Oct 2011 11

Yep, the state of Wisconsin's unemployment workforce development program is the WORST in the nation! Completely unsympathetic, jerky, sarcastic workers who do not give a rat's ass about decent people in desperate situations through no fault of their own! I swear if I had the power, ALL of those people working for our state's unemployment division would be thrown in the unemployment line so that they knew how it felt! I've been waiting for over a month for them to settle my claim that was only suppose to take up to 3 weeks and the ass who has it has everything he needs he just wants to play God and decide when HE wants us to get our payments back. No wonder a state's unemployment division has so many jokes told about it - they are all TRUE! Bad workers who do not care and who work as little as they can to get by! REMEMBER UNEMPLOYMENT EMPLOYEES - KARMA'S A BITCH!!!

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