Oct 2010 21

Last night I played with myself in bed while my husband was sleeping. He was sound asleep, snoring actually, and I went at it. I don't feel as guilty as one would since I was doing it more for the sake of sleeping, as opposed to pleasure. But it did feel good, and my heart raced a little faster knowing he could wake up at any second.

[by Anon on Thu October 21, 2010 09:34:53 am]
i dont know what it is about doing the wrong thing but it sure feels good when you doing it. I do the same thing with my fiancee' but he usually wakes up and we go at it anyway.

[by Cloe on Thu October 21, 2010 03:03:53 pm]
Why not? My husband thinks whenever I start to breathe heavy that I\'m coming so he comes. BAM! we\'re done. Inconsiderate idiot. We need to talk.

[by drugcounselor on Thu October 21, 2010 08:07:01 pm]
this is very natural and not anything to be ashamed of. if your wakes up while you are involved, then just tell him that you were hoping that he would wake-up. Men can be very easily aroused and do find a woman's masturbation very sexy. Don't be ashamed.

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