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WhitePages.com has Heather Ann Olmstead of 3716 Avenue S, Brooklyn NY 11234 listed as being 60 years old. Pah leez! She was born March 18, 1971. Do the math. She is 40 years old.

[by Anon on Fri January 27, 2012 03:27:22 pm]

[by Anon on Sun January 29, 2012 06:46:05 pm]
And Miss Olmstead will be 41 years old very shortly, on March 18, 2012. She's getting on in years. Married? Children? No. No.

[by Anon on Mon February 6, 2012 10:46:58 pm]

[by Angie on Fri February 10, 2012 11:30:30 am]
Anon--Your word may be 'fascinating' but Heather Ann Olmstead herself is far from fascinating. She lisps when she talks. So funny.

[by David on Fri March 9, 2012 05:22:35 pm]
Anon said 'Fascinating,.' but in reality how fascinating can this old female be? She's days away from her 41st birthday and not yet married. And someone above says she lisps when she talks. (Wonder if she dribbles too.)
I never met her, but I feel sorry for the old broad. There's her address above. Maybe I should send her a birthday card to put a smile on her probably wrinkled face.
Wait! Name's Olmstead. Irish? Probably will be celebrating for St. Patty's Day. That'll help wash away all depression and sadness.

[by David on Mon April 23, 2012 06:49:29 pm]
If Heather Olmstead wants to 'wash away all depression and sadness' maybe she should start bedding down with guys who aren't taking advantage of her because she's a white filly.

[by Anyone7rvi on Sat May 5, 2012 04:39:25 pm]
Mmmm, a 'White Filly' you say. A filly is a horse. At 41 years old and not married yet, she must be more like a dog, a flea bag mutt, an old maid mutt who apparently lisps when she speaks. Ugh! Bet she dribbles, speaking too fast. What a waste.

[by Loualw6ww on Sat May 26, 2012 11:07:51 am]
Heard she lost her job at the 69th pct, Brooklyn, NY. Probably a schemingly planned exit! Now she will probably be on the dole. Lazy bitch.

[by Ossie on Sun June 17, 2012 10:01:04 am]
Why doesn't Heather Olmstead have HER photo on her Facebook page instead of a many-zx1years-old photo of her mother, Susan Mangano Olmstead-Esposito, wearing sunglasses? Is Miss Olmstead ashamed of her looks? Aww, come on, show the world a photo of you AND your boyfriend.

[by david on Sun September 2, 2012 07:36:28 pm]
You\'re kidding, yes? Old maid Heather rarely appears with her boyfriend. Guess she is not too proud of him. Mmmm, wonder why.

[by Ozzie on Thu October 4, 2012 08:33:19 pm]
See you cut your Facebook photo in half and only show the top half of your face. Too bad your fat nose is still visible.

[by Ozzie on Sun May 11, 2014 02:41:56 pm]
You just have to look at the most current photo of Heather Ann Olmstead on her Facebook page. That hairdo must have been done by a hairdresser trained in Bed Sty--judging by the intricate tiny braids (?) that show only atop her head.

[by Dave on Wed July 16, 2014 10:52:14 am]
That Facebook photo is not that of Heather Ann Olmstead--it's of her mother Susan Mangano Olmstead--who only has animals as friends--most human beings don't want anything to do with her.

[by Judith on Tue December 16, 2014 10:29:03 am]
Jeez! More Olmstead family excitement. They just cannot stay out of bed --and when they are in bed they rarely use a condom!
Andrew James (A.J.) Olmstead of Staten Island, NY met Ri on January 11, 2014. They got married April 25, 2014. Their baby, Emma, was born in October 2014. Phew! Why didn't they use a condom? Illegitimacy surely runs in the Olmstead family. A.J. is a fireman but does not know what SAFETY means. ha ha
A.J.'s sister, Allison Kim Olmstead Cress, became preggie out of wedlock at age 17, by Alexander Guidice, a NYC Sanit worker. Alex Guidice (aka Diceman) was then born.
Allison's mother, Susan Mangano Olmstead Esposito had an abortion when she was a teen, thanks to her boyfriend, Steve. (He then faded out of sight--smart of him) At the time she and her mother flew down to Puerto Rico for the abortion.

[by Milton on Wed December 31, 2014 09:33:02 pm]
Good guess that Allison Olmstead Cress and her sister Heather Olmstead and their mother Susan Mangano Olmstead Esposito are only good at researching facts relevant to getting--aka stealing--the most one can get from the U.S. government, department stores, a nursing home, electronic stores, etc.
Is mother Susan still getting S.S.I., which began back in the early 1990s? Yes, she was carjacked and said she got panic attacks and she played that to the hilt--but that did not stop her from driving from Staten Island to Long Island shortly thereafter!
Allison declared bankruptcy in 2004 while her MONTHLY income at that time was $4,315--which included $1,600 "boyfriend's contribution" toward her illegitimate son Alexander Guidice. Why did she lease a Hummer AND a Mercedes when she was already financing a Nissan Altima? Merely for the fun of it?
Allison's older sister, Heather Ann Olmstead, wins the prize for larceny, in my opinion. She declared bankruptcy three times--in 2009, 2010, and 2011 (three Bankruptcy Petitions)--she did not give in until it was ultimately Discharged in 2011--when she finally won. Her employment income in 2009 was $99,215, in 2010 it was $105,064, and in 2011 it was $37,719. And that does not include the rent she received from a home she owns in St. James, NY as she continues to live at 3716 Avenue S in Brooklyn NY, nor the disability she receives from the NYPD (69th pct?). To cite some Credit Card Claims: Amer. Expr. $3,190--HSBC $3,585--Best Buy $4,046...then there's Golden Gate Health Care Facility in Staten Isl...on and on goes the shameful Claims list.
Yes, sisters Allison and Heather, and mother Susan Olmstead Esposito are three decayed, worthless, socially impaired freeloading con artists, in my opinion.
I'd like to tell you what Heather's grandmother Emma said, more than once, referring to Heather's boyfriends, but I'd be called a racist. (Sure wish her words were taped!)
(The monetary facts can be verified at U.S. Bankruptcy Ct., Eastern District of NY, Brooklyn, NY)

[by Anon on Sat April 4, 2015 03:56:11 pm]
It is now TWO years since my mother, Emma Penna Mangano, passed away. Today, April 4th, 2015, would've been her 97th birthday. Aahh, what vivid memories I have of her...she spewed curse words like a sailor. She and my father, James often argued, and she would call him a "bald-headed bastard" all too often. Dad would sit quietly in his dinette chair, with his back to the porch casement windows as Mom would yell at him for some unknown reason. She might be wiping some dishes at the nearby sink and would fling a glass at Dad. He would go on eating, ducking as the glass flew through the glass window behind him! Crash!
More than once I entered our home after school as Mom was having coffee with her boyfriend, Harry Handsman, a wholesale pharmacist. Once a friend, Geraldine DeVito, and I ran into the house to watch the Dodgers play in the World Series. Mom and Harry were cuddlingveryclose on the couch watching the ballgame as infant half-sister Susan was in a playpen, babbling baby talk. Geraldine and I were told to go outside to play--no watching the World Series for us that day.
When Dad and I vacationed in Europe, 1962, I asked him about stories I'd heard re Susan's 'fatherhood.' His only answer, after many times my bringing up the question, was "I will always raise her as my own daughter, so don't ask me again!"
I ended up vacationing with Dad only because Mom had a big argument with Dad at the last minute, and she wanted "no part of him." Being his oldest child, I was chosen to join him BUT I had to pay for my El Al airlines airfare. (I still have the cashed $700 check.)
I'm sure Emma Penna Mangano and James Mangano are celebrating Mom's 97th birthday, along with other members of Mom's family. God bless them all if only for the good--and bad--memories. That's life in the big city, as has been said before by countless others.

[by Addendum for E.P.M. on Sat April 4, 2015 05:29:56 pm]
As I am preparing dinner right now, I'm singing along with Jerry Vale as he's singing Two Purple Shadows In The Snow, which is playing on the radio. Happily I know the words to 100% of yesteryear's songs, thanks to my mother, Emma Mangano. She would clean house, or iron in the kitchen with her ironing board set up in front of the refrigerator. William B. Williams' radio show, or some such other D.J. who introduced the wonderful music of the day, was in the background spinning the records, which included those of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holliday, Bing Crosby, The Andrews Sisters, and not to be forgotten, Jimmy Durante and Spike Jones.
Yes, Mom taught me to enjoy popular music AND opera, which we listened to every Saturday at 1pm, on radio station WQXR. Mom would sing the arias in Italian along with the singers. She often told me the stories of the operas; La Boheme stands out in my mind. Oh, such beautiful music. I still enjoy hearing Gigli or Carlo Bergonzi singing arias, on my CDs. I owe my love of good music to my mother Emma Penna Mangano.
I'll never forget the full light blue felt skirt she sewed for me, with a poodle appliqued on the front, along with other creations she either sewed or knitted.
Mom once took me to A&S where there were knitting instructors, to learn how to knit, for she had trouble teaching me--I'm left-handed. Long story...end result, I didn't learn. Gosh, where did the years go...some good, some bad...but mostly good, as when Mom and Ricki Rappaport together drove Dad's '51 Dodge--one had the steering wheel and foot pedals, and one shifted. Oh, soooo funny. I was in the back seat with my younger sister and Ricki's daughter.

[by Anon on Wed June 10, 2015 07:00:10 pm]
My Mom, Emma Penna Mangano, always included the initial "P." when signing her name. I have numerous examples of that BUT when Freeloader Susan Penna Mangano Olmstead Esposito filled out Mom's Death Certificate, Freeloader Susan totally ignored, did not include, Mom's maiden name, Penna, on Mom's Death Certificate, though Mom was always proud of that name.
Susan is a total lowlife who didn't consider Mom's desires.

[by Bklyn Lady on Fri July 10, 2015 03:54:44 pm]
Andrew Olmstead, born in August, 1946 but now deceased, was my absolute savior back in May 1969. I was at the end of my pregnancy, ready to be driven to Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Oh, the pain was excruciating ! My Mother was with me, trying to calm me down, as we both vehemently begged my then-husband to take us to the hospital. He had other plans--he wanted to go to his college class that evening, and nothing could deter that thought, not even being there at the hospital for the birth of his second child. Heartless, oblivious to the fact that it was HIS child about to be born. Yes, he opted to go to school. My brother-in-law Andrew O. came to my rescue. He drove my Mother and me--who was writhing in pain--to Brookdale Hospital. My birdbrain ex went his merry way and came to see his newborn son and me the following morning.
This is the same father who took his young daughter's dinner away from her one particular eve because he wanted the chicken breast that I had served to her, not the chicken leg and thigh that I served to him. Chickens have two breasts and two legs/thighs. Previously, father and son were usually served the chicken legs (dark meat), and daughter and mother were served the white meat, by preference. Always, without fail--until the evening that s**thead daddy switched plates with his daughter and left her astonished and in tears. When I questioned his action, as we were sitting at the table, daughter sobbing, he shamelessly said, "I feel like eating white meat tonight. I paid for it."
Selfishness personified. I gave my daughter the chicken breast that was supposed to be my dinner, and I settled for veggies that evening.

[by Older&Wiser on Tue July 14, 2015 02:16:42 pm]
Aahhh, memories. The man who didn't drive his very preggie wife to the hospital is the very same man who took his daughter's white meat chicken away from her at the dinner table, and he is the same man who would never watch his young son play in the Little League team in Old Mill Basin, 11234, because he did not like being around the Jewish fathers who were always there watching their sons play. It is hard to find a more prejudiced man--a bad example of fatherhood in many ways, a man beyond shame.

[by Anon on Fri July 24, 2015 02:50:43 pm]
The Donald has my vote as he runs for President because he is against letting illegal immigrants enter our country. Americans, esp politicians, are stupid, ignorant for allowing these uneducated, mostly sick, individuals and families to come here to USA ! They are coming with their palms up--gimme, gimme, gimme.
LEGAL immigrants are health-checked before entering this country but illegal aliens too often cross our southern border with their bodies carrying diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, B, and C, and a very nasty parasitic bug Chagas Disease. Yes, unscreened immigrants are bringing these diseases to USA. If you eat at a fast food restaurant, your food could be prepared by a person infected with hepatitis. It means that if an unscreened diseased alien is riding on a bus or if you go to the movies, you are breathing air that may be carrying tuberculosis. If an unscreeened gardener or contractor helper coughs or sneezes, you may be at risk for any number of diseases. TELL POLITICIANS TO CLOSE OUR BORDER. THE HEALTH OF CITIZENS IS AT RISK.
DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT. He is proud to be loud against illegal immigration.

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