Oct 2009 25

Hey, so I've been living in an appartment kinda like with 9 other students (dudes and chicks) for almost two years... One of them moved in 6 months ago, I knew him a little before... But I came to realise he is amazlingly cute and we get along quite well... We have quite some things in common and stuff... We flirt sometimes, at least that's what I think it is ;-) He often says things like "but dating a roomie is mad" and then I go like "well it's not that bad" or sometimes it goes just the oposite... So I think it's kinda a way to test me... And then he told me the other day when my cousin came "she's hot"... People said it was just to make me jalouse. I know he never had a relationship and I could be intimidating .... that's why I told him that I only made love to this one guy... The other day, we had a roomies night out, got all pretty drunk and the other ones tried to fix us up... and then he told one of them "I am not ready for a relationship with anyone right now" and also "I think it's too dangerous to date a roomie" But that night, we once lost the group and I said: don't loose me he hold my hand the whole time... What should I do?

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