Oct 2013 14

I'm tired of doing sweet things for girls that I like an them not even acknowledge it. Ok so they don't like me that's fine I'm not here to bitch about being in the friend zone some girls won't like me. That's cool but you could at least say thank you. And please just follow through with stuff. You said you'd write me a letter, I know you're busy, but it's been months and I'd just really like my letter. Literally just anything. You could write that you hate me now and that would be enough. I just really want someone, ANYONE really to care about me like I care about them. I'm tired of breaking my back to show every girl that I've ever had a crush on that I care about them only to get hurt when they treat it like its their right and that I didn't put everything I had into it.

[by Anon on Mon October 21, 2013 11:41:19 pm]
i feel you on that one100%
i\'m a girl, and i feel like i\'m way too nice to people sometimes. Not only to guys, but also my friends. Like I\'ll do something and I won\'t even get a freaking thank you. I feel like people walk all over me. I feel so unloved lol. But I completely understand where you\'re coming from. It\'s like no cares about you, and it\'s a horrible feeling really.

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