Sep 2009 23

We moved away to a much less populated state after being in SF for 10 yrs. What happened to San Francisco? By the time we left I was so disgusted with the crime, graffit,garbage, dog crap everywhere and aggresive gutterpunk's needing their fix. I stopped going to the Mission because it stunk of piss and vomit. Golden Gate park was full of awful filthy drug addit's and the Panhandle was becoming a haven for shooting up. The City was soooo marvelous at one time and I know there are still great thing's about it but it just feels like most people there don't respect it anymore.It seems like it got invaded by a bunch of people from eleswhere who don't give a the idiot who was pouring paint down the drain outside of my house there. Seriously , tell me and don't be mean, I really want to know...what do YOU think happened to beautiful San Francisco? One answer: Gavin Newsom.. self indulging baster

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