Aug 2011 07

My three friends and I used to hang out really often, watching movies,playing xbox,drving around town doing nothing. Then they started smoking pot everyday and they didn't tell me, and they stopped hanging out with me. It hurt me alot because I didn't know they were smoking and then when I was with them at school I'd hear about all the funny S**t that happened to them and all the cool s**t they did last night and I'd ask them why they didn't call me, and they'd say,"oh f**k man we completely forgot, call us sometime". Then they got caught smoking pot and all got grounded for like 2 months. Then they started drinking, which I participated in, I guess because I wanted things to be like how they used to between us. It didn't go back. Now they only want to be with me when we're gonna get drunk. and I STILL have to call them when I want to hang out. I mean what the f**k is that about? They never call me to ask me to hang out with them they never did, and when I don't call them or see them for like a month and then finally do they're like, "dude we missed you why don't you ever call us?" and I'm like f**k you! if you want to be with me call me sometimes, you all KNOW i'm not doing anything fun without you so f**k YOU! I'm done with them, I'm done hanging out with them, done with drinking. I want to tell them all this. But I also want to tell them that I want them to call me when they get too f**ked up to drive, because despite them being c**tholes to me this past year I'd still hate to see them drive drunk and get in a wreck. I also want to tell them that If they want to hang out with me and not get f**ked up, if they just want to hang out like we used to to give me a call and it will definately happen, but that I'm not gonna be holding my breath for either of those scenarios

[by Anon on Mon August 8, 2011 11:05:20 am]
You are doing the right thing, not wanting to be with them smoking and drinking. Keep your social circle open. Seek out new and better friends. Good old fun will come again when you find the right friends and you will have good new fun. Also, time will tell, they may come crawling back to you some day.

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