Oct 2012 26

Oh, I wish I was a dog, and Barack Hussein Obama was a tree.
(I can bark like a dog, and I look like a fat dog, so I might as well act entirely like a dog.)

[by Anon on Sun November 4, 2012 01:47:18 am]

[by Maureen on Sat September 13, 2014 05:44:58 pm]
Is your nutsy mother still in a crazy house, uncompetent pudgy Joey Battaglia?

[by Anon on Sat December 13, 2014 08:57:36 pm]
Stay Off MY Property...December 7, 2014
Leander Eric Windley, Principal
I.S. 318
101 Walton Street
Brooklyn NY 11206-4311

You must learn to appreciate the fact that MY driveway is not your driveway—unless you are prepared to shovel snow away from it when needed. That’s absurd, yes?

You were wrong to park your car in your driveway on Sunday, 12/7, awaiting a delivered appliance that had to go into your garage. It was ultimately moved/handled from MY driveway, because you blocked your driveway with your car. There was, however, plenty of on-street parking at the time, for you to have parked your car there.

How thoughtless of you not to have considered my feelings. You could have avoided a shouting match between us if you had thought beforehand of the consequences. Stay on your property. I’ve said that before when your daughters shot baskets and the ball has, in the past, dented my metal garage door.

I thought that unpleasant experience would be the end of confrontational words between us, but you once again were inattentive to your neighbor’s wishes: stay off my property.

Okay, so you phoned the police. Big deal! I simply told them the truth. You should not have parked your car in your driveway, Leander Eric Windley, knowing the deliverymen would have to haul the big box onto my property to get to your garage.

Case closed.

[by A neighbor on Sun February 1, 2015 07:37:17 pm]
Again I ask: Is your nutsy mother still in a mental institution / crazy house, uncompetent pudgy Joey Battaglia of Howard Beach, NY? You were, and always will be, a CONTRACTOR FROM HELL because you are so unskilled.
Damn, you didn't even make correct right angles when cutting Formica for the kitchen counter, fat @sshole. You're a careless worker who didn't fill in the nail holes when you put new baseboards in my dinette. You are pathetic, pudgy Joey.

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