Oct 2012 31

In a world full of social media, expectations, and standards, I sometimes feel lost. Occasionally I find myself clicking around on Facebook and looking through other people's photos. I see these other people and think of how much thinner, prettier, taller, or more stylish they are than me and I feel like I need to change the way I look; like I need to somehow become slimmer and buy new clothes.

[by AntiSocial on Sun November 4, 2012 01:46:04 am]
One thing you have to remember is that people are only posting the BEST pictures and MOST FLATTERING stories they have of themselves. This is usually self-indulgent and to make themselves feel better. It's just as bad a looking at a women's magazine where women are inaccurately portrayed. Unless your friends are like this in real life, don't sweat it. If they are, ask them for some help and advice! I was a tomboy for as long as I can remember but am slowly doing more "girly" things.. I still won't be like some of my friends, but I'm happy and think I don't need it. In my early 30s, and very happy with who I am now.

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