Jun 2013 17

I'm feeling incredibly sad and very depressed. I can't focus, think and my strength is zero. I have to make an incredible effort just to take a step.

I'm getting desperate....

I'm losing my house. I just got a job but already hate it. I feel like things are slipping away and I can't stop it.


I missed my girl.. so much.. and I can't believe I'm doing this to someone so precious. She deserves so much more...so much more....

I am a 10th of person she is.

I feel like I can burst out and cry at any moment. I fear at work if someone does something I may just break down or worse and go into rage, but I will not harm anyone, just throw a raging fit.

[by YourGuardianAngel on Tue June 25, 2013 09:18:36 pm]
I'm so sorry. When I read your post I couldn't help but to feel sadness. I completely understand it when you say you feel like crying on a moments notice while at work. I feel the same at times and its so hard to hold it in. Please know that there's a way out of all of this. There is hope. You just have to hold on and believe!

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