Apr 2010 24

I called Office Depot and tried to find out what happened to my package that apparently was delivered and signed for. They said not to worry about it and I'd get my money back. That's great but I was also concerned with what happened - did someone steal my package? Someone sign for it pretending they lived at our house? If so, this could happen in the future!

But instead of telling me what happened, like a robot or broken record, all the CSR would say was: "It's been resolved." At one point, I go into a length explanation of why it's important for me to know whether a package was really delivered and she said, "Aah, OK. It's been resolved."

What the crap kind of response is that?

[by Sympathy on Thu April 29, 2010 05:48:47 pm]
That sucks, I would spoke to the manager to get some clear answers. I would still if you still have time.

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