Oct 2010 28

The thing I hate most about this is that I sound like a p***y. For two years I've been single, by choice. I fool around with girls, but never really get involved because it's too messy. Homecoming night, my date, a girl that I've had a real thing for since the seventh grade kissed me. For two hours nonstop. It was f**king awesome. Now her phone is taken away for some reason, she wont talk to me, and just three days ago she was telling me how much she liked me. And I really really felt it. Now I'm f**king bummed, and I guess it's time I just start getting over her. Like before it becomes apparent she isn't interested. It sucks because I haven't REALLY liked someone in so long. But whatever. I'll live I guess.

[by Anon on Mon November 1, 2010 12:07:36 pm]
You no what suxs i broke up with my bf anf now im really upset becsause it was all because of my m***er so like i really hatw her now

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