Jul 2012 29

Okay, so I'm stressed out. My parents got divorced two years ago and it's still effecting me. I live with my grandparents and it's great and all but it's not my mom, you know? I've lost so many friends lately it's just like nothing ever goes right for me. I get made fun of on a regular day basis because I'm either "too skinny" or anorexic. I weigh 106 pounds. I know it wouldn't hurt to gain a few pounds but that's perfectly healthy. My mom is constantly yelling at me, even though I make good grades I've never been in trouble in my life but yet I'm still not good enough for her. No guys like me because I'm ugly, too tall, too skinny, and I'm bipolar. Oh, and on top of that I haven't seen my little sisters since summer started and that was in the middle of may. I miss them so much :( and don't get me started on my ex. We started going out last September but I've known him since fifth grade. I broke up with him in late January/ early February. I still wanted to be friends but he insists if we can't go out we can't be friends. We constantly argue and he acts like I don't exist for days on end. He doesnt realize how much it hurts my feelings. And he has cheated on my like 5 times but I still keep going back. I feel so stupid but no other guys talk to me so it's just like him or single forever with 50 cats. Sometimes it is so hard to try and stay positive. I just need some reassurance but all my friends do is criticize and make fun of me.

[by zach on Sun July 29, 2012 11:33:17 pm]
Listen hunny, Im 20, my parents are in the process of getting divorced, but its a good thing, my dad was and is very abusive verbally and physically, my dad cheated on my mom a while after my brother was born 5 years ago, I got brain cancer halfway through my senior year in highschool, my mother moved out to live with my dads sister last fall, because my father hit her, she lived there for 4 months, my 19 year old sister moved out to live with her abusive boyfriend around the same time, I was recovering from radiation and had to take care of my 5 year old brother, get up early to get him off to school, my dad worked 5 to 5 and drank beer 5 to 11 every night, during all this before I was a senior I picked up a bad drug addiction, my parents are no help, my dad got removed from the house a month ago and he lives with his sister, the same sister my mom lived with for a while, now my mom sister and brother live at my house and the place has gone to s**t, my mom has been sleeping with my dads brother, my whole family has fallen apart, Im cured of cancer, thats a plus, but my life is going no where basically. I can totally relate to how you feel, i lived in florida with my grandparents for a few months, got back the end of june, tried livin back home, then tried livin with my dad at my aunts, and it just seems like there is no one to talk to because everyone has so much drama of their own. Just keep your chin up, I dont know how old you are, or what you do, but just know that all the bulls**t in your life is only making you stronger and once you get on the right path and you meet someone new you will be so thankful and smart, people who have suffered become brilliant, you are always thinking, you ask yourself millions of questions a day, eventually youll teach yourself the meaning of life and you will find happiness, I will too, we just have to be patient. Trust me.

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