Jun 2012 02

I went over to my friends' house with other friends and one of them was just going on and on about how men are awful and I was just sitting there the entire time thinking," hey you, I'm here, I'm a guy, I love you. Everything you're complaining about I'd never do." but I'm in the friend zone. Still it was an alright night because at least I got to be around her, until I got home. The first thing my dad did was bitch me about taking the hdmi cable to another friends house and forgetting it there, because he wanted to watch a DVD for the first time all year. My dad's just a bastard. Yesterday he bought a new lawn mower and mowed the lawn and then had the audacity to come inside and ask why I didn't mow the lawn. Um hello? It's Friday afternoon, if you wanted the lawn mowed you should have told me to go low the damn lawn that's what everyother dad on the face of the planet does he doesn't mow the lawn and the go inside and bitch you out for by doing it.. I just realized that I don't like a single person in my family. My dads an a*****e my mom just gave up on me I guess, I think I'm just too different from everyone else in the family for her to care, my older and only sister a person that I should be able to trust completely a person that I should be able to confide stuff too is a snitch anything I tell her she tells our parents like it's some kind of joke shes 22 years old she shouldn't still be cbating me for our parents attention but that's what she does. It just came to me tonight that the person I love doesn't give me a chance and that the place where I should feel like I really and truly belong I don't.

[by Anon on Sat June 2, 2012 10:46:04 pm]
Sorry for all the typos it\'s from my IPod

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