Jun 2010 11

when i was 8 years old, my cousin raped me. well you really can't call it rape because i didn't scream or yell stop. i let him do that to me. he told everyone it was my fault, and to this day no one knows i didn't want to do it. you raped me twice. and my own mom doesn't care. nicholas, buddy. i am so sorry for what i did to you. i don't know if you remember it or not, but i tried to do the same thing dalton did to me. i'm the reason you have so many problems. and i let brodi sexually abuse you. i didn't try to stop her. i am so sorry. and i can't admit this to anyone because if i do.. i'll be sent to placement. i hate myself for everything i have put you through. that's why i make sure you get fed & to bed. because it's my responsiblty. i plan on taking this to the grave. the scars all over my body are a cry for help. but i don't deserve it. i'm sorry for who i am.

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