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Ahrite, I just turned 19 last month & my bf turned 22 last October but we met when we were both a year younger. So, for some reason, I was hesitant 2 b w/him at first but I liked him so it was like, okay. But the trouble started when I found an earring on his bed- he said it was cuz his dogs brought it in. (They are in his room a lot) Then, he kept sendin me random messages (never inappropiate) and I kept confronting him until he finally said it was a female friend. But that's all he had 2 say in the first place. So, a little later, I got pregnant & I hardly heard from him cuz we text a lot. At first, I thought he was cheating but he eventually told me he "might" have another baby. I was upset but at least she's born, othawise he would b cheating. So, I didn't really hear ne thing else; I asked if he was the dad and he didn't know. But last week, I saw his phone upside down more than once in a short period of time & I have the urge 2 check it. Plus, he always seems 2 hide it from me. So, I immediately see a pic of him & the baby. I was offended cuz he didn't say ne thing. Then, I saw that his inbox & sentbox was empty- that was very suspicious. I left his house. The next day, I say that he will never see me again or my baby when she's born. He then threatened 2 take me 2 court. I felt like, how could he do that 2 sumone he loves? After that, he kept sayin bad things 2 me that really hurt 4 a whole week. Now, he admits he should've told me & that he's sorry but I don't trust him. I'm still hurt, too.

[by A Friend on Sun January 10, 2010 05:29:48 pm]
He may be telling you the truth and he was scared to be honest initially, but he may also be lying. But either way, he's gotta show you some commitment. And answer your questions on why he's hiding so much. You should tell him that you're OK with his past, but he shouldn't hide anything, even if it comes up now. Otherwise, you become suspicious and assume the worst. It's better to deal with the difficult issues together than you being left in the dark.

[by Rudy on Thu January 14, 2010 12:53:08 pm]
He sounds so immature. Just like my ex boyfriend. Thats why I hope Im magically attracted to females this year. Im sick of guys! Ugh!! They always calls heartache and pain. And f*ck love!

[by Niyah on Fri January 29, 2010 01:49:18 am]
Yea, I will talk 2 him but I don't think we will last long... lol f*ck love; that's waht Rihanna said. I agree. Thanx 4 da help.

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