Jun 2010 24

OK i just started dating again after a year. he is a really nice and sweet guy and all. the problem is that i think i still love my ex even after a year. you see my ex was the 1st boy i ever truly loved with all my heart and truly trusted after a really bad past. is i wrong that i am dating some one and still in love with some one else?

[by Nikki on Mon August 9, 2010 03:56:09 pm]
I'm in the same postion, honestly. For me, I don't think I'm still in love and I try not to tell myself that but, instead I tell myself that since he was MY first bf/lover he will always have a place in my heart eventhough he turned out to be an ass. But I'm not going to let that first relationship hold me back from fallng in love with someone twice as better as him. Take this into consideration and goodluck:)

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