Jun 2011 13

Several years ago, my parents paid for my little sister to get ANY degree and ANY college she wanted. I found out just last year that while she was on the other side of the country at school that she had a kid (my parents first and only grand-kid) and put it up for adoption without even telling anyone in the family! Well, now our older sister is expecting a baby girl and today, my little sis told me she got "accidentally" pregnant and is 6 weeks along. She was so smug and satisfied about the whole thing that I'm conivinced she did this on purpose. What woman gets pregnant unintentionally twice in 4 years!!!! She even announced to me that she inteneds to tell our family at the baby shower I'm throwing for my older sister!!! I am so angry that she would get herself pregnant on purpose (yes, thats what I think) and that she thinks someone else's baby shower is a time to announce to our parents (who were DEVASTATED when they found out about her last kid) that she is having another kid as a single 23 year old.

[by Wow on Tue June 14, 2011 11:48:17 am]
Wow, this little sister of yours sounds terrible. If she's adamant about letting the cat of the bag at the baby shower, I think you should help things along way before. You should tell her that she needs to tell your mom, otherwise you will, because you'll be darned if she's going to ruin or steel the thunder from your older sister.

I know she's the baby and she's your younger sister, but it sounds like it's time for some tough love.

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