Aug 2012 31

Why is it that anytime a girl makes one little mistake everyone acts like it's the biggest thing ever but when males make mistakes it's just like "oh whatever, you're a guy". That pisses me off. My dad is hell bent on making mine and my sisters life a living hell. He won't even let us out the house other than to go to the store or something and he always thinks were whores or something. But anytime my brother wants to go on a date or something he has no complaints. And he doesn't even try to deny he's sexist!! Today we were watching a movie and he's like "I'm really worried about you girls bringing home a bum" and I'm like wtf? Believe it or not it is possible for guys to do wrong too, you know? Girls make mistakes, yes but not much more than guys do. Guys sleep around, cheat, and apparently don't know anything about love (another story for another time). And yes I know girls do all that too but why does it seem for girls that the weight of our mistakes are so much heavier. I guess that's just the reality of our f**ked up world.

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