Aug 2011 01

I feel like the one I still love doesn't even want me anymore... It's like, I see her talking to another dude and I get so jealous.. She made me feel so worthless ever since we broke up. I've been so messed up ever since... She said she loved me... What a lie... She said she needs me, well once I left, she didn't care... I've almost committed suicide once, Ive cut many times... I think about suicide even more now... It's like no one wants me.. Life would be better without me.. I just need help... I wanna die so badly..

[by Anon on Thu August 4, 2011 12:14:42 am]
ive been through the exact same thing and like it really helps being around people u know love you like family and really close friends because they make you feel lik your worth something and they put ur life in perspective like you start to think if i did commit suicide how much pain your family would be in and that really helps !!

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