Apr 2010 24

ok so i baby sit for my older sister and once in a while i baby sit for my older brother. my brother has three daughters and one step daughter and one on the way witch is a girl i love them with all i have but the two middle ones are a pain in the a$$. any ways like i said my brother is not the problem, my sister is.

Ok so my sister has a lil girl she is younger then three of my brothers kids. she literally has taken my personal life away. i i mean literally she dose not have a house phone and she wont leave her cell phone for me, i cant afford one and the one i had though my mom i had to give to my brother. i cant get on to the computer to talk to my friends because what do u know she has a password on it. and the guest account well it has prenatal control on it so i cant go on any thing i mean nothing i cant go on to Facebook, myspace, hell i cant even log in to my email. i cant even get on to a kid game website.

i mean rally come on I'm 22 years old not 7. i mean she should trust me i mean i been baby sitting for my brother sense i was 17 you wold think that by now she would know that i can watch the baby and be on the computer/phone or what ever else i can use to talk to my friends.

her contour argument is that i cant be on the phone and watch the baby. you would think sense i was able to for my brothers kid who are far worse them hers i mean the are 5 and 4 and are wild and wont listen to a thing i tell them, that i can for an 18 month old.

all i ask for is a little freedom to go on the internet though out the day got be be abel to play a PC game with out the computer telling me that i don't have authorization to play it.

I'm at the point to wear i say screw it all i mean i'm not being payed i do it for my family

[by Blue on Sun April 25, 2010 07:31:35 pm]
Yeah, I can understand she's being a little extreme but take it from her perspective.. this is her one little baby girl and she is being uber-protective about what goes on. You can understand that.. she trusts you obviously, otherwise you wouldn't be babysitting at all, she just wants to make sure nothing distracts you too much from watching her very young and very fragile child. Grab a few magazines or books, and chill .. she's gotta be super thankful to you for doing it in the first place, and try to be patient with her craziness. It'll die down soon.

[by the sitter on Sun April 25, 2010 09:07:56 pm]
yeah i ger her point aview but it been two months sense i moved in with her and i been baby sitting her sense she was a new born i cant spend 10 hours a day doing nothing but watch a baby. i have never been one to watch tv and well i can only listen to so much music. and cleaninf a small 3 room apartment only take a hour depending on how drity it is. im running out of this to do. sense i cant leave because i will be locked out for 10 hours ~the sitter~

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