Jul 2011 19

When everyone tells you blood is thicker than water
family is always there
when i have a great family dont get me wrong
but my own mother stole my credit card and put me in debt
right when i turned 18 and i never did catch up
and my husband said my mom was a horrible person
she was messed up in the head and lots of other things
butt today his mom did the same thing stole money
he had set aside to pay our rent and buy things for me and the baby
we have on the way. and he goes to get it
and she says she cant find it when no one told her to touch it
im out almost a grand... and she is pretending like nothing happened
i am so tired of having bad luck
i mean my mother and now my mother in law
thats family i reallly wasnt expecting this
now im in a horrible position and there is nothing i can do!
i wish they could understand how much this hurts
how angry i really am

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