Jan 2011 17

i was reading this article about how a woman was put in jail for drinking and driving and having a wreck which killed 2 people. I completely agree with her being put in jail what pisses me of is these rally groups going and putting in the newspaper that she should never be forgivin that she knew exactly the risk she was taking by getting in that car. Well in reality she did alcohol affects your brain it alters your judgement and ability to make coherent decisions. So therefore groups like MADD need to do a little research before going and bashing this girl who already is understands how bad she has screwed up and how she has killed 2 people through horrible decisions. Am I the only one that stuff like this aggrivates?

[by Anon on Mon January 17, 2011 02:23:07 am]
Yeah, agree with you.. that kind of stuff is irritating, especially if she's already being punished. They should spend energy trying to get people who aren't being punished, punished.. or better yet, spending energy trying to educate the community and society on what they can do to prevent this in the future.

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