Oct 2009 26

this kid makes me want to spill out all those vulgar words 24/7 he freakin doesn't even do anything! if he's so great why doesn't he just do it all by himself then?!?!?!?! i hate his guts. his voice irritates me even his disgusting face. i see him twice everyday. in the morning and then at the end of the day where he just ruins it all. he such a son of a ***** i don't mean to blame his mother, but his parents do NOT know how to TEACH THEIR KID! i hope he has cancer or something and dies. KARMA WILL come back to him I GUARANTEE IT BECAUSE HE HAS DONE HARM TO SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! this donkey totally deserves to go down there. he like f****in rich and spoiled that he doesn't even know how to appreciate life. i know bad people tend to live longer but srsly he needs to go DIE! ****i do not intend to do any harm to anyone at all, but i needed a place to vent out all this anger. thank you ventingpost.com. i hope you keep on improving and become the best site one day!

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