Nov 2009 25

finding out who my friends really were this year. after becoming unemployed, people showed me their true colors and believe it or not, i consider it a blessing. i was shocked and surprised that i had been surrounded by so many fakers for so long. i'm grateful they revealed themselves at a time when i needed them most because it only made me work harder to persevere and get back on track.

i'm grateful for my family, my real friends and my new boyfriend, who all advised me to go back to school for my masters this spring semester because i'm going to do so and am really excited to go back to school.

i'm grateful for my unemployment checks! i've earned those checks by being a taxpayer since i was 16 years old and now, at 29, i'm reaping the benefits of all that work.

i'm grateful.

what are you grateful for?

[by hitsugaya lover on Mon November 30, 2009 03:18:42 pm]
for my friends. and for my brothers. oh, and definately my grandma lol.

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