Mar 2012 22

When most people hear "two-for-one" they think they're getting a good deal.
Well I've had a two for one year and quite honestly... I could have done without it. These 6 months have felt like two years. Sure, there's been a lot of great things happen, but there's also been a lot of not so great things. Yeah, yeah, I know. You have to take the good with the bad, but does it always have to be such a rollercoaster? Can't we just have a smooth ride between loops? These last few months it's felt like the minute you figure out which way is up again, you get thrown right back in another loop. I mean there's people throwing fits, throwing away friendships over stupid things, having bad breakups, backstabbing, betrayal, and just general chaos and drama... all in the first 3 months! The next 3 – 4 months we have to deal with not only the fallout from all that bedlam but more of the same plus new things piled on top! Sometimes I wish I could just yell at everyone to shut up. To get over their petty little issue of who is friends with who, or who's the bigger jerk, or how horrible their life is, because none of it matters. People will be friends with who they choose, the term "jerk" is relative, and there is always someone with a better sob story about their life, but it's usually those people who complain the least.

For instance, take the nice, skinny, pretty girl who has guys falling at her feet and the equally nice and pretty girl who is not as skinny and who has trouble talking to the few guys who actually take the time to notice her because she was mistreated by a guy in the past. The skinny, pretty one falls for one of her guys and they have a whirlwind romance for all of 4 months before it explodes into billions of pieces leaving both of their hearts open and wounded. She gets mad and self-righteous but eventually semi-moves on to her other 5+ guys ready to take that guy's place. Meanwhile the second girl, you remember the one who is also pretty but not as skinny?, she has gotten to know a nice guy and she's actually let herself become attached to him after 3 months when she begins to notice something... her sweetheart seems more interested in her friend than her. She desperately tries to hold onto what they had started to build, going on crash diets and working out, all in vain. She's lost him to her skinny, pretty friend who has no interest in him, but rather than get mad at her friend or him she chalks it up to experience and moves on, even maintaining a somewhat awkward but workable friendship with the guy. But for her, moving on doesn't simply mean continuing to talk to her multiple admirers. For her it means trying to occupy her waking hours to keep herself from asking the question, "Will I ever find someone?" and doing her best to ignore the hurt when a handsome guy literally walks past her to her friend, thus adding to her friend's black book, and then holding her friend's hand as her friend cries about how alone she is and how much she hates her life.

I wonder how that girl does it. I really do. How can she sit there and listen to her friend wale about her lot when she's had just as tough if not in some ways a tougher load to bear? She must be blessed with patience, though that just makes me wonder more about what goes through her mind that she doesn't say. Does she have two-for-one thoughts? For every one thing her friend complains about does she list in her head two things she could complain about or does she list two things she's grateful for? That's the kind of two-for-one thing that I would like more information about.

[by Anon on Fri March 23, 2012 03:44:42 am]
It definitely sounds like the skinny, pretty girl is very very selfish and self-absorbed. Especially if she didn't realize she was taking away the guy of the not-so-skinny, pretty girl. She can't realize what she's doing? Absolute bull.

I'm assuming you're the not-so-skinny, pretty girl - let me tell you something sweetie, the roles will be reversed someday. As you get older, guy will see how amazing you are - both pretty AND patient, kind, thoughtful. That's an unbeatable combination. The only difference between her and you right now is she is selfish and self-confident. You need to realize that you're just as pretty, and even more beautiful emotionally - guys will be clamoring to date you, hell, to marry you. You just need to realize it. Be confident, and know you have a LOT more going for you than she does.

[by Carlos on Wed August 1, 2012 08:15:32 pm]
things were moving too fast and he got scerad. Well he was the one who came back with me when I drove 500 miles to see him. My point is if you can figure it out is: Don't move there or tell her you want to or even tell her you love her if you don't mean it! Karma is a bitch and I feel pitty for all the men who do good women wrong guess that is why there are so many hatefull bitches in this world because men mess up the heads of the good women and well they just turn into the run of the mill evil she devils that were already pleagueing the earth. Hey guys keep it up and eventually WE will ALL be cold hearted because of your lies!

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