May 2012 14

This dieting thing is f**king horrible. Why am I torturing myself?!

I never get to f**king eat anything, I'm always starving, I'm always thinking about something I can eat, I can rarely go out with friends because they always want to eat out somewhere, exercising is excruciating and boring, I hate people looking at me at the gym, I hate how much time exercising consumes, I hate aching all the time, and after a f**king month of all this diet and exercise I don't look or feel the least bit better.

Yet my friends that roll on Ecstacy three times a week are having a grand 'ol time with their weightloss results and get all the f**king complements in the world. Oh yeah, that's fair.

I don't get the f**king point. I just want a god damn Dr. Pepper and a cheese burger for f**king christ's sake.

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