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On Nov. 28, 1949 was born Susan Penna Mangano (daughter of Emma Mangano and boyfriend Harry Handsman). Susan had three children. She became pregnant as a teen by her then-boyfriend, Steve, but she flew to Puerto Rico with her mother and got an abortion. Not so for her daugher, Allison Kim Olmstead, born July 4, 1972,for Allison had a son, Alexander Guidice, on Sept. 5, 1989, at the tender age of 17--sans a husband. Allison\'s parents, Susan and Andrew Francis, were kept in the dark until the last minute, for Allison \'hid the fact\' under free-fitting clothing.
Susan Mangano married Andrew Francis Olmstead in 9/1969, ultimately divorced him and married Luis Esposito in 11/1992. She now lives in Staten Island, NY. Her other two children are Heather Ann and Andrew James (A.J.).

[by Anon on Fri April 3, 2015 01:00:49 pm]
Fifteen years ago or so Susan Olmstead Esposito took the medication Klonopin as was prescribed by her doctor because she had (still has?) panic attacks. She was, and still is, on Social Security Disability. The Klonopin caused her teeth to disintegrate. Now 65 years old, she stays away from mirrors because her hair is thinning and her teeth are a mess.

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