Apr 2011 01

All I want is yu, for yu to love me unconditionally...I long for your touch for you to touch me passionately...while I lay in yours arms let me be your muse, gaze at me intensely...fill me with the love of myself & in return it will be yours... engulf me in your heart & there I wish to always stay to be loved unconditionally... true love is hard to find a love that will me "souly" mine... I feel as tho I'm an angel missing her wing... I will be the left wing if yu'll be the right & to the heavens we'll take flight... my heart is waiting to love yu, to love you unconditionally...

-a person that feels alone speaking from a heavy heart filled with love

Asking God for a miracle in many aspects of my life...there are so many things spiralin out of control I don't know how I'm holding on...so many things to do can't find the time to cry... to my baby mommy loves yu so much already hope yu are ok in there can't wait to see you... your the only person keeping me going everyday.

[by AnonGirl on Sat April 16, 2011 02:25:13 pm]
"Asking God for a miracle in many aspects of my life." God hears you. And I don't say it as a religious zealot, but from someone who had a few really rough patches and made it through. March was the worst month I've had in a long time.. in years. But I made it through, and am finally able to breathe. You will soon too.

Hold onto those people that keep you going everyday, I did, and they were there for me.

You will get through this rough patch.

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