Jan 2010 14

Everyone at work thinks he's cute and halarious. He plays Mr. Niceguy Sensitive at work but he's way different from that at home. Yes, you hear right, this dummy is my room mate as well and I'm a bigger dummy for letting myself be in this situation in the first place.
I was a sucker and believed his act from work. Moving in with this dude has to be one of my biggest regrets. This guy never cleans up after himself at home leaving all his dishes in the sink and denies any of it is his. He leaves his belongings all in the hallway as-if it is an extension of his room. His dirty socks are left on the couch. He leaves his workout gear on the stairway railings. Also, he never cleans up. He makes a mess in the bathroom and and always throws his dirty clothes and towels on top of my clean towels. When he takes a shower he never rinses the foam his body wash creates leaving all the film and grime on the shower walls. OH yeah, when his friends come over and drink,he takes his time to even take his bottles out for recycling.
When we get to work...everyone loves joking with him treating him like he's some baby or something like everything he does is so cute and funny. It's annoying I tell ya. What I hate most is how he tries to make all these jokes about issues and beliefs that I hold strongly. Work sucks and this guys makes it worse. I've tried checking in with him on several occasions and there seems to be no improvement. Now he is asking for his share of the rent to be lowered. What a punk ass! He has very similar cleanliness issues at work as he does at home but NO ONE seems to notice or they let him do so.

How do I deal with this?

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