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Yesterday my uncle passed away. Everybody was anticipating his death and knew he only had a matter of months to live. I told my friend about what was going on (how he got worse from his original condition of tumours in his brain), but at the time just after I told him, his dad came and picked us up and dropped me off at home. My friend didn't say anything afterwards- no message online, via text, or phone call about the situation, which I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed about. It didn't help that after a while, we just didn't have the time to see each other. But I was okay with it. I understood- I mean, I told him on a whim, and there wasn't even time for us to say much more of it when his dad came. But I called the same friend just now (he was one of two friends I told), and told him, "My uncle passed away yesterday." He still didn't really say anything. He basically just said, "Oh. I'm sorry." Then after I said: "It's okay." He was like: "Cool. Go on Skype or something so my parents think I'm packing." Okay.]

That one hurt a little. That one was just like, can you please say something else? Of course I wasn't breaking down and crying over the phone when I told him the news, but that doesn't mean he can't say a little more.

[by Anon on Tue September 11, 2012 10:47:39 pm]
I'm sorry about your loss. It definitely can't be easy. One reason your friend might have acted that way was because he didn't know how to react or he wasn't comfortable. I had a friend whose dad died. All of our friends except one guy went to the funeral to support our friend. It wasn't that he didn't care about our friend, it was just that he wasn't comfortable and didn't know how to respond. He did care for our friend a lot, but I think he didn't know how to handle the emotional stuff. Maybe your friend was trying to help you not think about it, not realizing that maybe you wanted a little more sympathy. If your friend continues to try to interact with you despite what happened, I might think it's how he's handling the situation.

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