Mar 2010 24

I am venting here...

A friend to me is someone who actually genuinely cares about you, invests in time and effort into someone. To know the persons likes and dislikes.

Well, for one of my friends I beg the defer. She is such a bitch! I normally don't say that about anyone. She leaves town for 2 years and comes back thinking that the world evolves around her. She invited me to her place thinking we can catch up. I went and it turned out to be a freaking meeting about selling stuff. As it ended, I was talking to her about how my husband and my kids are doing. She could carealess about me and wanted to sell me the product. Then she had the audacity to ask about her ex boyfriend(my husband and him still hang out). I know that she wants him back and she asked me to talk to her ex about the product. She is plainly using me. I told her today nevermind our friendship. She uses her beauty and her smart ways to get to people. She wants people to please her at any given time. She doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. I'm glad that I don't have to listen or see her again.

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