Aug 2010 26

You acted like you liked me then you went away and got a girlfirend. You break up with her after dating at the end of the "year". (Lop em off 1 by 1, huh?) Then we meet again. I hear your whole conversation to your good friend about a girl you like and are thinking about asking out. Damn, did you really forget about the year we had together? Yeah, we never went out but clearly I liked you and you seemed like you liked me! You have your pick of girls (or GROUPIES) who would flock to be with you. And to think I actually thought that I was special ("your so special to me."--Yeah, right!) You use those same lines on all girls, I know. I hope she doesn't want you, I hope she cheats on you. And I hope you don't come to me anytime later for a rebound to use me!!

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