Dec 2012 16

My mom and the computer at work are the only ones who have even acknowledged my birthday. So much for friends. If its anyone else's birthday there they are to take them to dinner or lunch or SOMETHING. But nothing for me not so much as a text. It's been a rough day.

[by Anon on Mon December 17, 2012 03:22:11 pm]
Sorry, friend.. nothing like the holidays to make everyone forget about the important stuff. Don't feel too bad though. It's usually not because they don't care about you, but so hard for anyone to remember birthdays, phone numbers, let alone anything these days. This year alone I received requests to be added to at least a dozen birthday reminder calendars, because people just don't remember. Sometimes I get birthday wishes weeks later. They remember the month but no idea about the date. I'm in my 30s, and sometimes don't see friends for months. So we just celebrate saying something like "your birthday passed, right? let me buy you a drink." Haha.

Are you on Facebook? As much as I hate to advocate that, there's a birthday reminder there. It reminds your friends that birthdays are coming up, although I don't think it actually reminds them the day of.

Last but not least, do what I do! Sign up for a bunch of freebies: Red Robin gives you a free burger, Coldstone gives you a free ice cream sundae, my BBQ place gives a free BBQ sandwich and cake slide, Black Angus gives you a free steak. And the best part, they ALWAYS wish you a happy birthday. :)

Happy Belated Birthday!

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