May 2010 01

Alright, I started dating this one girl I really liked about two months ago. We were dating for about three weeks. And then her ex-boyfriend (of two times) broke up with his girlfriend, and she left me for him, which really hurt me because I liked her a lot. They dated for about a month, and he broke up with her yesterday, which gave me hope that I could go back out with her. Well, today she started texting me, and that really made me happy. (Side note: I was good friends with her ex-boyfriend and still was when they started dating.) I went to the mall to chill for a little bit, and he was there. We were just talking, and he said, "Damn, I really wish I hadn't broke up with her yesterday. I want her back now, you know?" Well, low and behold, she was also texting him, and saying stuff (not necessarily bad) about me. After that, all of her texts to me have been really short...and she still hasn't replied back to the last one I sent...

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