Oct 2009 29

What the hell is going on? I called Comcast to discontinue my service the end of June and then i have gotten a ton of calls from them and when i say i canceled back at the end of June they hang up on me! Well now im getting knocks at the door from non other then Comcast wanting there money. What money i dont owe them anything! Well I guess i still have service with them? So i show the dude my paper work from AT&T saying i got phone and internet service through them on July 2nd. i also show them paperwork also saying i got got Dish network on the same date. Well this last guy was nice and told me to call in and get this taken care of cause i owed alot of money. Say what? Ok so i call and its all going well until i say i called back in July to cancel my service well here we go again i get hung up on. I call back and ask to speak with a supervisor so either i get hung up on again or i get transferred well when i get to the supervisor i am unable to talk and she is very rude and or i get hung up on. What the hell is going on over there? The whole reason i canceled my service was cause half the time there was no dial tone or someone on the other end cant hear me (dropped call?) Has this happened to anyone else? Im wandering if i should file a complaint with the BBB.

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