Mar 2011 15

I'm not sure if this a test from God but I have a very bad father
first, he started living with my mom and I after he abandoned me for 14 years (from birth) he has been here for five years with us... I honestly thought that he was here for good and to be a father and a husband but instead he abuses my mother and I!
He calls us hoes and sluts! and so many sexist names! He treats us like we're scum!

If we ask him to leave he threatens us with his gangster friends and he said that he doesn't care if they ever kill me or my mother!
he said that he'll make us disappear!

We've called the police on him so many times and he puts on a act making us look like annoying whining women! They always let him go and they say that they need proof of his abuse!

I have no job to pay the rent! and run away with my mom!
he has us up to our neck with debt!!!

I want him to vanish of the face of the earth!

My mom is ill right now and she needs rest but all he does is put the music and t.v full blast smiling with a smirk!

He hasn't helped me at all with school supplies, my books, or college tuition at all!!!

He only sends money to his son who is in prison for murder
and his other son on the run!


I feel hopeless and useless!!!

I need help so bad

The five years he's been here have been the worst years of my life!!!


My grandmother defends him so much
his family is worst! the men of his family tell him that it's ok to beat women!

[by Anon on Wed March 16, 2011 11:04:35 am]
scum. utter scum. one day you should record him saying this horrible stuff and send it as the 'proof'. if he beats you or your mum then show the police your bruises proud and freely. I pray that things go alright with you and your mother

[by Torie on Sat March 19, 2011 09:34:24 pm]
I would not be able to put up with any of it. You and your mother are strong people.

[by Anon on Thu March 24, 2011 12:36:49 pm]
Had the same sort of father. Get out of his life and stay out; protect your sanity and your self esteem. This is not a person that you want to waste your time on. The only way you can help your mother is to be a strong, capable woman yourself and show her how much happier you are when you completely avoid these types of people. There are women's shelters in your area that can help you, and resources galore. You've just got to want it badly enough. Don't expect your mom to follow; you just get yourself into a safe, stable place and then maybe she will later. Do this for yourself, and then you'll be able to help your mom.

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