Feb 2012 06

Are you kidding me? Fleming was a complete dumbass! And abortionplex? Seriously? And your excuse to stand up for him is "the mainstream media comes up with all sorts of little names. Abortionplex isn't too far-fetched" Yes it is! It's a god damned ABORTIONPLEX!! That's ridiculous! An entire facility devoted solely to abortions? That doesn't happen!
And that's not event he point- He clearly didn't read that article. He simply saw the headline, thought "those f**king abortionists" (implying that there is a giant pro-abortion community), and then posted it for his fan base for his self righteous pro-life narrow mindedness. I mean c'mon! He's supposed to be a politician! If I can read 100 pages in two nights and complete a three page paper on the readings with supplement material from reputable sources within a day, then the least he can f**king do is read a god damned article and do a quick check of the source.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes. And MAYBE as a republican he COULD be getting harsher words for his mistake (though I have yet to see them) but he deserves it. If he wasn't such a narrow minded twat hell bent on destroying planned parenthood anyway possible then perhaps he wouldn't be such an idiot.

Quit feeling sorry for him. If he's at home crying over some words that complete strangers are saying about him ONLINE then perhaps he needs to rethink careers.

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