Dec 2011 07

so i was in class, helping and jokeing around with this other kid. she kept saying she knew "how to draw anime" but it was obviously the bubbly american cartoons. i just laughed, helped her with a few math problems, then, compleetly out of the blue, she says "actually i don't really like anime. I think it's stupid and weird and kinda wrong" and so i said "well thank you for talking about something i'm passionate about in the worst terms you could possibly think of" she waits a few awkeward seconds, opens her mouth, and says "Please don't put me in your death book!"

What the F**K!? first of all, it's a death NOTE!!! second of all, it really was pretty petty and i didn't even think about the little page in my drawing journal titled "death note" untill you mentioned it!!! it's okay with me if your not a finatic about anime. it's perfectly fine with me if you don't like it at all! it's even compleetly acceptable if you HATE it! but please don't take something that i prize, and love, and think about, and talk about, and am generally passionate about, and throw it on the ground!!

please don't be mean! and if and when you are compleetly inconsiderate of my fealings and hobbies, and i call you out on it, instead of saying PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! like i'm somekind of idiot meat head who goes around punching anyone standing in their way! f**king say "i'm sorry, i didn't know you felt so strongly about it, i guess i was just being too inconsiderate" even if you don't mean it!!!! it's better than accusing someone who just helped you of putting your name in a book of people they wish dead! over such a petty thing too!

So F**K YOU and have a MERRY F**KING CHRISTMAS too!


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