Aug 2015 12

He\'s everything that I want. Sure he has flaws that I don\'t like about him, but they\'re not deal breakers and he\'s not hurting me- but those flaws in both him and I are causing so much arguing between us to the point that we need to be apart for a while.
The arguing is so much that I\'m beginning to think we just aren\'t compatible. Even with our time apart, I usually just feel anger at him (and myself) when I think about him. Sometimes I remember the good things about us and the fun times we\'ve had together, but I have to admit that a lot of the time I\'m thinking about how angry I am at us.
So then I feel like I\'m put in this upsetting situation. Yes, he\'s everything that I want in a partner- it would be some miracle that I could find another person with all his good characteristics PLUS fewer of his bad characteristics. I\'ve met plenty of men- it\'s really just not going to happen, especially when you factor in being attracted to each other.
But at the same time I keep coming back to \"I don\'t need a boyfriend, though\". Yes he\'s everything that I want, but he\'s not anything that I NEED. I\'m just not a person who NEEDS people. I understand having a support network, but I already have that. He\'s not a major pillar in my life and I never see how any boyfriend/husband/whatever will be.
I don\'t want to break up, I really like him and I\'d like him to stay as more then a friend (especially when he\'s telling me \"Either we\'re romantically involved, or we\'re not involved at all\") but the fact is that I don\'t need him. So to a certain point, unless he gets his act together, gets a job, gets some friends, and starts acting like more of an adult- than there just isn\'t much of a benefit to me to continue this relationship :/

[by Anon on Tue August 25, 2015 08:21:13 am]
I totally get where u are coming from, I think I may be with his twin. Lol. I'm searching for the same answers. I've been with my bf for 9 yrs and he has basically lived off of me and my kids the entire time but I just can't seem to let him go. He is no help around the house, finacially, physically or emotionally. All he does is cause issues with everyone. He is generally a good person but mostly to everyone else. He is not abusive and doesn't drink or do drugs. He is just basically a 39 yr old child. What is wrong with me? Y can't I move on. I don't need him to survive. I just stay frustrated all the time.

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