Jun 2011 22

So Today Yah Know Girls ; They Are All Bixxches , Always Fuxkin Pms.iinn ; So Sick Of This Shxit , So the Girl Courtneys Daitinq This Kid that Ive Liked For 3years Now , & she Fucxkin Goes & dates HIm ; So i expressed how i was upsett , & that i dont think it was right that she did that , but she got mad? & im like what the fuxk , why are you gettin mad .. do i not have a reason to be upset? Like really. & so then She goes well Craig likes me not you . bye ; & was soo pissed and i started cryinq , & i was so upset that a courtney could do that to me , we have been friends for a year & a hallf , wtf.. im jsut so confussedd. so my reply to her was .. Wow.. Um , all I have To Say ; Is That .. I Never Had A Person Be So Mean To me ; Especially Somone Who Used To be My Friend , In A Really Lonq Time .. I DOnt Even Know Why This Turned Out So F**kxed Up ; But Ha , I Guess I Shuddn`t Be Fiqthtinn Fo` Yaa Friendship If Thats The Way it`s Gonna Go , It`s One Thinq That You Dated The Kid i Was So In Love With For Almost 3Years , but It`s Another To Be So Rude , & Mean About It After The Fact , Courtney i Never Knew You Could Do This To Me ; Ha , i Was Fucxkin Wronq .. Wow. Well Whatever ii Guess We`re DOne? Way To Be Court.. Sorry For Beinqq Upset? Yeahh ii guess With You i Cant be Upset About Anything .. Thanks For The WONDERFULL Friend You`ve Been . Byee ..

But whatever , im so done ; thats why i hang out with boys , not f**kxinn girls. deey all beeiitxches ;

[by Christiana on Sat August 27, 2011 05:09:33 pm]
I was seoirusly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

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