Apr 2010 23

I HATE BEING THE OLDEST SIBLING AND HAVING TO BABYSIT A 13 YEAR OLD SISTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 it fricking sucks and its a friday night. i feel like she is old enought to stay alone but then i get called selfish whenever i want to do something and im a senior in high school and i get stuck at home doing this when i could be hanging out with friends during my senior year. i feel like such a loser :( and i love my sister and we get along great just wish that i didnt have to stay home from 2 pm- till all night on a friday :( so over this. just wait till i go to college my mom will fricken die without me . always complaining i dont do enough wait till i leave and you wont have any help good luck ingrate. i never get any credit for what i do i only get critized

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