Apr 2012 04

Our potential was great but you were swayed by a prettier face and lost interest so I bowed out gracefully and have done all in my power to avoid any awkwardness, but every time I see you it's like a thorn has pricked the healing scar you left on my heart. It bleeds a bit less with every nick but bleed it still does. Tonight our eyes met for a split second, and no matter how much I would love to stare deeply into those eyes again. I know I can't. I'm moving on but I cannot keep a flawless facade of nonchalance when I look in your eyes. Because I cannot hold back the pain, intentional or not, that you caused from my gaze. I sometimes catch myself thinking of you and I, and I try to just be thankful for the good times but I get caught unawares by the revelation of what we could have had, but won't, and it brings a dark cloud to my heart. You once called me your ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.... but with every prick of these thorns I feel my beams dim as the scar obscures the light. I thought you saw me, so I let you into my heart, but you cast me aside without a word just as I needed you most. Why??

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