Nov 2009 05

Ugh! Why must you drive so freaking slow and in the left lane? And why aren't you following the California cell phone laws? Do you think it only applies to everyone else? It's like wearing your seatbelt. It applies to EVERYONE for your SAFETY. It's not optional! The majority of women shouldn't be able to drive.

[by Anon on Wed October 13, 2010 05:26:32 pm]
you would like my m***er every time we get in the car she starts screaming "get off your phone moron, its called a turn signal dumb a**, quit texting and drive you inconsiderate prick, go the dam* speed limit a**hole, you see that light up there that means stop" and those are just her favorites, you would think that the police officers would do their job and ticket people for that but they don't thats half the reason there are so many wrecks

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