Jun 2011 19

This bitch can't get a clue she is running around telling everyone they are putting their family back together! He is married to me you dumb c**t! He is calling when u he gets mad at to try to hurt me. U want him back! He stopped the meth for me obvisiously u weren't enough for him to want to! He is married he will never go back to you. Grow up! U act like ur kids are a game u let him see them when its on UR TIME! F**k I was raising a child when u were in middle school! I know more a out kids than u ever could. U play this game that the kids can't bearound me! Lmaoi have a stable home a great job!

[by Anon on Wed June 22, 2011 02:19:36 am]
Eeck, sounds like the ex is bad news. Glad you have your head on straight.

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