Dec 2011 19

So I had a novel posted here, but it was way too long and interlaced with the easiest ways to unravel my anonymity if someone I knew were to read this. So here's the last portion of it. I'm a twenty something college kid with daddy issues, basically sums up the preceding paragraphs.

The problem? My dad's wife is coming to the Christmas party. His wife is one of those in your face, assertive, try to fix everything people who wants nothing but peaceful unity between all family members. I don't know what kind of stories my father feeds her, but she doesn't understand why I could possibly have any reason to be mad at my father (there's a longer list, but to preserve my already faltering anonymity, I shall avoid placing it here. Suffice to say he's a class A jerkface in more ways than ten). Therefore, she will spend the entire holiday complaining about how I'm so disrespectful and I should appreciate what my father does for me (puts me in debt and lies to my face? okay), and on and on and on. I KNOW that he's my dad. But he's been the source of so much stress in my life, and putting up with his bulls**t is not something I deserve. All I am trying to do is concentrate on my college classes and have enough cash in my wallet to buy a tank of gas per week to get to my classes, THAT'S IT. He's hindering my ability to do both of these things, so why should I put on a facade and pretend to smile while he destroys my future? All I want to do is see my family for Christmas, and he has to bring his wife along so he can hide behind her while the Christmas party turns into an episode of Jerry Springer. I guess I'll just be enjoying my holidays via internet at home, because it'd be much better than getting daggers stared into me.

[by AnotherAnon on Tue December 20, 2011 12:34:09 am]
Anonymous? - Sounds like a holiday away from the family isn't such a bad idea. It'll be good for you, and your dad to maybe spend some time apart. He needs a little growing up to do as well. Holidays are something an unfortunately extra stressful time of the year, so it's understandable that an already tense situation may get even more tense. If you can, maybe make an excuse with your family that you just can't get away and get together with some friends, or go to their family's house.

Also, as a 20 year old, how is your dad getting you more and more into debt? Unless he's absolutely incapable of making money himself (in which case he should probably get help from the state), you aren't his responsibility. If he deserved it, that'd be one thing where you want to help him, but at this point, it's more important to take care of yourself.

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