Jun 2011 15

This little 12 year old is a BITCH. Ive known her for years but lately she been a RUDE BITCH! Stayin at my.parents house with us while her parents were gone then has the f**king nerve to complain?! WTF u mean my tub is dirty, I CLEANED FOR U BITCH. Oh u miserable? Is this wat ur really txtin to ur parents! I would never go to ur house and say this is ant city at ur house! Wat the f**k, ever since our f**king.house got.hit by the tornadoes little ants have been coming in. not alot, but she jus had to f**king complain! This is y I dont talk to her. Shes a bitch and is too scared to say all that to my face. So wat If im a few years older....she talk s**t.behind my family back!

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