Apr 2012 03

Annoying when people brag about stuff over social media, like Facebook.

"Got a full ride scholarship to University of Colorado."

"Still on a high that I got accepted into the UC of San Diego!"

"I can't make it to your event/party because I'll be in Las Vegas or Japan."


[by Anon on Tue April 3, 2012 11:17:35 pm]
There's actually recent news articles about the sort of thing you are talking about.
The studies basically say that Facebook actually causes depression in many people because they can so easily see the acomplishments of their peers being thrown in their face. Despite what acomplishments you might be making in your life- it's down played by you seeing statuses that you think are "better" then what you're doing.

Point is: Get off of f**king facebook- Duh! :P

[by wer on Wed April 4, 2012 08:51:46 pm]

I know! I get off Facebook enough! But yeah, I mean sometimes it's annoying when people brag in general too, or intentionally put out info to make themselves look or sound better. I mean, rather than keeping things to themselves! I was hit by a car two months ago, and not many people know because it was something I kept personal. Wasn't trying to look for people to sympathize or marvel in envy. ;)

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