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okay well really,im looking to tell someone how im feeling but then again i also want advice though.okay,im a person that puts others first and loves everyone,i dont know the meaning of hate.theres one guy,ill call him guy 1 and the other ill call guy 2.well in jan.2009,i started dating guy 1.hes the 1st guy i lost my virginity to willingly.hes the first i fully let in and trusted.then we try to runaway because we both dislike our lives.we get caught.we're banned from seeing each other.we see each other again.he gets mad n punches a hole in the wall of my house so my guardian says no more contact at all.but i stay persistant.we were kept secret.then he tells me that his friends have been telling he just needed to let go cause he wasnt going to get to see me again so he did,then he told me about stephanie,a girl he liked then,then they broke up with her and miraculously had a new hope that we would get to see each other then he told me that i was aggravating and annoying and i did nothing but get in the way and hold him back,then while im visiting my real parents he calls my house at midnight on my birthday.......i dnt kno if i should hold on or let go,the guy 2,i met a couple years ago,then we reconnected when i moved back to the south,then we started seeing each other and we started dating,then he broke up with me saying that dating wasnt the thing for him because he didnt like loving one person more than others,then he found out a lil later on that he contracted something from me by skin contact.now for some reason he wants me to be with him but hes afraid of what i have and hes trying not to tlk to me as much but i just dont understand,why cant ppl just be more like me,im told im weak for it but there shouldnt be such a thing as hate towards your fellow person,i mean i cant stand to let someon down or piss them off or let ba things happen to them and i wish someone else would have to same heart as me and just show me that when i show someone love that they will show me the same amount of care instead of taking it for granted and abusing it......why must human compassion be so difficult,please give me answers.......

[by Someone who's been there on Thu January 7, 2010 05:10:49 pm]
Sounds like these guys are a little young or at least in terms of maturity levels. Don't worry, you can and will find someone who does love you and shows you the same amount of care that you give out. And you shouldn't expect any less! Don't let someone else's insecurities (which result in them criticizing you and hurting you) get you down. You're better off without them.

[by Dirah on Thu January 7, 2010 10:15:23 pm]
It will take time to find the right person and weed out all the bad ones. I had many bad ones and spent 16 years with the worst of the worst of them because of his child I could not take with me legally. Through my sacrifice I made by staying, I now have his child I helped raise as "my" son, I am his mom since his bio mom left. It has been 30 years of looking and I can tell you that I have found the "perfect" man who treats me like a queen, respects me in every way, and we have not had 1 argument in 2 years. We are so much alike we know what the other person is going to do and say. You are young and it will take time to find him. My 3 boys are in their 20's now and treat their women very well because I expected them to do that. I told them if I ever hear them raising a hand to a woman I will personally beat their as* because she is a woman. I have never had to come to that point cause they have respect. You need to find a man a little older than you who is mature and has his path insight and knows what he wants. It is usually about 3 to 5 years older than you are that they are more mature. I wish you good luck. Don;t let their maturities bring you down. Next time you see them, tell them they are too immature for you and you are looking for a real man who will treat you like a real woman and you diverse to be treated this way. Don't lower your standards cause he is cute and says all the right things. Write down on a piece of paper the exact details of what you want in a man. Mine exact writing is as follows: Dark hair, brown eyes, tan skin,. He is a computer nerd type, that is kind with a quirky sense of humor and always willing to take time to teach me. He has had cancer in his life and is in recovery, may have had some bad acne in high school and perfect skin is not bad quality. I got this man and he is kind of a nerd a little, worked for the same company for 30 years as an IT computer manager and everything else I write down he has happened to his life. I will marry this man soon as he wants to do it. He has never been married or had children. I have the childred that are grown and they accept him and my grand children call him grandpa. He looks like Dean Kain that plays superman. I will figure out to post a picture of us for you. So if can happen to you if you ask the spirit to provide you with love, You have to weed out the bad first to get the flowers to grow.

[by Been there and so have my daughters on Fri January 8, 2010 11:28:32 pm]
Hang on darlin... Relationships do and will get easier and better! Lord know, the first one your heart falls in love with and you give yourself to whole heartedly, will always be special to you. But he is obviously not the one for you, forever. Keep the good memories and times in your heart and let go of the bad. I have been married to my husband now for 25 years. My first love, whom I lost my virginity to I dated for 4 years, just before my husband. He broke my heart by taking off with my best friend! You will live, and you will find that perfect, special man someday. You have a long time to stay with one person. Make sure hes the RIGHT one. As for guy 2, His accusations of contacting something "from skin contact" is fishy...especially since he is the one who didn't want to "love just one person more than others".. Thats a new one to me! He's a player, and now that he has something, he wants to blame the one person who will accept the accusation without question, and stay with him, and to top it off.. hes playing the "i dont want to catch anything else.. but... card!" Really? Grow up! Honey, let these guys go... you are worth so much more than that. You sound loving and caring.. don't waste it on boys who dont deserve it. The one thing I am glad all of my daughters got from me, was a strong mind when it comes to guys.. I told them all how badly I suffered when my boyfriend left me...how I didn't react to the signs.. I let him walk all over me.. sitting up crying all night wondering where he was.. believing the excuses.. etc. Every relationship has issues.. but if it starts out all issues... its not a relationship... its a "I don't want this" test. Keep looking... stay strong... and give your love to a MAN that deserves it someday... you'll know when he comes around... believe someone who found her soul mate in the last place I expected.... =)

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