Jun 2011 27

Sorry I\'m not the son you really want me to be. Sorry I sit on the computer all day. Sorry I won\'t ride the rides at amusement parks or go out and do things because those things just don\'t interest me. I\'m sorry that\'s such a goddamn foreign concept to you, that someone can be introverted and not like feelings of adrenaline. It makes me physically uncomfortable to feel adrenaline. I was never scared to go on the ride; it wouldn\'t hurt me. But the rush would. It would make me tear up and cry. And you misinterpret that as fear. But I can\'t tell you that because you just wouldn\'t get it. Not because you\'re stupid but because the idea seems like another way to hide my \"fear\".

I\'m a f**king crybaby. Deal with it or let me leave the f**king house. Don\'t threaten me with cutting me off just because I don\'t want to do the things other kids do.

You think I\'m taunted for not being outgoing. Truth is, I have more friends than you realize. It\'s just such a f**king strange idea to you that someone that won\'t even ride a bike can have friends. I\'m 17 and have never learned to ride a bike, and I don\'t give a f**k. It only upsets me that you do.

You hold everything over my f**king head.

\"I don\'t like waterslides. I just don\'t have fun with them.\"
\"I don\'t have fun giving you money and letting you go places.\"

Please tell me I\'m not alone in seeing the two aren\'t even comparable.

I hate to be a typical teenager, but you just don\'t understand.

I\'m sorry I\'m not the son you want and never will be. Everyone else accepts me how I am, why won\'t you?

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