Apr 2010 05

i found out the job i was excited about is a scam, so now i'm back to square one: unemployeed and broke. my checking account is over drawn. my on-again-off-again-boyfriend has shut down communications for good, and to top it off, the one friend i have near by doesn't really want to spend time with me. i suck. i bring everyone around me down and this is the WORST birth day ever.

[by Anon on Thu April 8, 2010 02:41:24 pm]
Oh man, that bites. But don't fret. Birthday's are just another day of the year. No real meaning. Go out and enjoy a park, a library, read magazines at a bookstore. Hang out at a coffee shop. Maybe you'll meet someone new you can strike up a conversation with. You don't need people in your life that don't want to hang out with you.

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