Apr 2010 04

All this dumb sh*t thats been going on has finally got to me. I dont f*cking care if you still liked me, if you were waiting for sh*t to get better. You treated me like sh*t, lied to my face, and who knows what else youve done. Now im getting death threats from your friends just because I stressed you out. If youre not the one saying sh*t in the first place it doesnt even f*cking matter anymore. Ive put up with all ur sh*t too long now, im better off without you in my life. Youre not worth my time and ive had my anger sealed away forever almost. You and your life was able to bring it back out. So you know what? Go f*ck yourself! Have fun being f*cked over by your "Friends" who say sh*t behind ur back all the time and the ones that are just trying to get in ur pants. Im done with your stupid sh*t and your pointless immature drama. Goodbye and good riddance.

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