Sep 2010 17

When I first started working in Sunnyvale, I used to stop by here every week for the tomato basil soup and a sun-dried tomato bagel. I almost craved it. Then they decided to stop making soup weekly, then they stopped making altogether.

One thing stayed the same, the angry woman that works behind the counter. Sheesh! Seriously, after going here for years, I've seen her smile twice and it was only because someone kept complimenting her. After the 5th compliment, she cracked a smile. The rest of the time she seems downright angry. I'm not exaggerating here. It's not an apathetic look I'm mistaking for anger, but a sincere i-hate-my-job-so-i-hate-you-customer look.

Take it from me, if you want to ruin your day, stop in for lunch here.

ps> Today's sandwich had loads of old veggies piled on. I couldn't eat even half of it.

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