Jul 2011 27

Some best friend you are. I know you have a life. I know you have your family. I know you have this boyfriend of yours. I know you have worj but god dammit cant you and I just talk for once? You hang out with all of our high school friends...you started meeting new people but you cant even spend 30 mins on the phone with me? F**king lame. When you tell me to call you at a certain time and date I F**KING do it. Im never a minute late when I do.

Now we have this problem. You went and saw them and now I cant see the love of my life, because of you stupid actions and never thinking the full situation. So thank you best friend. Thank you so much. Sometimes, I just wish you had a brian. I just wish you actually pay attention instead of listening to people who tell you whats up with me. Maybe you should actually OPEN your EYES. Chances are I told them knowing they would f**king tell you. Make the f**king effort in our f**king relationship....cause I dont f**king know if we will ever have one left to salvage.

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