Aug 2010 19

Relationships are soooo stupid. someone ALWAYS ends up getting hurt in the end.and it is most likely going to be YOU!

Im in a relationship were i just recently realized after years of worthless frustration that I gave up my power and the control over my emotions a LONG time ago. No matter wat i say or do it's never right, and i find myself always getting mad over him, fawning over him, or wanting to STRANGLE him! I don't remember when i started letting him dictate my happiness. I spent half my high school life depending on the condition of our relationship at the moment whether or not i should be happy. And going off to college, I REFUSE to allow me to do that to myself again. He makes me SO angry. I have to listen to my own feelings cuz he doesn't wana deal with him, i have to call, i have to text, I even have to ask my own self to come see him. How stupid is that!? How stupid am i???

I know one thing. I should have never allowed myself to get in this deep. And i have resolved that the solution to not having problems everyday, is to NOT...i repeat...DO NOT get a boyfriend!

Mad as Hell

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