Oct 2010 05

my ex-gf and i stopped seeing each other mid august and i'm still so pissed at her i can't get over it. she refused to kiss me the 3 months we were together and ended it by saying we should just be friends. i won't go into details but to make a long story short, she went back and forth on going out or being friends for 2 months before we actually went out. she's in almost all of my classes this year so it drives me up the wall because i continually have to hear her voice! what really pisses me off tho is that when she talks to her 'friends' (who actually turn out to be better friends with me, considering that they have told me all of this), she'll say sh*t about getting with guys or making nasty jokes to appear like she's not nervous around guys or some bs like that. but i know for a FACT that she is almost had a mental breakdown when i tried to make out with her or put my hand around her waist!!! it wouldn't be that bad if i could just move on to another girl but i can't really say i'm interested in anyone in my school that isn't already going out with someone. college may be next year but a chill senior relationship and a prom date would be a nice thing to end high school on.

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