Aug 2009 08

I am sorry! I love working with my ADAF peeps but the ones I am now stuck with NOW, SUCKS!!! I work with this one MAJOR and all he does is bitch and moan and pushes his rank around! LAZY ASS, now I know why our Colonel doesn't want to reccomend you for any new job!!!!! YOU SUCK AS A LEADER!!! I have 1 SSgt who needs to get laid or seems to be on the rag 24/7!! I HATE the AD Reservist who works with us because she thinks she is the sh*t and guess what, you aint AGR or EVEN A FULL TIME Reservist so what died and made you Queen of our FLIGHT? That one civillian in our Flight, all she does is BACKSTAB you, bitch please!!!!!! I am sooo tempted to post a picture but that would be too humiliating for them and then it will bite me in the ass! I am so glad to be working for the ARMY, even if it is temporary.

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