Sep 2013 13

I cheated on my boyfriend. I always said that I would never be with somebody if I didn't want to be, that cheating was pointless, that I'd break up before I ever cheated. Well here I am. I can't stand my boyfriend because he drowns me in love that I do not reciprocate, and suffocates me in emotions that circulate in the air, once so fresh now polluted with the very thing I cannot bear. I cheated twice. I am not proud, and I will never do it again, but nor will i judge a person for cheating ever again. Sometimes you're just free falling, hoping for someone to catch you, when you're the one holding the parachute.

[by Anon on Fri September 13, 2013 02:32:18 pm]
SufferingThroughAdolescence, I didn't see this post before responding to your other one. Now that the "cheating" has happened, you have one of two options, stay with him or tell him. I think you know which one is better for you at this point. You don't want to be with him, and it's not really doing either of you any favors to stay together at this point. You need to tell him that you really tried, you spent countless nights crying over it, but that it just doesn't feel right to you and you don't want to string him along because he's a good guy - which it sounds like he is, but just not good for you. Don't stay together because it's easier, because in the end it will actually be much harder. You will find someone that will (almost) always catch you (cuz, you know, no one's perfect).

[by Anon on Fri September 13, 2013 08:51:25 pm]
It's so hard to knowingly crush someone. I cannot bear the idea of leaving him because he is so good to me. I feel like a terrible person every second that I think of him. He tries so hard to please me, but it just annoys me at this point. I don't know what to do. I vent and vent, and ask for advice but nobody understands. I just want to run away so that I don't want to deal with this situation.

[by Anon on Mon September 16, 2013 11:16:59 pm]
omg this sounds exactly like my situation, I think for me is its beacuse I dated so many jerks that I got use to it so once i met my current boyfriend and he was all lovey dovey i didint really know how to take it..its a really messed up situation.

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