Dec 2008 12

people who feel the need to fill there water bottles up from the water fountain when theres like six people waiting to get a sip of water. when short dudes with napoleon complex think they need to drink out of the higher water fountain so the bigger taller guys have to bend over all crazy to drink from the shorter fountain. when stupid guys and girls get all dressed up and perfumed up to go to the gym. nothing smells worse then perfume and body odor mixed together. this doesnt mean to go to the gym after not showering for a week. i dont want to smell you coming and i dont want to be able to smell you standing next to you. old men playing racket ball with fifteen sweat bands strategically placed on there body. i only mention this because they always destroy me when i play them. maybe i need the sweat bands... guys who just work out there upper body and completely ignore there legs. you look like a gorilla with flamingo legs. firefighters that come into the gym OFF-DUTY in there work shirts. you arent cool. work issued PT shorts are fine. coming in on duty to the gym if its in your first due area is fine. if im using a machine and you are waiting to use that machine; dont stand there two feet away from me and wait while i finish. you are annoying the person currently on it and you are distracting him. if you stand there i will purposefully take my time just to piss you off. if your sweating like a madman after using a machine, clean it up. theres nothing more disgusting then going to use a machine and you see flakes on the head rest and sweat everywhere else. going to a gym where all they play is stupid trance techno sh*t with a little bit of soul music. what the hell is that? its a gym. play some metal. all the girls that go to gyms anyways have ipods. be friendly in the gym. but if you see someone you know while they are working out or in the middle of a set a simple nod of acknowledgment is all that is needed. dont go up to hime or stand there while he finishes to say hi. if you wear a bandana and hollywood sunglasses in the gym, then stop. you dont look cool. as cool as you think you are your not cool enough to have the sun shine on you wherever you go. thanks for reading

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