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So my wife and I have been married for a year and we also have a beautiful ama-ng 2 year old little princess!! Before we got married and we had a child my wife wasalways wanted to be pleasure d or always wanted to pleasure me! Like I would have to keep going untill she wanted to stop. If ya know what I mean. I would even have to go to the gym because I was working out more than I imagined. My life I th aught was amazing!! NOW 3 years later after giving birth to our princess and getting married and working 50 hours a week my wife won\'t even touch me. She always tells me she loves me everyday but is 0 percent the same person she used to be. She never gets turned on she never wants to touch me and when we do have sex all she cares about is \"when are you going to be done\". I really don\'t get this at all. Is anyone in this or was in this situation and if yes do you have any suggestions for me or if not do you still have any suggestions for me because now it is getting to the point where I\'m so depressed and angry but I\'m not going to tell my wife that because she just gets mad and tells me I\'m the one who is wrong. SOMEONE please help I am reaching out to anyone and everyone. Someone give me suGgestions to have her go back to the way my wife was or at least get her to actually want to orgasm because yeah she doesn\'t do that either!!

[by Janet on Tue October 19, 2010 03:32:43 am]
I can somewhat relate. I had a real problem with being intimate after having my 2nd. Is it possible that your wife has PTSD? Or post-partum depression? It may be something she should get therapy for. Or maybe she just feels so exhausted after taking care a young 2-year old every day? I'm doing much better now that I've gotten some help and have been able to work out issues. Another thought is maybe do something different or exciting with her? Just you and her, without the baby. It might get her excited with the change. I know I usually don't feel sexy or intimate, but if you take me out for a nice dinner, if we go dancing or have a drink and laugh, by the time I get home, I'm feeling pretty randy. (This is mostly because I don't do this on a regular basis). Mix it up for her, change - even if it's temporary - always inspires new emotions.

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