Nov 2009 04

I am regularly home when my mail courier delivers our mail. 3 weeks ago (well before the holiday rush) was no exception. I had delivery confirmation and I check my email and lo and behold, one of my family's Christmas presents says delivered, but there is no package outside. Unfortunately, when my regular carrier is off, the substitute always screws up and delivers my mail to some random house a street behind or so. I call the post office and get *Mary* and she has the worst, so what, this isn't my problem, attitude. I am calm, explaining that these are Christmas presents and that I just want to see if they can find out what happened. She says she'll call me back the next day. Never does. I call back. She says she'll have someone look into it and will call me back. (Yeah, that never happened either) I ask if there is someone I can lodge a complaint to. All I meant was to talk to somebody about how subs lose mail, not about her, and she got defensive, said she was a supervisor and her manager would just tell me the same thing. Okaaaaay. Jeez, lady. She tells me to go to I do, and I describe the issue. I get a kind response, saying they'll have someone call me right away. A few days go by, so I email back and say I haven't heard from anyone. I get an email response saying my local post office had already called me (where was I when that happened? I remember doing all the calling and getting absolutely no help) and assisted me. Assisted me how? Talk about the right hand talking to the left hand. So some selfish jerk accepted and kept my family's Christmas presents, though it would have clearly said MY name and address on it, and the stupid sub freaking hand delivered it to them and they probably cheered at their FREEBIES, while I'm out on money, time, and patience. Who wants to go to the friggin stores right now???? Why the "ef" did I buy my crap early to avoid all this? Guess I should have just gone to the store. Now I know if it's not being delivered by Fedex or UPS, I'm going to get screwed by the neighborhood, friendly post office. They lost my business. I hope *Mary* gets her mail lost some time and see how she likes it.

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