Nov 2009 05

i moved back home with my parents after a bad relationship. i have a 1 year old daughter. my brother and his wife and their 18 month old baby live here too. my sister in law is a piece of sh*t. i was watching her kid and my kid the one day and she came home from work and put her kid in the play pen and went into another room to read her twilight book. the next day she did the same thing, except she wanted to watch tv. she does sh*t like this all the time. her poor baby has had 6 ear infections in the last 3 months and at least 3 fevers. her kid is not fed properly and her teeth are rotting and she is borderline anemic and her mommy won't give her her iron supplement because she lost it. on top of this, she leaves big messes around the house, her room smells like sh*tty diapers, she has horrible spending habits, and she's a compulsive liar. she thinks she's so f*cking tough too. she got in my face the one time and started pointing her finger in my face and i pushed her down on the couch and she didn't do sh*t about it. i'm not normally a violent person, but i want to kick the sh*t out of her at least every other day for something. the only thing stopping me is my parents. another thing that bothers me about her is she tries to "mommy compete" with me. i'll say something about my daughter and she always says, "well, my baby this, my baby that." like, bitch, this isn't a f*cking competition. if it was, i won it the second my girl was born. after all, i cook for my girl everyday, i play with her on the floor, i give her many hugs and kisses, i teach her many things like shapes, colors and objects. she's never been taken to the hospital or rushed to the doctors with problems, she's clean and she has everything she needs. she's a very happy baby and she's very smart.

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