Nov 2009 05

can't you do it quietly? unintrusively? concentrate on walking and driving!!?? Even when people walking while on the cellfone can't walk straight!!!

[by Anon on Wed December 16, 2009 11:46:17 am]
Amen. It wouldn't be so bad, if they were quieter about it. I've heard fights with spouses, boy/girlfriends, credit card numbers being given out, and my real pet peeve about cell phones, some asswipe is eating lunch, usually in the company of some bimbo with 36D's and an IQ to match and trying to sound like he's King Shit giving loud orders to his workers, who are busting their humps out in the field while he's stuffing his fat face. I always hope one day one of these assholes starts choking on his food, and I'll just sit and watch.

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