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I've come to realize that I hate what I'm doing in school and what I'm majoring in. Like I understand it's one thing to be exhausted with what you're doing or to lose joy in it- but at least there is usually always a sense of pride when you do something right or get a good grade, etc.
I've apparently lost that sense of pride. My major is Graphic Design and a few months ago my class had an assignment to make a promotional poster for a client on campus. From all our posters (about 60 people, so 60 posters.) one will be chosen and used to advertise the event.
Long story short, my poster was chosen. Even after a bunch of email difficulties and miscommunication- they liked my poster best.
This should be a big moment for an undergrad GD major! And while I felt a bit excited that someone appreciates what I created for them- it was only that.
This whole thing was a few months ago and the event itself has come and gone and I realized that I only ever told ONE person about my success and that was only because she was with me the first time I saw my poster on a wall. It wasn't until a classmate was like
"Huh, no one ever told us whose poster design was chosen. Who do you think it was?"
"...Oh. Uh, that would have been me."
I never put anything on facebook
I never texted any friends/classmates
I didn't even tell my mother
I never felt ANY sense of achievement in what I did despite that out of 60 people, I got the resume builder.
Why am I working so hard on something that I find no joy in?
The worst part of all this is that I'm graduating in a couple months. It's a little late to change my major unless I wanted to go back to school.

I always felt like my professional life was figured out. I knew where I was headed and had a general idea of what I wanted to do- but now I don't. I'm not going to continue persuing this graphic design career if I can't even feel acomplished when I 'm rewarded.
Im stuck. I don't know what to do. I feel lost. I need something new.

[by Anon on Mon April 22, 2013 03:20:11 am]
That's OK if you don't like what you studied in school. Most people don't. I studied computer engineering and got a degree in it. Of my class, probably 50% of the students went on to something engineering-related, the others did something totally different. Some went on to pursue another degree is something different to combine both skills (e.g. business, law, even medicine) and some completely chose a different field. At least 5% of students went on to become CPAs (weird, but sort of related with all the math). I myself, do NOTHING that I learned in school and learned everything on-the-job. These days most people do. So if you get a job, I'd say just enjoy the experience and hopefully the paycheck until you find what you want to do. Even while you're working, you might find opportunities at your work that are more interesting than graphic design. I had a friend who got a BA and MFA in graphic design, and went on to become a producer at a news website. So don't worry, your degree doesn't define you. It just gets you a ticket into the next phase of your life.

[by Tiour on Tue August 27, 2013 09:19:14 pm]
Hello there,I feel as a person that came from a non-union faimly that I provide another perspective on the matter. Of course we have to change ourselves for the place we live in. That’s what I have found about being in Japan. More often than not people are cut for a percentage for the shareholders and such. I have been a resident here for quite a while and in that time I have seen a lot of people come and go. A lot of people came with bright hopes, just to be wrongfully treated by the company they came to work at. I support BEGUNTO for the following reasons as well as many others…They always put our best interests at heart and that is shown by the rejections that would have seen a base-up for teachers on 35/40 and older contracts but not newer ones, as well as not accepting non financial concessions that may have been beneficial to only a select few.There have been examples of wrongful dismissals or just flat out non renewals on contracts which BEGUNTO helped to fight back. Without BEGUNTO those people would have had nowhere to turn.Our Berlitz Union gives us access to basic rights to labor laws that we are just expected not to know because we are foreigners and could be taken advantage that way. Remember, that BEGUNTO is a non-profit organization, where people put in a lot of free time to help members as well as to help and answer questions for those that seek or need advice. Some of these members put in absolutely crazy hours. They do it voluntarily because they believe in it, not because they are paid.I would like to say that I like working here but I didn’t like to see the managers and head teachers get all of the money when bonus time came. It isn’t fair and it should not be the way the company continues to do business especially while being in a very strong financial situation. Remember, only three years before, our salary was frozen when they didn’t hit a final thought, I have seen people comparing Berlitz contracts to full time contracts. I would take a full time contract if they offered it to instructors but they don’t anymore. There are more benefits and you are more recognized by the law. Also, I think it’s a bit unfair to take one lesson as 40 mins of work. What I mean is if a person came in for 6 lessons and teaches 6 x 40mins per class, plus the 5 mins in between is another 25mins and the 30 mins of prep time before, that works out to about 5 hours but Berlitz calls it 4. I’m not saying it’s wrong but it isn’t right either. I would say your average teacher puts in a good hour a day of extra running around any way you look at it.Anyways, these are just some of my thoughts and I think the Union is doing the right thing.

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