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I have been engaged for the last three years, when I say yes things were great. Then where all the bulls**t came in, the way his family found out about the engagement was start of the drama (he's an only child by the way). His cousin blabbed about it because she was invited to be in the wedding party, then he never mentioned to his parents that he wanted to ask me to marry him. WTF, so you just decided to go out on a whim and ask me to marry without their blessing? At that point I decided that this was going to be a long a** road. Eventually they got over it, but now that I am getting ready to graduate his mother has decided that it would be best for me to live on my own for a year. Mind you I graduate in May and that would be a total f***in waste of money!! Its like they want the perfect life for their son but he is too much of a b**ch to make his own decisions. I just feel that if his parents are always going to be there then where do i fit in and what is the point of me marrying him. Maybe I just need to leave him and start all the way over, because I cannot be in a marriage like this.

[by Dee on Wed March 23, 2011 03:28:52 pm]
Having been in a marriage where the family has never been on board, my advice (completely taking the love/emotion factor out of it) is that marriage is hard enough without having that kind of trouble. If they don't like you, chances are they are not suddenly going to like you. It's likely to get worse, not better. I've had the worst time with feelings of self-doubt and asking myself why I don't measure up for these people. The truth is this: the fact that I don't blend well with them is a compliment to me. Thank God I'm not like them. Get out while the getting's good, girlfriend. There are plenty of guys out there that have great families that will be happy to have you be a part of what they've got going.

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