Apr 2012 05

"Don't care about looks." Are you kidding me?

Of course, I'm not really that vain. I'm just a teenager living in the 21st Century in a first world country.

If I don't look nice when I go to school, how else are people supposed to see me? I'm not "popular," so if I go to school in sweats and runners all the time, I'm pretty sure people will think I'm lazy (aka nobody really knows me).

I like to look well-groomed. I don't go shopping all the time though for the newest styles, I just wear what I have which is relatively nice things, and I like to wear flats.

Sorry they're not practical. I don't like to change shoes when I get to school, whatever.

Anyway, what I'm saying is.. to a certain extent, I care about how people view me physically.

PS I'm also pretty small. Like, 5' (female). And I don't have the sharpest features. When I go out in ill-fitting outfits and such, and without any makeup (I usually only wear mascara and blush) I can look like I'm 13 (I'm 17). And it's annoying, because people make fun of my height too. So I think dressing well is important to me because it makes me look more mature, I guess, and I can go out looking like my age, or even older.

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