May 2011 29

What in the world, Gods green earth is so difficult in following out a specific task that is required to perform your job at it minimal standard.

What kind of a f**ktard cannot follow a simple instruction of take the dog out with you at certain times specified?

What kind of a f**ktard takes advantage of someone who is willing to provide excellent pay to follow simple guidelines as feed the dog at this time. Take the dog outside.

What kind of a person eats all your food, f**ks on your couch with your dog laying on the couch at the same time, and then locks them up in the kennel for hours on end?

All I have to say to you is you are a very sick f**king person who seriously needs public shaming. You should be seriously publicly shamed. If you are a big enough person to do all these things and more than you most certainly are big enough to face the consequents of being called out.

My home has been treated like a $2 an hour motel.

You will never see payment in this lifetime ever...

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