Oct 2009 22

It's time for him to find a place to live that isn't with my mom and I. He's almost 26 now and he doesn't pay rent, and last night he kept me up playing video games loudly with 3 other friends until 5:00 AM, and I had a test in my college English class at 7 (that I missed.) My mom doesn't care and lets him live with us, because he originally used to drive me to high school in the mornings before I had a car. Now I have a boyfriend and he's very creeped out that I have a man living with me and doesn't even like to spend time with me at my house. I've told my room mate to get a life and move out, and he says that I can't force him out, that only my mom can.. and she won't because she's constantly on facebook and could care less what's happening at our house. I don't have enough money to move out.. so I have no clue how to get out of this situation.. screw this.

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