Apr 2013 23

I've been loving my childhood friend since I was a little kid and now we are teenagers and he don't feel the same. As the years went by we used to mess around as in kissing and just being flirty with each other , but when I bring up us being a couple he just says that he see me more as a friend and I swear that hurts my feeling. This is where I'm coming from .... If you don't see me like that then why were you kissing me ?? This boy don't know how much I love him and I don't think I'm ever going to stop . We haven't been talking like really in 3 weeks and this makes me feel horrible (I deleted his number to try to get over my pain) and he never texted me either so I guess he really don't care about me but he just need to know that I just LOVE him so much but sometimes I wish we would've never met so I wouldn't have to go through this

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