Jan 2012 02

For the past year you've never picked up on or entertained my advances on you
Then a couple weeks ago I admit that I like you but know it won't work out between us because of the distance and YOU agree that you like me too but know it won't work out because of the distance
THEN for the past few days you've been SERIOUSLY flirting with me and leading me to anticipate your visit on the 13th that you might make a move on me.
AND THEN LITERALLY OVERNIGHT you won't reply to my texts or hold a conversation with me.

I can deal with this rollercoaster if you're going through a rough time and feeling really stressed or depressed- but if that's not the case then you HAVE GOT to make up your f**king mind.

[by Anon on Tue January 3, 2012 05:50:47 am]
you know what? it's the thought of the challenge. They just like the challenge. When they see you loose interest it makes it more intersting for them.

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