppl just treat it as its supposed to be treated? ONLY WHEN UR SERIOUS. not when ur like, "hey baby listen, u look f*ckable, so i love you" or "gosh damn, i really like u, i love u. (even tho this is my f*cking first time talking to u)" i felt like ranting cause im f*cking pissed. its just annoying when people do that! i mean, gosh f*cking damn it, i dont see WHY any f*cking person tells me that, when they dont know a f*cking thing about me, but yet, they still go telling me it anyway. "i love u" are words that shouldnt be treated as if its the word like, it should be treated as seriously the word hate is treated. if i said, i f*cking hate you to someone, wouldnt they be f*cking pissed? if i said, i f*cking love u, they would probably say either one of three things "oh my gosh, really?" or "oh. really. cool." or "kay". i mostly think the third response is what i would get than the other two, but thats not the point. people have got to stop using the word love as if its some ticket to get some girl (or guy) to f*ck u, or show u their boobs, or their down stairs (yeah, i f*cking called it that, the DOWNSTAIRS MAN!)

i dont think anyone feels like this, cause they probably dont mind the word being used so f*cking lightly. but i think that, if people use it so damn much on here, their probably just going to get used to it, and when someone actually DOES mean it, they're going to get hurt, and itll be YOUR FAULT, even tho u might not give a sh*t, but if u do, then yeah, its YOUR FAULT. but a lot of people dont care about eachother on the internet, i mean, idc about the idiots that tell me that damn sh*t when they dont know a single thing about me, i would tell them to f*ck off, but i try to be nice, and i just sit there, face palm for a sec, then move on with my life. if i could f*cking smack the dumbasses that do that, my hand would be sore. and yes i am really mad, and i know its f*cking stupid to bring it to the internet, but im just really pissed. and im sorry with all the swearing, i was about to post this on my journal, when i realized, OMG VENTINGPOST.COM! lol.

anyway, im just tired of people, specially guys, telling me that they love me, when they dont know one single thing about me. its like, i feel like guys think that the word love isnt that serious of a word, when really tho, the meaning of it is, and its sad to see so many guys see the word as useless. wish guys werent stupid.


[by Trisha on Sat March 20, 2010 01:46:07 pm]
I'm with you on that! I'm tired of people saying I love you when they've only been dating for like a week! It's SO idiotic! Half the time I don't think people know what love means.

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