May 2011 26

I've had many problems with my mother in the past. I'm young still. Just 15. And she's screwed up most of my childhood. I learned to get used to cold showers and no electricity. After my parents got divorced 8 years ago my dad moved out and it didn't take long for my failure of a mother to lose the house we were living in. By this time my dad was able to get back on his feet and purchase a house. My mother moved my 2 brothers and I into a small apartment and it, again, didn't take to long until we were kicked out due to her lack of a "real" job and failure to pay the rent cause her nights at the bar were more important. My brothers and I moved into my dads house and I don't know where my mother went. But then she showed up and said she wanted us to move in with her and her new boyfriend. She was using the guy, and still is. But the guy creeped me out to the point where I was sick to my stomach. So I refused, therefore my mother and I got into a physical confrontation. She slapped me and I attacked her. So my brothers moved in with her and I stayed with my dad. Well daddy got a girlfriend and I'm home alone most nights. He doesn't notice me much. Most recently, my mother attacked my dad when she was dropping my brothers off so my dad could see them for a little while... After this confrontation my dad decided to go for full custody of me. And my mother isn't arguing much. But what really got to me today was when my best friends mother called my mother to ask permission for me to go to Disney with them this summer. She flat out told them no. She did it to hurt me for payback because I don't treat her the right way (she claims) but honestly how am I supposed to treat her when she failed at being a responsible, descent, mother? So I realized, I'm never going to have that mom that I can talk to, go shopping with, have at my wedding, a grandmother for my future children. I'm never going to have a mother that cares or loves me....

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