Oct 2009 21

I'm giving up a friendship with someone. It's not like I have many friends and can afford to lose one. I find this person annoying. I used to think there was potential because he's creative, shy, kind, and intelligent. But he's also delusional, never taking responsibility for his actions. We're politically out of sync. He believes the world owes him a living, and even though I've steered him toward employment that suits his talents and would bring him a good living, he blows the interviews, even though he is perfectly capable of handling the job. He never has money or a car, and feels like a victim. I used to pay for him, and when I stopped, he started asking me to pay for him and loan him money, which I know I will not likely see again. He saps my strength. I have stopped answering his emails and phone calls... I'm so tired. I am pretty sure he can't figure out why I don't want to hang around with him. When I brought up the issues about money, jobs, etc., he has exploded and accused me of being petty and superficial. I know I'm not as liberal as he is. He gives me a hard time about that. I don't give him a hard time about not being as conservative as I am. I'm not actually conservative though, I'm middle of the road politically, and basically a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Kind of libertarian. I'm leaning toward Obama, but not sure yet. I feel badly. I need to talk to someone about this. Perhaps I should seek therapy?

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