Dec 2009 25

Now they're demanding a phone verification? What's next... blood sample and my first F*CKING born?!? So gave the f*ckers my phone number.. and it f*cking said.. it's invalid?!?? WTF!??!

CraigsList makes voer $30Million a f*cking year.. has 10 or so employees.. as a NONPROFIT?! so... the business NEEDS $30M to run?!? WTF?

arrogant rich f*ck..

once they have money... they don't give a sh*t

[by Ugh on Wed December 30, 2009 03:48:27 pm]
I'm glad I found this site! I am so angry at Craigslist too about this! I mean, what the crap? It's no longer a free and easy to use service. Requiring us to give a phone number! In this day and age, when we're trying to protect our identities from thieves and criminals, they force us unnecessarily to give more and more information of ourselves. Who is this really protecting? Prostitutes and drugdealers who use CL are STILL going to use it regardless of having to provide a phone number. D*mn you Craigslist. I really hope the company tanks.

[by Me on Thu December 31, 2009 10:57:09 am]
Just get a cheap Tracphone where you can use an Anonymous name and address and prepd cards just to have for such occasions and such.

[by Anon on Wed January 27, 2010 02:50:00 pm]
just look up an number on Any number, and use that. I would never give them my home phone number particularly with the amount of fraud that happens on that site.

[by Jimmy on Tue April 20, 2010 04:17:27 pm]
It's so that they can make sure you're not those automatic spammers. Don't you also hate it when you find a good deal on a car but then realize it's one of those "omg i just moved to iraq to serve in the war so i need you to wire money here and i'll wire some back and this and that" type of deals? It's kinda an annoyance but at the same time it is for your benefit. If you call the people on craigslist or go to the help forum they can remove the block for you.

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