Aug 2011 04

Ive been through a lot people turning on me ex's making my life miserable,and i have a bad relationship with my parents! Ive always been know as the girl who doesnt care what people say and is really tough but on the inside i really do and it hurts me to my soul but when im around my friends/family i dont want them to know whats going on and i dont want to open up to them cauz im scared that there gonna use it against me if we ever got in a big fight. i spend a lot of time by myself thinking about suicidal thoughts and ive cut myself but ive forced myself to stop because i know its not helping me at all. i feel like counciling will help but if i ask my to take me shes gonna yell at me and want to know why and im not reaady to tell anyone but a person i know will help me. i care about my family and friends a lot but i feel like they dont like me or love me back and no matter how many times they say they do i just dont believe it because all my ex's told me they love me but then we break up and they try to make my life hell.

So i feel like should ii ask my mom to take me to councling by myself though or should i keep tryin to stick it out ?? PLEASE HELPP ADVICE NEEDED !!

[by Anon on Sat August 6, 2011 05:55:16 pm]
I completely understand what your going through! As for the suicidal thoughts toss them to the side I've been there! But I also found another reason to live, something better has yet to come along my way! And for telling people big secrets , first off no one can keep a secret, no one! I tend to write how I feel down in a journal and hide it so noone but me knows where, it helps get all the anger out and I also feel it helps the frustration as well, this is what I suggest to you. Hope I helped, be strong!

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