Dec 2010 16

Why is this happening to me? I try to do everything and everyone but it seems no matter what I do.. what I attempt.. they all seem to fail.. and at least seen as a failure to everyone's eyes...

I so F**KING HATE my life....

I'm lonely. .. I don't see much future for me...

[by Anon on Mon December 20, 2010 07:41:52 pm]
o man dont feel bad currently My stupid parent won’t leave me along and tells me to go here. Then picks a stupid major for me believing that it’s the one I want. All I want to say is f**k out of my dame life. Seriously am I supposed to be happy and do what they tell me? Hell to the f**k to the no. I am so sick of being unhappy so dam sick of being unhappy like you wont believe. I mean I spent four dame years in a school I didn’t want to be at because of them pretending like I gave a f**k. Guess what is don’t give a f**k not even a little . I mean high school is supposed to be the best time of you life . I am just glad to leave my experience behind me. No offense I hate doing things that I don’t give a f**k about. It’s totally not my choices. I mean if it was my choice I would feel like ok ya its my choices and I can move on but they are literally diving me up the wall. They are telling me I need to do this and that and expects me to jump when they tell me. When they ask me about the other kids they are like what about them well first of all they get to go out and have fun and do things other than school. They get a chance to be a kid which I never did. I am so sick of being this unhappy I mean look at other people. What the f**k is the point of life if there is no joy or something you love in it seriously. I want to be free,happy,live my own life the way I want, and have the freedom to do things that I want.

[by Anon on Sun January 2, 2011 08:29:15 am]
If high school is supposed to be the best time of your life, then that doesn't leave much to look forward to, does it?

It is completely untrue to suggest that high school is the best time of your life. I can't imagine who told you this. Whoever it was, they were lying. High school is generally just nothing special. Certainly wasn't for me or anyone I know. MUCH more interesting stuff happens after high school, and even MORE interesting after university/college.

Having the freedom to do the things you want comes when you work your butt off to get it. When you do that, you deserve the freedom.

Cheer up. The best is yet to come. I promise.

[by Anon on Wed January 12, 2011 08:56:36 pm]
I know that but here the thing it was not my choice to be at this particular school and I understand that is not really the best the thing I am pissed off is that parents don’t let me do s**t. I don’t go to a normal high school. I going to college by the way and of course they are trying to control my life. Tomorrow is my birthday and they won’t even let me hang out with my friends (movies). I mean I went through everything with these people for four years. I can believe they won’t let me enjoy I day in my life. Its either their way or no way. I am so sick of it.

[by Anon on Wed January 12, 2011 08:58:49 pm]
ps. they don't let me go out much

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