Jun 2011 17

I made the mistake of befriending these 2 sad, insecure, shallow b*tches who think you can measure a relationship's and a boyfriend's worth based on whether he spends money on Tiffany's jewelry on you. It's unreal.

A girl who thinks like this clearly has an unresolved psyche and would probably benefit from some counselling. They're probably a product of their upbringing, which is sad, too...probably one or both extremely shallow, superficial parents. Sad, Sad. Laughable, but then just really sad.
I have NO other girlfriends who have this same thought process. None. It's unreal. Who thinks like that?! Girls with ZERO depth.

I would rather have an experience like that with a good man, than, for example, with some random dude (who, let's say chainsmokes and goes clubbing and spends his money on designer clothes....effeminate! Or cheats on his fiancee/wife and has a secret account on a dating site like Lavalife) that just charges his credit card at Tiffany's? I'm not like that. I'm not that girl. My close girlfriends and I make fun of girls who are like that...it's so hard not to.

I would never be with a guy who just randomly charges his credit card at Tiffany's but then might mistreat his girlfriend/wife/fiance in one way or another..... Tiffany's is a BRAND. Like, how SHALLOW can you get?!
Any girl who measures the worth of her relationship or the worth of her man in any way, based on whether or not he's ever bought her 'Tiffany' brand jewelry has some serious, serious deep rooted issues, is DISTURBINGLY superficial and shallow....and again, is the type of girl that my friends and I make fun of.

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