Aug 2011 18

So I just bought a new Black & White tub top. I sent my BF a photo of it and he's telling me I'm not allowed to wear it in public. Only at my house or his house. Also that he doesn't want guys starring at me and he only wants me to be his. Anywhere I go, not matter what I'm wearing, from Sweatpants to Skirts to Sweathshirts to Graphic Tee's guys always stare at me. He said he's just trying to protect me from getting called a Whore and a Slut. Well news flash, there are girls who wear WAY worse then i do.

Also yesterday he yelled at me for hanging out with my girlfriend. My best friend in the world. I'm bisexual.. My bestie is too. Me n her used to have a thing but, I told her I can't do anything with her and she understands that.. He yells at me when I said we were going to have a sleepover and said I wasnt allowed to. He lives down the street so its hard to do things with out him knowing about it. He constantly texts me and calls me.

He's to controlling and one day hes gonna make me end it all because of how f**king difficult he is.

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