Oct 2009 24

ok, i know this guy for abt a month. we met in a family get together. and we kept chatting online and then we started talking in phone. he told me we can be friends, but nothing else though none of us are married or in any relationship. so i was trying to be friend. but i sort of enjoyed talking since we all look for attention in life. now he does not come online that much and shows excuse that his wireless is not working. but sometimes when i talk i hear buzz noise like when you get buzz in msn... so i think his wireless is fine. he is just showing me invisible. we have nothing much to talk.. just talk abt his work, grocery or his upcoming trip. lately he started hanging up in the middle of conversation saying that he has to answer the other call and will call me back. he never calls me back same day though i sort of wait for his call. then he calls again another day and do the same. also he says he needs to save his minutes.so finally i decided to talk less as well either online or by phone and concentrate on my daily life... so there was couple days break in communication. But he started coming online again and called me and left voicemail. so i called him back and again the same thing happening. either his wireless is not working for a week or hanging up in middle of conversation. i lost majority of my cell phone minutes talking to him. also he told me that he needs to save his minutes...so he hang up. then couple days ago he called me and then i called him back since i was not able to answer his call. when i called then i disguised my number. we talked abt an hour and then next morning he called me to say that he lost about 60 minutes and he wants me to talk to cell representative to get his minutes back. since it was from disguised number they could not varify me to give his minutes back. then it came out that for his plan favefive was ALWAYS free, that means he lied all the time that he needs to save his min. and i was wasting my minutes as i dont have fave five in my plan just being polite and thinking if his minutes are getting used up, i should use mine as well. then i said ok i can talk to representative, then he called me and said there is gonna be 3 way conference where he is gonna be with representative as well. it was very awkward situation for me since i did not want to disclose my SSN and all the info for varification in a conference infront of him for his 60 min back.. after all i know him for 1 month. so i said i can talk to representative alone but not in a conference. since then he is not talking to me. i tried to explain why i did not attend in conference... but no response. i was not that close in 1 month... but i feel bad that may be i lost a friend. but at the same time i think how come a person with a six figure income can be that stingy with a new friend, who spent time and money for other friend's like he said. my question, is he worthy to keep as friend...but he is not answering now. i feel like its a game... few days no talk then comeback in my life and then gone again. i can't switch my mind back and forth. your opinion will be greatly appreciated!!!

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