Jul 2010 27

I always seems to attract residue scrapped from a dumpster.

I finally met a guy I liked, however being that I've been stepped on and treated like sh*t in my past two relationships I decided to take my time in this one and not let him into my life immediately to avoid being hurt.

Finally I let him in and
low and behold he quits calling / texting for no apparent reason. He won't respond to my texts and by all appearances I never existed.

F*ck you. I hope you fall madly in love one day only to have her squash your feelings by sleeping with your best friend.

How f*cking hard is it to just be honest and tell someone you're not interested?
Give the other person some type of closure so they can move on without being jaded towards the opposite sex for the rest of their lives.

[by Yikes on Wed July 28, 2010 08:16:32 pm]
k - don't be discouraged! This guy was a loser. Someone so low and shallow that he can't be upfront and honest with you. All in all, you dodged a bullet.

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