Dec 2009 16

Well, tomorrow, in my town, is the last day of school before the Christmas break. A Thursday, and not even an entire day. Why not Friday, like I used to get, and an entire Friday at that. And, then, the kids don't have to go back until the first Wednesday in January. The middle of the frickin' week, not a Monday. And then, in February, a week off for President's Day, a "Winter Break", so some of the yuppie scum can take their brats to go skiing among other things.

Why does this bug the hell out of me? Because a lot of kids in my town aren't that damn bright, and don't seem to get with the program. And, honestly, a lot of them make my ass tired with the crap they pull when they aren't in school.

Hey, if you want your brat to grow up unschooled and unemployable, that's your lookout, not mine. Just keep him the hell out of my yard until he goes off to...prison.

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