Nov 2009 05

you're my sister. i should love you like normal people..but i dont. i cant. mom always compares us. you're the 17 year old beauty who was premature and whenever you get angry we have to deal with it. you always get your way. you always get to go out until 3 in the morning. you always get to make up excuses. and you dont even have good grades. they're AVERAGE. oh wow, you're a cheerleader. Big F*ckin Deal. i'm in track because your dumb ass competition you started. ha! but i have to be the one who HAS to get the 4.0 GPA. i have to be the one who deals with mom. i have to be the smaller one. i'm always the one who takes your manipulative sh*t. you smoke pot, you drink, you party, mom even knows your friends aren't good influences. what does she do? nothing. i have best friends that dont even do that stuff unless i lead them to. thats horrible huh? yeah. but i do one little thing wrong and there it goes. mom takes it out on me by grounding me and isolating me from the rest of the world with no communication. what do i do? go through it. you dont even have to go through half the stuff i do and im no even 1/4 as bad as you. the weird thing is...i'm just like the rest of our sisters. you're the oddball. you're thick, we're thin. the fact that you're the tallest by less than one inch still sets you out. you have big boobs, we're not C's. but i just hate the fact that mom loves you so much. if she only knew...

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