Dec 2012 13

The last four years of hisghschool I've done pretty terrible. I've barely passed all of my classes. This year I'm doing way better I have mostly A's, I have 4 A's and 3 B's. That's pretty damn good if I may say so. No one else seems to think so my parents my friends, my teachers, are all freaking the f**k out acting like I'm failing everything like I have for the past four years. They're all SO worried about my B's that they're not excited about my A's. It makes me feel like s**t. I'm actually trying this year and I'm actually doing well, but that's not f**king good enough? 3 B's is just unacceptable apparently. I'll get them up I swear to god but like seriously it's not a big deal calm down. My only goal is to graduate and to get the hell out of this town, if that means I graduate with B's then I graduate with B's, I'm fine with that so why can't you be fine with that? It really isn't that big of a deal. I'm just frustrated because I'm different this year and it's apparent I'm different this year but everyone's still treating me the same.

[by Anon on Mon December 17, 2012 03:28:12 pm]
Don't worry too much about that. Sounds like you're still in high school (hence, the getting out of town) and you'll find out in college, grades don't matter in HS as much as they do in college. Then when you graduate from college, you'll realize the same thing after you start working. BUT that being said, good grades do help you get into the school you want (not necessarily the best school since that might not be what you want) and help you get the job you want (again, not necessarily the more prestigious since that might not be what you want). Make sure you're well-rounded (activities, groups, etc) and you'll do fine. But seek help if you need it.. there's nothing wrong with getting help when it's offered. Especially since you may live through a period where you can't get the help you need (college can be tough).

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