Oct 2009 25

Ok... so.. Today my brother and I went to the shooting range and had lots of fun... Then when we came inside I went to the computer... 30 seconds after he yelled "I need the computer. (He has college aplications) so... I started to wrap up all that I needed to get done when he comes in... he says "I need the computer now and I said "you can have it in just a moment". so.. then he grabs the mouse and me and starts hitting me and trying to pry me off the computer. Then I tell my dad because I have HAD IT WITH HIM! He has been rude to me my whole life and dad always favores dylan. I HATE THIS KID!!! IM 11 and he is 17 and acts like he is 4. UHH!!! ANY HELP?!?!?!?

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