Jul 2011 01

My love,

It's been a month since we broke it off but here I am still breaking. I miss you. I know somewhere down the road you'll be coming back home to me. Sometimes, it takes sometime out on your own to find your way back and I truly believe that you will be back. I just wanted to tel you know that I miss you. That I love you. That I want you here with me like I always have these past 3 years but things just keep getting in our way. I will still keep on having faith that after all this time you and I will be together. Even if somehow you move on and don't wanna be with me, I swear love, I'll be happy for you. Though, I'll still be there and I'll never go away. Ill stay even if it does hurt me, Ill stay to be the fool who loved you so. To try to make your days better, brighter, lovelier. You know Ill always be that girl you can run to for anything Ill sacrifice anything to make you happy.

I love you babe, come home to me soon.


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