Nov 2009 04

o.k. there is this bitch that was talking sh*t to me and about me about 9 months ago. she had a kid and i left her alone. thinking she was going to do the same. but the bitch wants to call me out. and say that i said her baby was ugly and that i was talking sh*t about her. i don't like that bitch why would i just waste my time to talk about her. to even think about her! SERIOUSLY!!! then she talks talking sh*t about my momma. then i snapped! then i called her and started talking my sh*t. then she gonna say she's on her way to my house and to be outside, so i get dressed. go downstairs. go outside. and wait. wait. wait. then i go upstairs and the bitch quit witing me. didn't answer the phone. what the f*ck is up with that sh*t! If you call some1 out. do something about it! right?

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