Feb 2012 17

Foodtown on Ralph Ave Brooklyn, NY USED TO offer double cash-off coupons, but they do not offer them anymore. Therefore I do my family\'s grocery shopping at Stop & Shop on Avenue Y and East 17th Street, where they do offer double cash-off coupons for customers to save money!
I rarely have to get a rain check there, for their shelves always stock what\'s on sale.
Foodtown on Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, NY--bring back double cash-off coupons.
Across the street from Stop & Shop there\'s a Doodey\'s Hardware Store, family-owned, where only helpful employees work. And there\'s a Petco across the street wehre I love to wander into, to look at kitties that are up for adoption.
Coming soon will be a Marshall\'s, on East 18th Street and Avenue Y.
Yes, it\'s a great shopping area--Avenue Y and East 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY.

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