Nov 2010 03

I went to an optical store to get my eyeglasses fixed because there is a film of fogginess between the coatings near the edge on the bridge. The guy working there accused me of not washing the glasses EVER and the dirt is eating into the lenses and proclaimed loudly so the entire store full of about 20-30 people can hear that it is my HYGIENE problem. I am a total normally clean person and of course I rinse my glasses every now and then . I totally cannot take insult like this. I felt I was about to explode but didn\'t want to lose my temper and hit him so I said loudly that it is lens problem and not me and left the store. But I will go back and talk to the boss the first chance I got because she is my friend. He will be so sorry when I demand an apology in front of his boss. BTW my friend wasn\'t there that day.

[by Anon on Tue November 9, 2010 02:51:33 am]
VERY RUDE! It sounds like the same optical store I went to. It wasn't in San Jose, California, was it? In any case, yes - you should definitely complain, but in a calm way. Or if it's a chain, write a letter to corporate.

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