Jun 2010 11

i hate you for never being there. for feeling neglected all my life. for your addiction and passing that jean onto me. for the day you left welts on my baby brothers butt. for the days you carried me by the arm down the stairs. for scaring my friends so bad that they never came over again. for breaking my brooklyn bridge. for throwing the house phone at me. for flipping the cofee table at us. for chucking food down the stairs. for doing LSD, coke, heroin, pot, and acid. for making me feel dumb when i ask you questions. for laughing at me when i cry. for always pointing out my mistakes and never accepting your own. for spending my whole life at your f**king work or sleeping. for yelling at me "f**k you, your a c**t. your just like your mother." way before i know what that was. for thinking my suicide attempt was for attention and i wasn't really depressed. for hitting me in the gace. for throwing away all the drawings i made for you. for caring about your work more than us. for breaking my heart and hurting me. for caring that everyone loves you, besides your family. for never standing up for me. for never supporting me. i hate you so much, but the question is why do i still feel the need to protect you? why do i still lie for you and act like it's all okay?

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