Jul 2011 01

so im very agitated because me n my bf were doing so amazing in the beginning, but for some odd reason, ever since he moved into his brothers house, hes been distant. the passed week i havent seen him and it pisses me off. all of his reasons is bc hes either helping his granparents, cleaning this, doing that. its all family s**t. and i understand that family first but come on...thats not fair to me...i try and try to see him but now, whenever i want to see him or we already had plans to hang out, they get f**king shot down last minute. now, everytime were "about" to hang out, i never get my hopes up anymore, cuz i know it'll just get shot down..

[by Anon on Fri July 1, 2011 11:50:25 am]
Tell him how you feel? Maybe you'll get answers if you ask whats really going on. I know the straight forward thing sometimes is a bad thing but its better than having anger eating you up inside right? Idk its just me really. Just think about the next move, you don't deserve being treated like this. Trust me, I know from years of doing the same thing over and over again and making excuses for the guy. Decide well if you wish to confront him. Good Luck.

[by Anon on Fri July 1, 2011 11:53:35 am]
its pointless to confront him because all of his reasons is involving his family. and of course family comes first. so there'd be no point in doing so

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