Jun 2011 21

WHY?!?!?! This girl who I used to be really good friends with (let's call her M) killed my friendships with several other of my friends. I dont talk to her anymore... But I heard M was telling everyone that my other friend (we'll call her N) was the girl with the 'big butt' and/or 'fat a**' and that N was just pretending to be friends with her! It's was soo the other way around!! That girl lied to me so many times! I just wish I noticed what she really was earlier! >:l

[by Anon on Tue June 21, 2011 07:02:38 pm]
Karma will get her sooner or later.

[by Anon on Wed June 22, 2011 02:16:34 am]
I agree with the other Anon, sooner or later other people will start to see it as well and she will lose all her remaining friends. You have nothing to worry about. Just be glad she's out of your life now.

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