Nov 2010 20

How did I ever get along with this family? My dumb, annoying, childish dad, my stupid, god impersonating, over controlling mom! HOW DO I LIVE WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

[by Anon on Sun November 21, 2010 02:02:37 am]
I remember feeling the way you did.. it was for most of the high school years until my Junior Year. I felt like my dad was always cracking jokes, not taking anything seriously. And my mom just wanted to interject herself in everything I was doing. I felt like I had no privacy. But somewhere around my senior year, or when I went to college, everything changed. I felt closer to them. I missed them. And by the time I finished my first year, I didn't want to spend any amount of vacation without them. 10 years later, I forget more and more the stuff that drove me crazy and am glad for the time I have with them now (because we also live in different states)

I'm sure now it feels crazy, but someday the relationship will get better. You just have to be the bigger person.

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