Nov 2009 05

you live with your ex g/f and her parents and your kid because you have nowhere else to go. understandable. but does that BITCH have to be texting all the time while i'm trying to spend time with you? someone is always texting you. someone is always calling you. i want to smash your f*cking iphone into pieces because i'm so tired of hearing it beeping and i'm so sick of your gay little nickelback ringtone. i hate how i feel nonexistent when i have to go to someone's b-day party with you. you give more attention to your ex than you give me. this relationship is wearing me out. you never start conversations with me. if i didn't talk to you first, there would be no talking at all. our relationship is based off of sex. one day, i'm gonna be bored with that and then what? there's nothing else for us to do. that's what. but it's all good. i'll just keep being the submissive, unconfrontational g/f. you can walk all over me. you can see the pain on my face everytime she texts and ignore it. go on f*cker, keep breaking my heart. not only will you lose the perfect g/f, but i'll have another man asap and you'll wish you acted like you cared. you know what?... it's pretty bad when other guys are saying things to me that only you should be saying to me. but i'm your good girl, i fend them off. i keep trying to figure you out. you say you feel the same way about me that i feel about you, but you don't show it. either you have a wall up or you really don't care about this relationship at all. i wish i really knew how you feel.

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