Jun 2013 03

It's really frustrating having conversations with my dad or even asking him a simple question. He's either glued to his tablet, phone or iPod Touch so he's never paying attention. I'll ask him a question over and over but he won't respond until I yell at him after many times of trying to get his attention. It's really annoying. Tonight I tried to tell him about my dad and he's like, "What? What happened?" After I just told him. So I walked away.

But he's totally oblivious to the point where I don't think he realizes how rude he's being or impolite.

[by Anon on Tue June 4, 2013 01:03:35 am]
I have people like that i my life, but I have to remember, they're using doing that brainless stuff on the tablet, phone, etc because they're exhausted from the day. Try to calmly talk to your dad when he's walking around, get his attention and say "I need to talk to you for 1 minute." Then tell him "I know you're probably tired from working hard all day, but I need some help, and would really like some face to face one on one time everyone now and then."

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