Nov 2009 04

I don't understand you people. You just dance around in your lame-ass clubs and make it seem as if your life is perfect. Well guess what, you arrogant bastards? YOU ARE NOT F*CKING PERFECT, YOU RUDEASS MOTHERF*CKERS! And if you think you really do have a perfect little life, CALL ME AND I'LL MESS IT UP FOR YOU, SH*TFACE. Alright, I'm a loner. Nobody cares about me. But i don't need you a**holes. Just keep on laughing at me because i have problems. But I am f*cking BETTER than you. Too good for this sh*tty little world, that's for sure. Say whatever. Say I can't get "laid". Don't care. Say I'm an idiot, that I'm clumsy. Don't care. Because up in my head where it COUNTS, I'M FAR, FAR BETTER THAN ANY OF YOU F*CKING A**HOLES. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS BEING POPULAR. I hate all of you. Don't judge me because I'm not like you. F*ck off.

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