Jun 2011 24

So I have this friend boy and we\'ve been friends for awhile and I care for him more than I should like seriously. He\'s a star football player for his school and hes just soo much fun to be around and I honestly love him and don\'t mind being here for whenever he needs me. If he needs shoes, I\'d buy them. If he needed comforting, he knew I was here. If he was cripple and needed me to take full care of him, my dumb ass would do it with no question asked, no money involved. hell! if he needed money, I\'d do everything I can to get him that money! I basicially wipe his ass and honestly I\'m okay with that if only he\'d do the same for me...I notice today that, he doesn\'t love, care, and have my back as much as I have his and it bothers me soo much and at this point I just wanna throw in the towel and say F**K IT! :(
I stress and worry myself not for me but for him and it f**ked me up to know he wouldn\'t even do half the stuff I\'d do for him...F**K LIFE!!!!!

[by Rosie on Sat August 27, 2011 07:19:07 am]
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