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What do you do when you don\'t want to be in your relationship, but your boyfriend is everyone\'s idea of perfect and has done nothing wrong? When talking to him is a burden and kissing him feels forced, but you talk to your ex with such ease all day because he understands you like no other? When you can\'t tell your boyfriend anything because he rarely listens to the words coming out of your mouth, but you don\'t even have to say a word to you ex boyfriend for him to know what you mean? When your ex boyfriend is your closest friend and laughs at how your current boyfriend does not know you at all? When your boyfriend does things like ask you out to home coming in front of the entire school when you said you didn\'t want to go and that you hate being the center of attention? When your ex boyfriend knows you would\'ve been ecstatic about a movie date and froyo. When you wish you and your ex would\'ve worked out, but know the past is done and that you should just cherish this friendship like no other.

[by Anon on Mon October 7, 2013 04:18:34 pm]
Sounds like the solution is simple although it may be difficult to implement. You obviously don't want to be with your current boyfriend anymore, so finding the right way to break up is the only option. I was with someone with 4 years that all my friends liked (my family on the other hand not so much since they knew how "crazy" his family was). It was hard to do, but I eventually ended things over the phone (we were states apart which made it a tad easier, probably on both of us). My friends were sad and even upset with me but they were all happy for me in the end. Years later, I wish I did it a little earlier. But I'm so glad I did it eventually since I'm so much better for it now. For his sake though, wait a few weeks at least before telling anyone you're back with your ex (if that's the plan).

[by WhoCares on Wed November 6, 2013 01:33:28 pm]
Forcing your all into a relationship you don't want is not something you want to do, anon. If your friends think he is so angelic, whoop-de-doo for them. They can have him. But you are the one in the relationship, therefore you have the right to end it or keep going. Think of it as the 27th amendment or something.

If your ex boyfriend is looking like he was sent from above compared to your current one, the love is already gone.

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