Oct 2011 12

I have been looking for a job for over 4 months now and so many companies are giving jobs to people who already work there. Yeah I know they probably deserve it because they have the experience working with that company but what about people who have NO job at all who need to just have ONE? Wouldn't it be nicer if companies tried to get people off unemployment and hired NEW people to help out our economy??? WORKING PEOPLE DO NOT NEED JOBS! It's the people who do NOT have a job who needs the jobs!!!

[by Anon on Thu October 13, 2011 06:28:16 pm]
That's what Obama is trying to get into action - additional perks to companies who hire the unemployed vs. someone already employed (even at a different company). In the meanwhile, keep your hopes high bud, and keep trying.

[by Anon on Thu October 20, 2011 12:58:26 pm]
Sometimes the alternative for those who were re-assigned within the company is get shown the door and join the unemployed. Keep your hopes up and keep trying.

[by Martin on Wed November 16, 2011 06:37:36 pm]
Suggestion: Write your congress and senate and tell them to DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. We don't have enough food or housing for citizens, nor do we have enough jobs for our citizens, so we do NOT need illegal immigrants here in USA. The streets are crowded, the schools are crowded, the prisons are crowded,and the hospitals are crowded. Close the borders. Send all illegals back to their countries, and maybe then there will be jobs for Americans. It's a start in the right direction!!!!!

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