Apr 2013 28

Is that we want to fall. Perhaps the problem is that we feel that we are too blessed. Other countries, other people all around the world are in far worse shape than we are. There are people starving, there are people homeless, there are people dying of thirst. Most Americans will never deal with these problems, at least not on the same level as some in other countries. Perhaps we feel as if we need to fall to be in sync with everyone else. Maybe its because we haven't actually had to work for things like freedom, or survival in so long that we feel undeserving of our blessings, we forgot what it's like to have to actually physically struggle with things like finding food, shelter and water. We live in a society of excess, a society of demands and wants rather than needs. There is a way for us to get everything we want, many times without even leaving the comfort of our homes. Perhaps the issue is that we do not know how to live in our current society and we long to be returned to our roots of bare survival, we want to be returned to be where were comfortable. We want to be returned to the game that we knew how to play because the rules were simple: survive. Maybe the problem is that we have too many optional objectives, and so the American subconscious is slowly fighting to return to the initial state of just surviving. That's all well and good, and I completely understand the desire to return to a simpler time, I do. But consider this. Consider the number of men who died fighting for your freedom. Consider the hard work of your ancestors working and saving up money to come to America the land of freedom and opportunity for you, their posterity. They did these things so that you and I could have a better life, and no it wasn't easy, but they did their part, and now so must you, so must I. We must learn to live in a society of desires and wants, so their hard work and effort will not go to waste. Now I'm not saying that we should continue in this society of desires and wants being priority, I'm not saying that at all. I think that is a terrible way for us to live. No, I'm saying that we need to find a way to use our resources, to use all of our options that we have available to us to help others. We Americans should continue the legacy of self sacrifice, continue the tradition of hard work, not for ourselves but others. That's what made America great, the fact that countless men and women were willing to work hard and sometimes even die for people that they had never met, for people that had not even been born yet. If we stop living lives of excess and help those in need, and work hard so that we may continue helping them, if we instill the value of handwork and sacrifice for the sake of others into the rest of the world the entire world can be America great. We should not lower ourselves for the rest of the world, we should raise up the rest of the world to our level. I dream of a day when one day everyone has the same level of prosperity that Americans have. The way to accomplish this is not to lower our level of prosperity, the way to accomplish this is to use our prosperity in an efficient manor to help others get to where we are. A man can climb a mountain on his own, sure, but it is easier if there are others with him, it is easier still if he is accompanied by a man who has already climbed the mountain for he knows the way to go. If we help others climb the mountain to where we currently are, so that everyone the world over lives in a world based on wants and desires rather than on needs, then we can all learn how to live in this society, how to deal with wants and desires. I dream of a world where the nations set aside their differences, set aside their jealousies, set aside their attitudes, and instead pick up the tradition of hard work and sacrifice and come together to make the world a better place. I'm willing to make these sacrifices. Are you?

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