Feb 2014 14

I am 20 years old and in a real awful situation.

I never go into college because of a few bad decisions when I was young, and something else out of my control that set me back. This is why I am almost flat f**king broke and still live with my parents,who now live in a hotel in a bad town near Denver.

I f**king hate Denver and all the surrounding suburbs. Everyone is on f**king meth, acts tough and thinks rape is good. So I am surrounded by degenerates almost all the time I spend outside of my room. Yes. Motel room.

My parents don\\\\\\\'t get along. They fight way too much and get mad too easily. Maybe I\\\\\\\'m not supposed to care, but it gets to me that I\\\\\\\'m surrounded by negativity almost all the f**king time. Just a day of peace and quiet and no butching would be nice.

As much as I want to move out and rent a room in a better place like Boulder or maybe Golden, I can\\\\\\\'t get a job cause no nearby place is hiring. On top of this I\\\\\\\'m so introverted I just want to avoid waiting tables or working a cash register because everyone on this f**king earth is a total bitch. I am looking to start making money online and working from home, but God knows how long it will take to be successful.

S**t, man, I hate bitching, but sometimes, a guy just has to get some of the s**t that\\\\\\\'s eating him off his chest to people who won\\\\\\\'t tell him to shut up mid speech. I am grateful for a place like this where I can vent and keep my sanity.

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