Dec 2010 24

First he gets himself a samsung tablet for Christmas. Then he doesn't talk to me because he's too f**king busy playing with his tablet. Me, being a kind nice understanding girlfriend just leaves him alone, then he wants to play Halo. So I do with him and some guy finds out by my voice that I'm a chick. And he says to me "hey there's a chick on here. Suck my dick". I got harassed pike that in high school so forgive me if I stand up for myself when I say " f**k you bitch!!" his little brother who is 17 years old punches me and says don't swear!! I'm sorry but did I miss something? I just got sexually harassed. F**khead. Then my boyfriend decides to take his side and says ya don't swear infront of my brother. What an idiot. I do not want to date somebody that doesn't stick up for his girlfriend when some dude tells her to suck his dick. Needless to say he kept defending himself so I dumped him. I hope all girls will do that. Sexual harassment is a demeaning act. Dont let it happen no matter how small it is. But that's what I get for dating someone Mormon. Swearing is more important than sexual harassment. MERRY F**KING CHRISTMAS INDEED. At least I'm single now. :)

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