Jul 2011 11

I f**king hate my life and wish it to end sometimes. Sometimes I think my best friends are lying to me. Sometimes I think my xbf really just used me or lied to me about his feelings and all and this break up was just something to keep me goin and all cause god knows i still have it for him. f**k that.

dont get me wrong im a nice person...seriously sometimes too nice. They say nice guys finish last well its the same for girls...nice girls finish last and hey we get f**ked over just as much. We have a vajayjay...so yeah.

sometimes i just wish i could f**king get my parents to really be parents. God f**king knows I have been a parent tomy other siblings...seriously my mother didnt have a hard time with me and my siblings the only hard time she had was giving birth to us...the rest was my suffering. my father is a crack job broken record failure. both of my parents are failures.

My gma she's a f**king crazy ass witch. NO seriously...she does all this s**t and brainwashes people blah blah blah...voodoo mumbo jumbo...sometimes i'd just want to tell her to shove it. Oh btw shes religious so yeah...she always preaches to me about doing good and everything but f**k man...every week she forces us to go to church right? ahah before you know it after the whole service she goes back to her f**king sinful ways. maybe she should f**king take her own words...and actually apply it to herself. bitch.

My best friend, I love her...I met my soul mate because of her but sometimes...im just f**king jealous envious really but i dont hate her. shes a great person its just..if it weren't for her i wouldnt have met this dude who 3 years later broke my f**king heart but hey oh well thats how f**king life is. I truly hope he actually finds a better person and truly hope he finds love cause i just realize how f**king ugly I sound when i write this. I think i know why he didnt come after me and be with me..im a f**king ugly f**king whore who f**king only acts nice i guess. ahaha whatever...I love that man but f**k...I guess im just fooling with myself again...someone as ugly as f**king me wouldnt get a guy like that either way.

At high school i was a nerdy ugly bitch and now im a f**king ugly bitch without the nerdy part. ahaha. so f**king great. I swear...life just f**ks you over.

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