Jan 2013 22

theres this guy i met at a party and he\\\\\\\'s everything i could ever askk for. He doesn\\\\\\\'t mind going out with me its just our age gap he worries about. He found it really easy to forget me and never even to think of me, but as for me, it\\\\\\\'s the hardest thing to do. We stopped talking for a while almost 8 months. Then we began to start talking again this lasted 3 months. i confronted him and told him i liked him. He didn\\\\\\\'t saY much. I can go on wothput him but in the back of my head, I know i still really like him. Recently, I just started high school. I thought new slate. I can forget everything. I did for a while. Until today. he called and i heard his voice and a million memories flashed. And now I\\\\\\\'m stuck here trying to study for finals but hes on my minf. I try to forget him because i know he doesn\\\\\\\'t feel the same way, but iys so hard trying to let go of the perfect guy. The guy i've ever dramed of and asked for and never thought would come in a million years. Pleas tell me how to forget him.

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