Oct 2010 18

Micaela. I am F*CKING DONE with you. I've given you more chances than you realize. You always step on me, telling me to shut up when I just try to say one thing. And I've tried to be kind to you because I just remember all the fun things in the past that we did. But you're no fun because you always f*cking hurt me. And you're a f*cking hypocrite. Today you yelled at me asking why I never tell you anything anymore - well that's because anything I tell you (secretwise) you somehow find a way to use against me! You know how long and f*cking tired I am for using my damn EX against me? Well. Open your damn eyes You're stepping on me like a f*cking door mat. I've decided to put my foot down. I'm not your little dog anymore. F*ck you. I'm done.

[by Anon on Wed October 20, 2010 06:48:00 pm]
f*ck bitches man nothing but bad news

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