May 2014 13

Usually I'm ignorant of romantic or intimate attachment. Like I'm not a robot, I'm fine with emotional attachment. But young adults always immures themselves with romance, sex, and looking to settle down in the future. And I'm pretty oblivious to it all. Which is fine, I prefer not to have it consume my life and thoughts thinking about crushes and dating.

But, sometimes I slip.

Sometimes I'll get these moments where I'm like "I've never had a relationship before. What's wrong with me? Is something wrong with me? Do I need to change? What am I going to do with my life? Am I going to be alone forever? Will anyone want me?" All these questions start bombarding me and I feel like I'm becoming unhinged.

When I've calmed down these feelings subside and I remember that my worth isn't determined by me having a romantic partner. I mean, this isn't the 17th century where my only purpose was to get married and have children. I am my own person.

With that in mind, there are SO MANY more pressing issues I have to work on. Like deciding where to move, what to get a job in, if I should go back to school, if I should travel while I have the chance, get in shape so I can do the kick-ass things I want to do in life, etc. I mean, having a significant other is the LEAST of my issues- if it's even an issue AT ALL.

[by Anon on Tue May 13, 2014 07:26:40 pm]
That last paragraph is the most important paragraph you have ever typed in your life. That last paragraph, those issues. Those are your rocket ship. Everything else is an anchor dragging down in the ocean. If that last paragraph is what you want. DO it. Those are all solvable tangible problems. Those are what you should be focusing on. If you want a romantic relationship, work on that. But it seems to me like that last paragraph is filled with your passion. So do that. Scrape off your fail paint and DO THAT.

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