Jul 2011 05

My boyfriend of a 6 months and I broke up June 24th because I\'ve been deployed in the Air Force for most of our relationship. Funny thing is, he\'s a better boyfriend now that we\'re broken up than when we were together. I left my car for him to watch over (parked it on the military base) and he got mad when I asked him to check it (before breakup). Now he\'s checked on it twice in the last two weeks and said, \"Its got hail damage that I didn\'t notice before.\" F**king really?!?! How did you not notice when apparently no hail hit our base from that storm where there was 5 tornadoes back in May?

Additionally, since I\'ve been single, I\'ve had an ex.... friends with benefits trying to get back with me. He got out of the military last year after we\'d been doing it for about 6 weeks. Now, he wants to hang out even though he has a girlfriend. Apparently we\'re just friends but I\'m pretty sure that he\'s wanting more.

Additionally (yes there\'s lots of them), last night we were on the beach for the 4th of July (I\'m currently deployed) and there\'s been a maintenance guy who was hitting on me. He\'d told me he has a girlfriend in the past, but seemed really flaky about it. Like he wasn\'t sure what he wanted. We walked to the end of the beach and hung out. He told me that he would like to see what else was out there so that he would want what he already had, which to me says, \"I\'m lying to myself, and I want to run tests on you to prove to me that I want my girlfriend.\"

Really? Men need to get their s**t straight. Or maybe I do. I need to get my s**t straight and conducive to what my goals are. Then I can care for another person, but by not being honest with myself, I can\'t do it with other people.

So, like Beyonce said, \"I\'m through with it, through with it love. I\'m finally giving it up.\"

[by Anon on Wed July 6, 2011 09:09:15 pm]
That's not right for someone to break up with you when your out serving our country. Trust me you will find the right guy who will treat you right!

[by Anon on Wed July 13, 2011 03:33:23 pm]
hes not worth it! he sounds like a f**king dick. but don't give up. your find someone thats worth it all! and fair play for joining the RAF.

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