Jul 2013 29

My parents are leaving the country and they want me to go with them. I want to also, somedays. But mostly I can't. I can't leave for a stupid reason and I feel like I can't them why, but I can't leave for a girl. She saved my life so many times and I swore that I'd always be there for her. That would be a little hard with me living in another country, all this year it's been in my head that I'd go to college get a degree she'd graduate high school. We start dating, get married, grow old together, die. Now it's stay here without my parents work all my life maybe make enough to support her and I and maybe she'll date and marry me, or forget about her an start in another country. Long distance doesn't work, it doesn't even work if your dating, and we're not even doing that. So yeah me staying for a girl that may or may not feel the same way about me is a stupid reason, a completely stupid reason, but I have to stay here and ride out this thing with her until the end, good or bad, and that's a really stupid decision to make, but it's mine and I choose it. I choose her, and I always will no matter what.

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