Apr 2011 22

there is this girl who i was best friends with last year, and i don't really like her now. she thinks she is emo, but she is just a poser, and she is also a huge bitch on the computer. we fight with each other when we chat, and she has rude and annoying posts. im her only friend, because she is anti social. i have a separate group of friends with about 7 people, and she isn't in it, and she judges them, and doesn't like them. i want to leave her, and just be with them, but she doesn't know that i kind of hate her. she is also a huge hippocrate; she always saying "oh don't judge", "i hate people that judge", AND ALL SHE F**KING DOES IS JUDGE PEOPLE. I dont want to be her friend, but i feel like i have to.

[by Anon on Tue April 26, 2011 03:56:12 pm]
Well, that seems strange. You don\'t want to be her friend, but you feel like you have to. Because you\'re her only friend? Sounds like you\'re sucking up a lot of unnecessary trouble. Maybe you can talk to her about how chatting with her sucks. I mean, I can understand that too. I hate chatting with some people, it never ends up well because you can\'t tell the emotion behind what they\'re saying.

Maybe you guys should be the types of friends that only talk on the phone or in person.

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