Aug 2009 20

you are such an A**HOLE! your friends have absolutely NO RESPECT and you're such an IDIOT! you tell me to send you that message so i did. and now you tell me to text it to you again?!? DO YOU THINK I'D STILL KEEP IT AFTER SENDING IT TO YOU?? AND WHAT THE F*CK IS AUTO-DELETE?? I MEAN, GOD, ARE YOU RETARDED????? why the hell would i keep a message like in my outbox?!?? what the hell is wrong with you? have you lost the capacity to tell what is important, and what isn't??? is it so hard to save the freaking message in your archives, so you won't have to PESTER me about it anymore?!??? you cheating, lying, manipulative, ugly, CHEAP, worthless A**HOLE!!!! YOU DESERVE NOTHING BUT HELL WHEN YOU DIE!! F*cked up LOSER!!!!!

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