May 2012 01

Here's mine: I'm a stoner, a drinker, a chronic failure, a smoker, a dipper, a cutter. I'm in love with my friend, every time she leaves my side I die a little inside, every time I think about her, I die a little inside, she has a boyfriend and even if she didn't I'd probably be pretty far down the list. I really truly dislike most of the people I hang out with, and the people who I consider my friends don't seem to care about me. I just want happiness, I just want love. I want a girl that I can go stargazing with, dancing with, watch cheesy movies and make up our own movie dialogue with, read good books under a tree with. I don't really think it's a lot to ask for, but girls don't give me a chance, they all just think of me as a friend. Some days, like today, I would be absolutely ok if I died. No more pain, no more hurt, no more wondering what's wrong with me, just sweet relief.

[by Anon on Sat May 19, 2012 04:45:45 pm]
Who are you and what are you doing in my head? I can really relate to this.

[by Anon on Wed June 13, 2012 02:15:39 am]
I can relate and yet I am a.girl I cut when he l he leaves and what happened to gentelmen I no.i, am not tne thinest.chick or.the prettyest but if u dontlike u can suck if.i am - of the girls.who.dress slutly.we r fudein teens who needs to thats why girls get raped and srry vented on ur post and a guy.who allwould do all of those

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