Oct 2009 23

I hate you JASON RAY. All you did was use me and thought I meant more to you as a friend than some kind of slut you treated me. God I hope you catch herpes and give it to your wife. Your wife must be the most stupid person in the world to think that you are soooo FAITHFUL. One day, someone will f*ck you over. In a way I did, I was seeing another person at the same time and he was a way better lover than you ever will be.. If I am still mad at you, I will go to your wife via Myspace and Facebook and also tell your command that you were commiting adultery you ass pirate! When I met you, you were a friggin joke to me! You sent me OLD pictures of you when in Real Life, you look nothing like those pics. Good luck in picking up women with those pics because when they see you, they will barf. I was only using you for your big dick but realized I wasted my time with such a LOSER like you. Women - do not give him the time of day!!!! He'll be stationed in Virginia, look out ladies! You'll see why his wife only has sex with him once a month, cause he's an ugly f*ck!!!!!

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