Dec 2009 16

Niece, you are a twit. You are over 20 years old, and you still behave like an airheaded high school student, even though you have a college degree in something useless. You are so shallow and self-absorbed, you don't even realize what a lightweight you truly are. You have the incredible nerve to call and ask for a place to crash for you and your boyfriend (which is getting pretty cussing old, by the way, and your equally shallow friends don't help by letting you stay with them like you two are a couple of hippies), because you are too damned cheap to pay for a motel room. Then you show audacity that would make Patton seem like a wallflower by asking Auntie what her dinner plans are. Not because you want to offer to pay for dinner, unlike your classy brother who offers to pick up the tab, but because you want to see if its something you like, and that we will pay for it. All because you want to save your money for fun things. We lied to you when we said that another niece and her husband and new baby are coming to stay with us. That's because I told Auntie the only way you and your boyfriend (who's too damn good for you, and shows appreciation) would stay with us again would be after I died. I don't want you here again. What you need, you twit, is to have something massive happen to you to make you grow the hell up. I hope that happens soon, because I want to see you feel pain the rest of us have, instead of running recklessly through life, having one person or another bail your silly a** out of trouble, and living only for fun.

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