Sep 2013 28

Last night one of my guy friends came over to watch a movie with me. Unexpectedly he started cuddling with me and at some point there was spooning involved. I didn't know what this meant but it got to one point where I really wanted him to just get on top of me and get inside me (I got really wet).

I haven't had sex before and I've been really horny for a while now cause of this I'm 19). I don't know if I wanted it from him last night or anyone in general. I just want to get laid.

[by Sorry I wasnt a Virgin for my someone special on Sat September 28, 2013 10:59:15 pm]
Don't do it. Just do yourself for now. Save yourself for someone special. It makes a world of difference to that someone that you held out the most important thing only you can give. Trust me.

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