Nov 2010 16

im sick of wasting my breath trying to talk to someone who wont listen, yes i understand that the school ,that also calls us saying im truant whenever they are the ones that send me home because of a cough, marked me as absent did you ever stop to consider that i wasn't skipping its just that my teacher is to inconsiderate to call the attendance office after i walk in with a pass saying i had a good reason to be late which happened to be that i was helping a friend whose knee cap moved out of place and got on crutches that she borrowed from the health department during lunch get to her class without breaking her leg again because she nearly fell twice on the way over there. my class was right next door, i didn't miss anything i got all the notes and papers done not like it matters that idiot teacher wont do her job and actually teach she just throws up a power point gives us work and just gives everyone a 100 just for answering but nonetheless its apparently still my fault that she refuses to do her job and call the attendance office or do something other than play solitaire. why do i even waste my breath trying to explain things why should i talk if no one listens

[by Anon on Sun November 21, 2010 02:06:20 am]
Who is this person who's supposed the attendance office to explain your truancy? Is it your mom? Can someone else help you? Like an aunt or adult friend? Doesn't seem right that you should get blamed when you're trying your best.

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