May 2010 14

I understand that the economy is in bad shape in every size and form, and the dark clouds of recession just keep lingering without convincing signs of recovery. However, that's not an excuse for my boss to delay pay since Oct 2009! I have to pad myself on the back for riding through this for 7 months (and counting). The company is in really bad financial shape. I keep seeing those invoices and collector mails coming in. The "call" in March further discouraged me. I'm still holding on because of the fact that I really want to grow with the company and believe in the promise of techology it pursues. But there are obligations that I have to fulfill, too. I love my mom for being so supportive of me during this time. Meanwhile, I feel guilty for burdening my mom while not pressing my boss to pay me the salary that I well deserve. At times, I can't believe I'm working in the U.S., where labor laws are well delineated.

There're a number of things that have been upseting me at the job, but that email really ticked me off. I have been receiving those mails from Aetna almost every months (for the past 5 months or so) saying that "the group health plan which you are enrolled in is scheduled to terminate on ..." because "Aetna did not receive the group premium due for the month." Every time, the situation was resolved at the very last minute. But this month was different -- my enrollment was terminated for real. I emailed my boss, knowing why this was the case and asking her for clarification. I was in dismay because her untruthful response that the plan requires employee to work a min of 30 hours a week. What?! I believe the decision to pay the premium is under the discretion of the employer not Aetna (and I doubt that my employer would update my work hours with Aetna). The financial problem of the company is no big secret, why can't she just tell me that she cannot afford to pay the group premium? Instead, she gave me some saying in order to deflect the responsibility. After my commitment -- turning down to receive a paycheck and permitting the delay till Sept just last week and I almost pound myself on the chest physically had I not kept my last bit of restraint and dignity) -- is that all she could do? Lies? I would have accept the fact that she cannot pay as I know there are financial difficulties. Instead, she chose to response in a way that is irresponsible. Does she think I'm stupid or am like a carpet that could be stepped upon? Mind you I work in a lab, and have to deal with corrosive chemicals once in a while. What medical protection would I have if accidents happen? I think it's time to move on from the company...

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