Jan 2012 05

OMF I absolutely HATE my boyfriends' past. I'm his first girlfriend and he's only kissed a few girls in his life (and has done nothing more than kissing, except for me). I only know one girl that he has kissed but i cant f**king stand her. She's from the town I grew up in and no one was ever nice to me, including her. Sometimes I get an image of him and her together and I get so damn raged it's unbelieveable (like right now, for instance). If it were up to me, I wouldnt want him having any contact with anyone from around here because they're all a*****es and i dont want my boyfriend around those types of people but he doesnt really talk to anyone anway, just occasional chats. but it still bothers the s**t out of me. I'm ready to tell someone off, i really am. can someone please please please help me>? im so tired of thinking these thoughts and theres gotta be something i can do or take to get rid of it. i f**king hate myself right now.

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