Jul 2013 17

So basically I met someone online, through a computer game we played. We instantly hit it off and we even made trips to see each other and everything was going wonderfully.

I moved in with him at one point then had to move out due to other reasons.

We've been LDR for a while now.

He's also an epileptic with a 7 year old child.

Normally he'll pass out for about a week in continual seizures and such with sparse communication on those days and I'm ok with that.

However this past month was different. For about a month and a half I got no communication. At all. Whenever I'd hear from him it'd be one text about how he's doing horribly.

Finally, I got suspicious. I checked his e-mail. He had been buying games and registering for new accounts and things and I was heart broken.

I confronted him and broke up with him. But I tried to keep friends with him, which was dumb in my opinion.

He's been trying to pin this all on me. About how it's all my fault and he refuses to talk to me. I mean, he'll text me but he wont... Talk. And whenever we would he'd be super quiet and any time I talked he became an asshole and just... I don't know...

I'm not his mother, and I don't understand why I'm so upset about all of this.

I came to this website because I needed to vent. Because I have no friends. He was my only best friend, and friend in general. I've found in my time of need, no one to rely on. No one to text or call or to hang out with. I'm just so lost and I don't know what to do.

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