Jul 2012 13

DO not use this plumber, ever since their father retired they do such shoddy work!!
THEY ARE ARROGANT!!! Not nice people at all.
They act like they are in the mafia, bullies. There are tons of plumbers out there check the yellow pages online. Just never pay anyone unless their work is up to par and be sure to get a written estimate.
These guys came in my house gave me an estimate and when the job was completed they charged me more money, stating there were other things that had to be done. Is this a way to run a business? I ended up paying the same amount of money another plumber gave me as an estimate. What a shaddy way to obtain business!!!

[by Gaspipes on Mon July 16, 2012 06:18:23 pm]
What creeps! Where, exactly, in Nassau county are they located? Address? Full Names of the punks who did the work for you? Pure lowlifes. They\'re lucky I wasn\'t there to give them what they deserve--less money.

[by Anon on Tue July 17, 2012 04:21:28 pm]
I tried these guys once never again, they are nasty and act like they are GOD. Seems more like the devil. They are on Lawson Blvd, Oceanside.
There are many other plumbers stay away from these guys.

[by jeffrey cohen on Sat July 21, 2012 01:34:39 pm]
Horrible guys to do business with run away, get another plumber there are so many others out there

[by Jessie on Wed August 8, 2012 02:09:42 pm]
My sister lives in Nassau county and she used these guys just recently but will never use them again, beware

[by Mr.Lindenburg88302 on Wed August 22, 2012 04:29:10 pm]
This plumber stinks!!!!!!! My frined used them & got screwed!!

[by Terri on Sat September 22, 2012 06:07:45 pm]
I just used this plumber I should have checked this site first, what a dumb ass I am. But never again will I use them again

[by Anon on Sat January 5, 2013 07:11:05 pm]
During Storm Sandy this guy raved about how he helped out the people in Nassau county. DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES, Joe Montilli is an effin thief!!!! Stay away from his business!! He is nothing but a thug in sheeps clothing!

[by Harols Braithwaite on Fri January 11, 2013 04:15:49 pm]
NEVER use this Plumber he is a thief. And a lowlife at that too!

[by Anon on Mon April 8, 2013 05:34:52 am]
This plumber is the worst do not use him!!!!!! He is a liar & a thief!

[by Mr. JAcobs on Thu April 25, 2013 04:34:54 am]
Horrible, horrible, horrible work. Thieves over priced stay away!!! Oy vey as me.

[by Janet (anon) on Sat October 5, 2013 04:23:55 pm]
I made the mistake of using this plumber. Too bad I didn't google his name first I would have found this site. He is a thief & does terrible work, very sloppy, leaves a mess behind & I had to hire another plumber to fix his work.

[by Anon on Thu February 27, 2014 03:10:59 pm]
OMG these guys are crooks, just because they are well known in Nassau doesn't mean they're good. I should have checked this site before I used them. I am so sorry I did way over priced. And they have an attitude

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