May 2013 07

i hate f**king school
i wish it oculd die i just want ot cry i ihave a final tomorrow an d EVEYRTHING IS JUST S**T RIGH TNOW I JUST =------

[by Anon on Mon May 13, 2013 05:36:12 pm]
Sorry to hear about that! How did your finals go? I'm sure they're perfectly fine and the best part is, it's over! Go celebrate and enjoy the sunshine!

[by Anon on Mon May 20, 2013 04:39:24 pm]
Do not say you hate school. Ten years from now you will look back and realize they were the best part of your life--friends, learning, discipline. Gosh, you would not be able to write a sentence if you did not go to school.
I must say though, you have to learn to calm down and re-read your sentences...proofread them. You have made silly typing mistakes that were done merely because you were in a hurry. Take your time.
My mother used to say: Inch by inch life is a cinch, Yard by yard life is hard.
Remember those words and repeat them when you feel you are in a corner.

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