Oct 2009 01

I just do not feel it...I know this is the season of giving, but I sent about $200 on my brothers and sisters, and I got just crap back. It was the same the last two years. They all make more than I do, I had a very bad year, grossed only $7,000 last year. I have had to dip into my retirement just to pay my bills. This has all gotten me more depressed. I am thinking, that since I just do not get it,I want to tell them "I do not want to exchange gifts next year. I will be gone, working in a soup kitchen" I do not like having resentment toward my brother, but I know manny would laugh at what I got for a "Present" How can a guy making over $100,000 plus a year give his little brother an item that was taken from a garbage bin, and pass it off as a gift? WTF? What I ended up making in a year he made in a month. I will soon be on the streets...

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