Jun 2012 25

Hey so I have posted once before "WHY CAN'T I HELP HIM “so yea today I noticed I have urges like cuing or getting in very vilonte fights I have been a goodie two shoes in school the baby ECT. but other then that my b###h ex~step mum and everyone else says I am a bad kid I am horrbile my ex~step would tell me that before beating me sl how I am I sopose to fogive here.you know then my ex~stepbro raped me in fith grade he used to say be a good girl or me and my friends are going to a** fudge me and in first grade I was at my friends home her and her bro were having slumber parties and I woke up with a hand down my pants it was her bros friend he asked me if she was awake I had to get this off my cheesy even if u r all stranges but am I that weak to get touched unfairly twice ever since then I lift weights.i no I am not that pretty so y dose this happen my mom and, dad got divored when I was 3 an I am now 14 am I that bad of a person to be treated this way I can name countless times when my step siblings tried to kill me here's a few 1) my step sis retired to choke me in my sleep 2) my step bro telling me weed posion was juice ( i didnt question it cuz we always bought the cheep stuff ) 3) my step sis bit a chunck out of my bqck cuz I told my dad, she was playing whith her toys past bed time 4) my step bro shooting new with a compound bowhe sid I waz cuz I wohldnt geg out of his room but all the movies were in there
The one time telling on the they took a knife to my throat
So why is it wrong to cut its not like I am suicedal I go to a shrink thanks 2 my real mu its not working will you plz tell me wat I should do

[by Anon on Tue June 26, 2012 04:40:01 pm]
Wow, sounds like you shouldn't be living with your family for one. If you relaly want out of the situatino, I think you need to ask for help. Contact a school counselor, and let them know you're afraid to go home. You shoulnd't have to resort to hurting yuorself to not feel the pain that they're causing you. Get some help from people who can really help you. What is your shrink tleling you?

[by irongirl on Tue June 26, 2012 09:53:53 pm]
Thanks umm my dad just broke, it off with my stepmom so all her kids go I am now liveing whith my mom srink has me on anti~depresronts and thanks I appreate u not calling me a liar of a attontion secker thats what peopel say.when I tell them

[by Anon on Tue June 26, 2012 11:37:29 pm]
Oh man, sorry to hear that people have been calling you a liar. They obviously don't get the situation, and even if it's your step "family", some people just feel differently about the same situation than others. People always have an opinion on what they think you should be feeling, but it doesn't mean they even have a clue. I hope you can feel better and do better being at your mom's now. Good riddance of your step family.

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