May 2010 23

life is s unpredictable..sometimes things go good sometimes bad but it alwaya semms to even out..there is a saying tht says if life gives u lemons make lemonade..well if life gives u toxens do u make a poisin?..wat makes life difficult? it the choices we make or is it that things will happen regardless?..have u ever ben like man that wouldnt have happened if i had have..but i think even if i had have did wat eva it stll would hace happened mybe just not at that relationships are they destained to make or break?..i kno from my on experiences that alot of things could have been avoided but that still doesnt say they wouldnt have happened any an a girl dated for about a year or so an for the most part had a nice loving relationship aside from the few arguements an it wasnt that they happened alot it just that when they did hapen they were major and took time to work out..i never really realied ow much in love i was until one day i saw her with another guy and having fun an it made me i wouldnt say jealous but i ws like see now that could be me yeah sure i wasnt the perfect guy but i was making alot better process an with her by my side i felt as though no one could stop me from becoming wat i had imagined in she was makin big moves also she has her head on straight an wat eva it is that she wants she workd hard to go get it an that attrated me to her more an did i lose out on some one taht i reall love o did she? thrws aome mean curve balls at u but it is up to u to adjust your swing to knock it out the will everything get better? i find my self asking the question why me? did i bring all this upon my self or was this just to happen to me? there anything i can do to fix all this that is a yes an no questinn i just have not figured out the answer makes u do crazy thing if its to another person family members pets or any ohter signifigent figure in your life an that same love will make u curse the same thing you lovee os much an it will amke u cry it will break u down till it fells like the whole wiehgt of the world is crahing down on wat can u do you just one man trying ti live your life..cant talk to other people cause they going through the exact same thing that you are so who can u turn u pray? yes tht always makes a difference yet u might not get the answe of at you are looking for..i love this girl i would give anything to be with her she is the love of my life an always will be i am so wraped up in her love that im lost an dont kno what to do? i sit back an wait for the guy she with now to slip up? or do i just move on?..the love that i have wont let me just walk away that easily cause i fight for wat i want an i dont just want her i nedd her but i cant keep waisting time an i said always that i wante her happy an if w want the person who could do that then as long as some could thats k with me an if ul ove some one let them go...but there is always something that just cant let me be through with this girl even though i really need to be...i kno that no one can love her the way i can wat can do? cause im lost in life in love an in everything in genreal

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