Jul 2011 05

I just now realized how lpnely i am. I have almost everything that i could ask for except people to share it with. I have few friends that i am close to and fewer that i am able to completely trust and open up to. I dont trust girls enough after so many bad relationship, so i have a hard time openong up enough to anyone so that i can truely care about them. Im just...stuck. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

[by Anon on Wed July 6, 2011 08:39:03 pm]
I'm so sorry. I'm kinda in the same situation but different. Anyways my advice is have one friend that you can just completely let your guard down and just trust them with everything. It can be a guy or a girl but I think everyone just needs that one person that they can always go to no matter what

[by Anon on Thu July 7, 2011 04:55:47 pm]
I try to find that but everytime i let down my guard to a person i think i can trust they always lie or tell a secret. And its not just little things either, ots almost always something of some significance to me that i get betrayed

[by Anon on Wed July 13, 2011 03:25:03 pm]
if it helps i feel the same? but i'm a girl... you wont always feel like that though pretty sure when you meet "the one" sounde cliche but still when you do your feel comfortable enough to care about them and stuff, and seriously if the people that you think you can trust tell other people they're not worthy of your time.. its hard to trust anyone these dayss so maybe you could write a dairy? i know people do that to help get like emotion and crap out..so that could make you feeel better? or if you generally just want the comfort from people, you either take the risk and hope that the person you trust actually is trustworthy or look for decent friends...sorry im ranting but i know how you feel with the trusting someone and them then just telling everyone else, so im here if you every wannat chat, not that you probably will considering im a stranger. anyway hope stuff works out for you soooon!

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