Nov 2009 30

Oh booooo! I like my hook up buddy - but not really, I just don't have anyone else that's good so then I'm like, oh I like him and then I get confused because we're friends and I enjoy his company. If I found someone I really liked, I would go out with them, but right now I'm too busy and it all seems like a pain in the ass. I don't like these hurt feelings of damned confusion, I think it would be cool to start over in this city again sometimes - just the anonymity of this city again would be nice. I'm just butt hurt because my friend/ hook up buddy is with someone else. I wanted to hang out with him. I kind of forgot while I was away the guidelines of my feelings. So YOU feelings, pipe down. You don't like that really smart guy that treats you really nice and likes to cuddle with you. You don't like the guy that you can just be mellow with and chill with and be yourself around. Ya, you really DON'T. He's not the person you are looking for, now you know what some qualities that you do want your person to be like. Dont be butt hurt! YOU, STOP IT! IF YOU HAD HIM, YOU WOULDNT WANT HIM!!!!

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