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That more than anything in this world makes me so mad. I hate my voice, I work and I work, I practice and I practice and my voice still sounds like s**t. You want to know the easiest way to make me cry? Remind me that I can't sing. I want to at least be bearable, but most days my singing even makes my ears hurt. I HATE it.

[by Anon on Mon April 1, 2013 12:05:36 am]
I'm sure it doesn't sound that bad. What makes you think that? And who's telling you your voice isn't good? Are you seeing a vocal coach and they told you that? If that's the case, they're a horrible coach. And if it's not a coach, what do they know? Anyone can have a good sounding voice with a little training. You think actors and actresses all have good voices? No way! They're trained to be that way. That being said, I remember one time I was singing in my room, when I found out my parents turned on the TV so loud to drown out my singing. Boy, did that make me feel bad. But I know I don't have a bad voice, and they had their reasons for turning on background noise, and I got over it. Keep practicing - that's why the saying exists "practice makes perfect." :)

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