Nov 2011 21

I'm. Addicted. to Minecraft.

My eyes are red and watering and my back hurts from slouching for three hours. And I'm not working on my Graphic Design in any way or cleaning my room.

This is really sad.

[by Anon on Tue November 29, 2011 01:02:11 am]
Aaah we all have those days. I was addicted to Solitaire. The one on stupid WIndows. It was so bad I had to delete, uninstall and disable it from being able to come back on my computer. I must have spent weeks work of time playing that stupid game. Thank goodness it's gone forever, and I've kicked that addiction.

Now it's my iPod Touch. Eeeck! I can't stop playing Words with Friends! Fortunately, you have a limit to 20 games at a time on the free version. :)

[by Anon on Tue December 13, 2011 12:25:12 pm]
I haven't played video games in year ever since I started working. I saw this ad on the bus "Skyrim 11.11.11". Looked it up thinking it is a movie, no, it is a dungeons & dragon RPG. I bought it and got sucked into it. Last weekend on Sat, I clocked 10 hours in 2-5 hours sitting. Head swimming. I wouldn't turn on the machine on a weekday. Otherwise I can't function at work. Anyway, once in a while it happens and it feels good to just play. Felt like a I had a vacation for a day. It will pass when you get enough of the game. Have a little self control and do your important stuff first. Then, play.

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