Jul 2011 17

Ok so I'm in summer school and there's this guy in my class who just hates me for no reason and likes to make summer school a complete hell for me. On the internet there was this guy who said all kinds of s**t to me and not gonna lie it hurt. Well it turns out it's the same guy and it sucks! Ugh I don't even know what I did to him to make me hate me so much.

[by Anon on Sun July 17, 2011 10:59:59 pm]
Don't confront him about it. That's just fueling what fire is up his butt.

Find out more about him by simply introducing yourself. Come across very friendly.. NOT flirting but just 'hi' it's going to make him feel like s**t after that.

But whatever you do.. don't fuel the flame.. unfortunately you can't do anything about him posting about you but you can sure make him feel like crap if you can come across friendly to him.

all stupid boys want is attention... that's all... just like when a boy pulls on a girl's hair to get her attention.. oddly he's thinking she's going to like me after this..wtf. unfortunately they never seem to grow up or learn.. at least until they're 30 :)

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