Oct 2009 07

well..2 monthes ago my friend knew i liked his best friend..well come to find out he liked me too. so we started talking. well a week into us talking he meets this frecken freshman girl and starts liken her.. well he totally ignores me for 2 monthes. with no explation on why he just got up and left..finally about a month ago i got my anwser..he says " idont know why i did that..i was stuiped..im sorry..i miss you soo much.." well i believed him and we started talkign again...well he is still dating the freshman girl...wel this guy calls me baby and tellsme he loves me and he really cares about me..and gives me a hug at school everyday. well lately the hugs have become rare..he says himand his gf are having problems and hes tires of her sh*t..but he wont leave her...i dont get it..if he so calls love me and cares about me so frecken much..why is he staying with her..im to the point of confusion..where i been crying myself to sleep. ill start crying at school bc i cant stop thinking about how confused hes maken me..I JUST WISH HE WOULD PICK ONE GIRLLL!!!!! signed, confused girl...

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