Oct 2009 16

to the woman who stopped to help the red Honda that crashed n/b 85 s/o Almaden in the #1 lane. you were in a volvo suv in the #2 lane. It happened right next to you!! wow you were on it girl!! on the phone within seconds to, no doubt, 911. problem is,bitch, you stopped your f*cking car in the middle of the #2 lane and got out of your car!!!! what the F*CK were you thinking!I bet you thought you were you were going to get a merit badge! well the only merit badge you deserve is a kick in the ass with some pointed cowboy boots! you dumb ass! what you did accomplish was to back up everything south of you for several miles and for at least 15 minutes. Its stupid people like you that think they are helping that get killed when someone else hits you. I wanted so bad to pull over and punch you in the face, you ignorant stuck up bitch. i'll bet that was the topic at the water cooler this morning, how you witnessed the wreck and saved the day by calling 911. there are 2 problems with that. first, there were probably 50 other morons that were calling in the same wreck, and 2nd the people you are bragging to at the water cooler are probably the same poor bastards that were behind you when you made the stupid lame ass decision to stop where you did ! they probably listened to your bullsh*t story and went right into the bathroom and started punching walls. in the slim hope that you do read this let me give you some advise. if this ever happens again the first thing you do is thank God you weren't involved. the next thing you do is F*CKING DRIVE AWAY!!! get it? don't stop to help. don't stop to call 911, because you can bet your spoiled little, think I'm hot sh*t little ass, that 50 people are already on the phone jamming up the 911 lines. remember too that the f*cking idiot who rear ended the car in front of him was probably an uninsured illegal alien. so save the thousands of motorist behind you (did you know that there are cars behind you?) and the next time it happens keep going. next time I see you out being the director of activities that you think you are, I WILL stop and punch you in the face!!! you might be one of those people who could really benefit from public transportation. think about it! remember its not about you!! this is my dream and you are f*cking it up.

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