Jun 2011 27

I don't even want to call you Mom anymore, because over and over you use the same excuse of "Oh I'm on my period sorry" and you always hit me and it hurts. If you didn't want another child, you shouldnt have had sex! Don't take it out on me because you couldn't just stay abstinent. I ask you if I can have a little money for a pair of pants and you snap at me "You should just move out or buy your own pants you have money!"
A. I NEED pants, I only have one pair and people are making fun of me for wearing them everywhere I go, I've worn that same pair maybe 10 times this week.
B. I'm 14, how am I gonna move out?

Now I stay in my room all day to avoid you, I literally go hungry just so you won't yell at me anymore. I cried last night but you didn't hear my sobs and sniffles, you were too busy laughing it up with that "whipped" jerk you call my dad, a real father would calm you down and tell you not to yell at me, but he just agrees with anything you do.

My heart just aches.

[by Anon on Tue June 28, 2011 12:25:16 pm]
Get emancipated. They will help you with housing and everything. Show that you're being abused. You shouldn't go through it and stay there. Trust me, I been through it. It was a major regret for me to stay but I had to for my siblings and now we are all suffering even more. Lessen your suffering, get out of there. Take it from someone who really knows how it is. GET OUT. Trust me, when you get emancipated there will be people to help you with housing and give you clothing and food and all and help you find a job. Do that get your GED or something and go straight to getting your degree. I wish someone had told me this when i was your age. Best wishes and I hope you have a brighter and better future. It takes courage to do this but I believe in you. I care for you enough to say get out and don't ever see them again. Much love.

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