Mar 2010 09

I am very sad. depressed at my own house.
family continued to blame me because I do not want to follow what my parents wanted.
This question my life choices,
and my own right to decide who will jaln I go for the future.
but they did not listen to my pics.
brings with it other problems that are not important and it makes me depressed.
I've expressed all that is in my heart.
but they do not want to know.
all my ugliness they remember.,
but they never want to admit that I am at least, only once has made them proud.
I was very sad,
I want to fast can live without them.
it's very hard through it all.
as I slumped, no one is helping.
makes it even harder.
I was disappointed.
I was sad.
I was tortured.
I was treated like garbage at home.
I was not to be myself,
I'm afraid.
but I must be strong.
I was not able to go through all this.

please give advice ...
I appreciate you all.

god bless.

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