Nov 2010 17

So yeah, i have anxiety disorder for such a long time. IT IS VERY HARD TO STOP WORRYING!!!!!!! I'm constantly asking for advice being really needy because that's how I'm supposed to be. Medication doesn't work for me. There's this annoying ass chick that said that I should shut up when it's not that easy to do so. So I find out she's been talking about me behind my back saying that she doesn't like me because I fix my hair too much. Honestly I have very thick hair that constantly falls out of a rubber band so I have to keep redoing it. I also have a theory that she has this huge crush on my boyfriend. She thought that he liked her. He never did. When he asked me out I think she started getting all pissed because she thinks she's better than me. She thinks that I don't have any good qualities and that she's perfect. It really sucks when nobody understands how worrisome a person can be when they have anxiety. My own father even called me crazy to my face.

[by Anon on Thu November 18, 2010 02:21:17 pm]
i understand!

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