May 2010 23

That's my tactful, very pissed off opening to this paragraph about exactly how f*cking angry i am.
So there's this boy who I like. Earlier that year though, we were talking and ended up having a horribly epic failure. He went on to date a guy who became a close friend of mine. Now, its near to the end of the year, and this close friend of mine tells me that the guy that i like wanted my number. So we began speaking (not talking per se, but speaking to each other. Now this goes really well for about a whole week, and then, today, this close friend of mine and i are talking on facebook. He says 'you really do like him, dont you?' and i explain that i do. After that, i realized why he asked me that, and asked my friend if he liked the guy who i also like. He says yes, but that the guy i like doesnt have any feelings for him, or at least, he doesnt think so. And now i feel completely betrayed. How is one person supposed to feel when a close friend who encourages you to do something, goes behind your back and does something like that? Its ridiculous, because this friend of mine is more suave, and has more experience with having boyfriends than i do, so i really dont stand a chance, and i feel like its unfair for him to do something like this to me! What am i supposed to do with something like this?! I really want to stay friends, but i really want to date this guy, and i just dont know what im supposed to say without f*cking everything up! I feel completely used and hurt, and i cant stand this! I am SO angry. How is this fair at ALL!?
I'd better stop here, im worried this will get too big.
Any advice appreciated.

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