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i am engaged to this great guy, he has never cheated on me nor has he ever been abusive to me. i just wish sometimes he would just be a little more forceful. Most men tell their woman when they want to have sex not the other way around. I mean we have great sex, but he only wants to have once a week or bi-weekly (what am i am paycheck). I just wish he would become more sexually comfortable with himself and it is better i know this now then later. If this issue cannot be solved before we are married. I do not know what I am going to do.

[by AnonMan on Sun October 31, 2010 11:03:59 pm]
as a guy, I totally understand.. the main problem is.. men use sex as an emotion relief and outlet, almost like a punching bag. And worse, it\'s all physical. whereby for women, they are emotionally involved and seeks same from their partners for confirmation.

I guess what I\'m saying, is both you and he have to come to an emotional junction where you two are in the same thought.

For men, in order to feel that they need to feel they have the upper hand in their lives ie in control. That empowerment is what gives a man the ability to perform. In a way, almost like a women where they have to feel good about themselves before performing.

You can facilitate that by making him feel good about himself... lie if you have to...

[by Anon on Sun June 12, 2011 11:40:43 pm]
Ugh! I know exactly how u feel! My stupid ass bf is the same way! All I want is to feel wanted. It makes me feel unattractive when he doesn't come on to me. Like I'm not really his type or sumthing. I tell him this all the time n he says hell do more but never does. I hate so much. My bf doesn't get blue balls ever either. Don't know if that has something to do w it or if its a low sex drive or what. But I KNOW I cannot be married someone who makes me feel this way. I just need to find the strength n leave. He's not worth it.

[by Anon on Mon June 13, 2011 05:51:35 am]
If u feel unappreciated now, then chances are you will stay that way during marriage.

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