Feb 2012 26

What the flipping f*ck, b*tch?!
You want sex,right? Isn't that what any guy, especially a 20 year old virgin, would want too? Great!! Because I do too! HOWEVER I'm just asking that it NOT be a one night stand. That's ALL I'm freaking asking! It's not like you have anyone else around that wants to f*ck you.
Wouldn't it be better to have a little f*ck buddy like me then no one at all? I think so too!
So why the the hell are you acting like a sissy little b*tch?!?

[by Anon on Mon February 27, 2012 04:19:18 am]
He's loss for sure. Damn what boy wouldn't want a f**k buddy, no question asked??!!

He's stupid and will come back crawling.. he's loss. Take the high road do NOT give him any..or worse.. lead him on and say, "F**K you for thinking I'm not worth more than one nite! f**ker."

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