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I can't do anything right.. i screw up all relationships, i get with a girl and see my ex having a great time with her new friend and i get jealous. then i start to have second thoughts, then everything just goes downhill.. i know i may just be a teen but it SUCKS!!!, i also hate my father hes a jerk. i want to do stuff that my parents say no to.. and that just makes me pissed off even more.. i get really bad depression to the point where i punch stuff and kick stuff till my hands and feet are bare red. then i just break down and cry. i hate my life.. and no one can seem to fix it.. i cant say stuff like this on facebook without seeing people b*tch about it. so i need a person to vent to but there's no one :/

[by Anon on Fri December 23, 2011 11:47:34 pm]
AMEN! I can't write s**t on fbook or tumblr or twitter without getting people up my ass about it! I hate being stuck, either let me be an adult with full responsibility or let me be a kid and stop bitching about my "responsibilities"!

[by Anon on Sat December 31, 2011 12:03:17 am]

[by Anon on Sun January 29, 2012 01:28:54 pm]
to one of those anons that said about tumblr, well why in the world would you tell ppl on fb & your friends about tumblr? that's something that should have been avoided. Tumblr is a great place where many, many people are just like you and you don't even have to know them. Thats kinda the point of tumblr for a ton of people. Just make a new tumblr account and make sure no one in your real life knows about it. problem solved

[by Anon on Tue March 6, 2012 09:18:13 pm]
A really great person to talk to is a counselor at your school. I know it sounds kind of lame, and maybe even scary, but once you get to sitting in their office and finally say your first few words to them, it becomes a lot easier to talk to them, and it feels so much better knowing that somebody else knows what you're going through.

I went through some pretty scary stuff recently, and I was surprised when someone close to me told me to talk to my school's counselor and it actually worked. I told the same problem to one of my friend's, but talking to a counselor is so much more different (I actually cried in front of them, and went on to talk for two hours).

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