Oct 2009 02

Today a lady from another office in my building came in and said that UPS had erroneously delivered her package here. It was her wedding dress and she was visibly stressed about it. I checked in our Receiving department and sure enough the box came yesterday but was given back to UPS last night to redeliver. She was even more stressed now. I told her she'd have to contact UPS. I felt for her but there was nothing more I could do. She left looking very worried. About 30 minutes later, she storms back into our office and starts giving ME the 3rd degree on how it was "SO many kinds of wrong" that our Receiving guys didn't notice that her company was in the same building and bring the package directly to her. I told her that we didn't do anything wrong, and in fact had done the LEGALLY correct thing in returning it to UPS. In the past we have in fact hand-delivered to other offices when this has occurred. However, not everybody knows what companies are where in this building - it is a big building! I understood this lady was upset, and could even take her yelling at me, but what REALLY yanks my chain is when someone just wants to be mad and have the last word, without letting the other person explain their side. She blew her top and then left - totally ignoring me. After a few minutes I decided that was not OK, so I went up to her office and let her have it (calmly as possible). I said her behavior was unacceptable and that I shouldn't have to tolerate her being mean when it wasn't our fault. She of course didn't want to hear it and even told me to leave at one point. She just didn't get it. She was just mad and didn't care about anybody but herself...

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