Mar 2010 03

My brilliant self-employed husband has had to borrow money for office rent from our personal account (as in money I earned, since he hasn't brought home a pay check in quite a while) two out of the past three months. He has not yet brought in enough money to pay this month's rent (due Friday), and today he comes home all excited that he is MOVING TO A MORE EXPENSIVE OFFICE. Yeah, smart move. And when I questioned the sanity of this, he says it will help him make more money. What, more than NOTHING? By SPENDING MORE? Yes, I am sure hoping you can learn to pull your weight at some point. Thanks a lot, a**hole, for working 12 hour days and leaving your wife and infant child without a husband/father AND without a penny. I wouldn't mind you never being here so much if you had something to show for it.

Oh, and he got upset that I am finding a way to make money (SOMEBODY has to support our family) while he isn't, and told me I should just stay home with the baby and "let him be a man." WHAT?!?! And eat what? And pay rent how? Sounds nice.

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