Sep 2009 15

I turned 41 on Saturday. We had a small party of about 12, with family and friends. My younger sister was there with the kids. Her 2 year old daughter was being held by one of the teen age kids, and all at once she pushed her way out of the girls arms and jumped up onto the table the cake was on and just sat right on my cake. We all looked in dis-belief, and shock. Than the shouting started. "She was pushed into the cake". "She is a bad little girl". Family members shouted. "Get her off the table, damn you" I was for once in my life at a loss for words. I felt so sad for my Mother, who had put so much love (And time) into the home baked cake for us. I felt ripped off, as no one felt like eating cake that a baby diaper had just sat in. There were those that laughed their asses off at what I felt was my expense. My dad was a little too hard on my little sis, for not keeping more control of the baby, and I hate to admit, she was drinking again...Also the reason her husband had left her. So here is a small look into the disfunctional life I call family.

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