Apr 2010 20

I'm trying to sell a car that has a broken transmission and I listed my number. 90% of the calls I get are people with a heavy arab accent and they're always asking questions about the car where I ALREADY posted all the information about the car. DO I need to write about every stitching in the seat?! They always think they're so cool using words like bro and they probably already have WAY to many nice cars at home. Plus they waste your time coming to see the car and haggling on the price when it is already dirt cheap... And the other side of the story.. I am trying to purchase a used car.. again 90% of the cars I go to see are arabs selling them. First sign 313 area code. Second sign they tell you it's some nice place in Metro Detroit but then redirect you to dearborn (ghetto place for arabs to sell and buy cars), then their name is Sameer or Muhammad or something like that. They take you to a warehouse jammed with 50 cars. You wonder how they got the cars in and most importantly how their gonna take em out for you. You can't even open the door and get in the car you are looking to buy without climbing over the roof. When you're in the car starts but dies within a few seconds. THEY SAID IT WAS A LIFTER IN THE ENGINE, STOP TRYING TO MINIMIZE THE PROBLEM AND JUST SAY IT F-ING NEEDS A NEW ENGINE.. GOD! or as they say it: WALLAH!

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