Jan 2011 14

It's just a wittle lie, mama. It don't hurt nobody. And, it's a white lie, so it's definitely not going to do anything.

As it turns out, creating a lie about dating a demi-god has its drawbacks.

Recently, one of my best friends has discovered the looseness that is public high school. She has started dropping bombs wherever she can, dating whoever whenever, and blowing everyone off. I wouldn't have a problem with this if she could drop bombs like Eminem or had class, but soon, I'll probably tell her what an idiot she's being.

So, to get her to stop laughing at my nonexistent love life, I made up a tale about dating a hot, brilliant jock, otherwise known as a demi-god, over winter vacation. Yes, according to me, his name is Rolan and his family comes over every Christmas (as well as on the fourth of July). They do this because Rolan's father and my father have been best friends since childhood, therefore must see each other at least twice a year. And, over this winter vacation, I lost my first kiss and plenty of other firsts aside from the biggest in the most romantic way possible.

Of course, how could this possibly dent the ego of a girl who goes around flipping random people the bird with her eyes closed? It didn't. In fact, she shouted it out at the top of her lungs in her Spanish class (this is absolutely aggravating truth) as well as her debate class and who knows who else.

So now, I've apparently dated someone half-god. Now, I don't mind people thinking that I could snag a guy that good, but she's labeled me a filler, which irritates me beyond belief. The only person I don't want to think this is the truth is another of my friends.

But honestly, it's not worth the effort.

So, lesson learned: Since I'm not God and I can't create the perfect man, I shouldn't try. And next time I do try, I shouldn't make up a lie about playing around with him. When I do make up a lie about him and I, I definitely will not be telling it to a blabbermouth.

I still haven't had my first kiss.

[by AnotherGirl on Mon January 17, 2011 03:48:09 am]
Wow, this sounds similar to the movie "Easy A" although luckily your friend hasn't said anything really bad about you to other people, even though she unfortunately shown her jealous side by calling you a filler. I'd agree and say that it wasn't worth the trouble in making up a guy, and if you can, try to kill that rumor as fast as possible. You don't want to live your life continuing that lie, trust me.. it's not worth it. Especially when something or someone you really want comes along. Just end that lie, and when people bring it up, brush it off as soon as possible and get on with the rest of your life. Sounds like youre young enough where it won't impact you too much in the long term, so relax and be young.

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