Jun 2011 04

Going through so much at once.
Moved 22 hours from home 7 months ago.
Getting married.
Trying to have a baby.
Getting off anti-depressants.
I\'m home sick. I miss my family. I can\'t just drive to see them. I haven\'t seen them in 7 months and my memere is very sick. If she dies and I\'m not there..f**k.
So much wedding planning to do and trying to have a baby!
The baby making isn\'t working.
Early Menopause runs in my family. FML. I\'ve already had two miscarriages.
Getting off anti-depressants is the worst! Emotional, dizzy, headaches, insomnia, mood swings. FML.
So. Exhausted.
My fiance works long hours 5 days a week and lately it\'s been hard to see him.
I sit at home alone when I\'m not working. No one around. No one to talk to. Not even a puppy or anything. FML.

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