Dec 2009 31

i am a 20 year old man and this post is from the heart i dont care to express it anymore.

i used to think i was a goodlooking charming funny outgoing person everyone loves to be around ... it seems to me like i was blind when i thought that ...i dont know what the f*ck happened

i lost the love of my life over bullsh*t and i lost all my friends to college or the fact that they were never friends

no college for me i am sorry... i am a entertainer in the music category i play guitar and make my living that way ...

so lets cover the basics:i have no firends no girlfriend nobody to ever talk to about any of my problems ...i cant talk to my family because they just dont want to hear it.

i used to be beautiful i thought not anymore i guess no girls will give me a chance and i am getting the hint nobody likes me ... in highschool i was popular and everyone knew me soon as highschool ended so did my social life and apart of died that day ... all my friends left and forgot about me i see them all the time but they dont want to talk to me what happened? nothing they say ... i dont look good with my shirt off anymore and i dont want to get started on my teeth ... it sux i wish i could fix them but i cant no matter how hard i work out i am still not god enough to get the girl i want its not f*cking fair i am better than this i thought but everyday i have lived in the past 6 months has been in the category of reality check .... in the sense of wow you are actually discusting to even look at ... i text people all the time and they never text back or call back its like i make them uncomfortable just texting how can that be i am the nicest guy ever why is this happening to me my only friend as of late is my dog lance i have three dogs but he is the nly one that will ever come to me and lay down or play ... te other ones think i am to ugly like everne else i guess ... i tryed like a dumbass to try and date but of course iwas rejected immediatly it sux and i wish my life on nobody i used to think of myself as a good guy who had a great life ahead now i am just counting the days till i can start over as a god looking well shaped guy im not obese or anything just have a little tiny belly but thats not good enough for girls at all now days . i am a nice guy why is tis happening i hate smiling now and i used to smile all the time pleae somebody put a f*cking bullet in my head to tak this miserable life away my family took off for new years and i am here alone but i have lance he would never leave me like all the others have i want my old lif back butt it seems its too late .. there is no worse feeling than being alone i hope someone out there will read this and understand that i would give anything just to be wanted just to be thought about on a random moment happy new year everyone i love yall no matter what i am just being ripped apart everyday soon there will be no more pain just peace.... heres to 2010 may it be quick and painless ...lance i hope i meet you again sometim buddy your my boy and i love you with every piece f my broken heart

[by my name is worthless on Thu December 31, 2009 05:15:38 pm]
sorry about all of the typoes i was crying my eyes out writing this :(

[by That Guy on Sat January 2, 2010 01:30:07 am]
Dude i feel the same way. i used to have plenty of girlfriends and friends but now it seems no one has interest in me ...... "so lets cover the basics:i have no firends no girlfriend nobody to ever talk to about any of my problems i cant talk to my family because they just dont want to hear it." this quote is also right on the money. but the only aspect we are not alone on is that there are more people that just us going through this struggle. this might be out of line but i started smoking pot and my life has improved a HUGE amount. Im always happy and my social group has increased with people that just know how to sit back and chill. marijuana will improve all aspects of your life. if u dont believe me do some research. absolutely zero..ZERO negative side affects to marijuana.

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