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I don't hate my stepson........................ but I wished that he lived someplace else, on another planet perhaps. I wish I didn't have to interact with him, or talk to him, or live with him. He is 16 and is plain nasty and disgusting to me. I will fix dinner and I will ask him if he washed his hands and 9 times of of 10, he will say "no". So tonight he comes downstairs and he's scratching his belly and I'm thinking this is the same hand that will touch the handles of the food, the refrigerator, the microwave, etc, etc and I'm plain disgusted! I have to drive him to basketball practice and sitting next to him in the car is the most uncomfortable place in the world, it feels like its taking eternity to get to the school. We speak and are cordial, but its forced and fake, like we're going through the motions. His father doesn't say anything, his attitude is suck it up, there are worse things, its no big deal, true but this is the way I feel. I am counting down until he graduates in a a year and I hope he goes in the military or moves out on his own, go far far away. I am not relaxed around him at all, it's a very uncomfortable place because I'm a clean freak he he's a walking germ, he's lazy as F*** and doesn't even take out the trash, all he does is consume and consume and irritate me, on a daily basis, I am venting because I have no one to share this with and if I keep it inside I will stress myself, this actually feels better already, not that anyone on EARTH cares, but at least I got it out of my system. I'm sure tomorrow there will be something else, there always is, its called LIFE.

[by Anon on Sun January 2, 2011 08:22:57 am]
It must be very frustrating to have a lazy slob around the place. He's pretty disrespectful by the sounds of it, but then he's at 'that age' and I guess it comes with growing up. Boys seem to do that rather slowly. Girls can be worse so be glad you don't have one of those at least. Have you tried talking to him (calmly, not emotionally) about how you feel? Maybe you could do that. Try to find at least one thing you like about him to start off the discussion, if you possibly can. That's so you can say something like "i really like that drawing you did" (or whatever) to try to get a positive response so he's actually listening, then just tell him how you feel - disappointed by what he can't help knowing is not a happy relationship between you.
Sorry to drivel on. Hope it works out.

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