Mar 2010 24

dear ex,
go f*ck yourself. stop spreading sh*t about me, stop stealing all my friends, and grow some damn balls. your such a little bitch and when i see you everyday it makes me absolutely sick. F*CK YOU for talking sh*t. f*ck you for being rude. f*ck you for being a constant a**hole. f*ck you for being so short i couldn't wear heels to parties. F*CK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU CAME IN ON

[by Anon on Fri April 2, 2010 03:57:01 pm]
who cares. Once you get to college, you get to re-choose the path you want to be on. You're able to change everything there is about yourself and become exactly who you want to be. You will forget every one of those assholes, as they will forget about you. Then when the highschool reunion happens 20 years from now, you'll still be hott and successful...and every one of those pricks will be fat and ugly and going NO WHERE in life.

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