Jun 2012 11

Sometimes I hate the time before I fall asleep. If I can't, I end up thinking about everything I have to do the next day or for the next week.

Right now it's homework because school is ending this week, and I also still haven't decided what I'm doing next year.

I just lie in bed thinking about all the bad stuff that I find myself crying. The other night I was actually crying out loud.

I wish my parents were stricter about next year. I wish they weren't so hot and cold about the whole thing- schools I applied to etc. I just don't know. And the fact that sometimes they're okay with my ideas and the next minute they're not is not helpful. It makes everything worse.

I hate all of this. School is ending in a week. I'm not coming back, but the thing is, when I walk around with my yearbook that last day of school, people will ask me what I am doing next year, and I don't even have an answer.

I hate these nights.

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