Jun 2010 16

A girl born in the safest town of the U.S. There is nothing to do in this dumb town and yet my parents still believe that i will manage to get drunk and high and party all night long. Therefore, they feel the need to question every little thing, call me every hour, and put restrictions up the max. My phone shuts off after 12am. Doestn turn on until 7am. They need to know exactly where i am at all times, who is tehre with me, who is driving, etc. As if im going to a bar or a club in this dinky town? Im only 16 - yeah year of partying and stupidity? Not for me. I know not to drink or smoke or any of that. Guess what parents i smoke BECAUSE of you. You stress me so out i want to yell at you guys. Just cause i go to sleep over my friends house doesnt mean im going to be out all night. In fact, my friends are boring! They dont want to go out! EVER! Now youer making me choose between going out for a couple hours then sleeping home or sleeping over their house and doing NOTHING? reallly?! Its going to be awesome when i end up f*cking my life up cause il be in college AWAY from you guys and al the f*cking restrictions that il be partying every night because ive never had a taste of it. So way to go. Youve f*cked me up. Oh yeah btw i love how none of this sh*t happened until i told you i was gay. Thank you oh so much best parents ever 2010 right here.

F*ck you.

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