Jan 2012 11

From NYDaily News Editorial:
Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler owes taxpayers $88,500. He needs to pay up, and he needs to pay up now.
Fidler is guilty of abusing New York's system of public funding for political campaigns. Candidates who abide by spending and donations caps are entitled to tap the treasury for public monies in amounts that are set by generous formulas. Candidates who have little opposition are expected to forgo - or to limit - hitting up the public. That includes Fidler. Fidler, however, is holding tight with the $88,500 that is rightfully taxpayers' money. He is not much better than Carl Kruger, the State Senator who was dethroned for corruption.

[by Izzy on Thu January 19, 2012 10:57:37 am]
Lew Fidler collected many toys from constituents for a toy drive. I'm wondering just how many toys or money Lew Fidler himself actually contributed to this worthy cause. He doesn't pay the rent for his Haring Street office--taxpayers do. He got more than $88,500 in campaign money in 2009, unneeded because there was not any competition, but he has not yet returned that money. Yes, I'm curious...how much money or toys did Councilman Fidler actually contribute to this worthy cause? Honestly, all Councilman Fidler had to do with the collection was to allow his office to be used as a collection point. For this he's getting a pat on the back? Gimme a break!

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