Dec 2012 24

I thought for sure this year would be different I was so certain that she'd fall in love with me. I was so certain that we'd go ice skating together, do Christmas shopping together,I was so certain we'd watch every Christmas special together. What can I say, I'm a dumb@ss. The signs were there all along that she didn't and never would love me. I guess last night was the breaking point, when you gave me advice on how to get a girl to love me, and I without skipping a beat, trying to be fun and spontaneous, used them on you immediately, and you without skipping a beat shot me down. That was the final straw. I'm over you. Congratulations! You missed out on a damn fine guy. But it's fine, really, you're gonna go back to college and find all those douchebag guys there and they're gonna give you constant s**t. But that seems to be what you want, so please by all means have fun. I hope one day you come back to me realizing how you f**ked up. So I can, without skipping a beat shoot you down. Merry f**king Christmas.

[by Anon on Wed January 2, 2013 08:06:32 pm]
Kudos for you for ending this post standing on your two feet, rather than sulking about her shooting you down. You're right, she'll probably regret it in the future, when she leaves horrible dates and relationships with terrible guys and will think about what she missed out with you. Her problem, not yours. Time for you to meet a girl who will appreciate it. It's the New Year, time for finding new love!

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