Apr 2012 18

My bf, who I thought I could trust, and who says he is a religious Christian, and is in Church with me every week and other church activities, hurt me badly.

He's emotionally abusive. One minute he'll talk about how much he loves me, prays for me, and finds me precious, and the next, he's tearing me down.

He told me, when we were arguing and I asked him to look at me when I was talking to him (I got tired of talking to the back of his head!) He told me, I only do that for my mother or the woman I will marry!! This was in my house! When I asked him about all those nice and sweet things he said to me a week before, he told me, he should be more careful with what he says next time!

I am sooo hurt. The problem is, I will see him in church and all these activities...I'm completely hurt!

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