Feb 2013 05

You went to college. You changed, maybe for the better, I wouldn't know, we fell apart. I know nothing about your life now, and that hurts. I miss you. I love you. Tomorrow, I'm going to ask your friends about you and him and If its what I think it is, then I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be good. Maybe I'll finally reach the point of no return, and stop fighting, and just slide down the rabbit hole of depression, see how deep it goes.

[by Anon on Thu February 7, 2013 10:00:02 pm]
I'm sorry to say this but this sounds like every couple/friendship/pair I knew that went to college. On my floor, almost every girl (more than 30 of us) had a boyfriend who went to a different school. By the end of the first quarter freshman year, only a few were still dating. College and separation not only makes people grow apart, but these are also the years where people find themselves, experience life and find out who they are.

It's sad thinking about friends I've lost from high school, but that's what happens. I made lots of new friends in college, a handful who I was very close with. And even of those, only a few I stay in touch with. Of course at the time, I thought losing my friends were horrible, watching us slowly drift apart, but I look at my life now and have found friends that I truly love, consider family, and would trust my and my children's lives with.

If it turns out that this is one of those friends you slowly use, don't let this loss destroy you. This is the time where you should be changing and experiencing life to the fullest as well.

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