Jul 2011 08

I will remember this day forever. The day my fiance Bled my nose is the day he called me for the first time a FATASS!! I don't want to eat anymore. God help me. This really hurts.

[by Anon on Sat July 9, 2011 02:55:30 am]
It's mind over matter. First you need to be surrounded by people who care before you can start or do anything. That's the most IMPORTANT step. Second is to simply eat no more than 1,200 calories a day. Yes, it IS so incredibly hard.. BUT if you don't surround yourself with food, or surround yourself around people that eat all the time or stay inactive then you can't win. BUT if you choose to keep yourself busy and active... food isn't that important anymore.

You know how you can get so busy that you don't eat? But the funny thing is most of the time you THINK you're hungry but you're really not?

Listen, we ALL need to lose weight. Not only for vanity but for our own health. What's the use if you win a billion dollars only to find out you only have a year to live? then what's more important? life or money?

You have to put it into perspective. your health your soul your mind all comes first before fiance, pleasure of food and anything else.

I'm not asking you to starve.. but just eat 1,200 calories.. NO MORE but also.. NO LESS and the calories you do eat must be nutritious and not a 1,200 calorie bag of chips. Believe it or not.. subway sandwich a day works... buy a foot long. with NO cheeze and no mayo but tons of meat like roast beef and veggies. eat half at lunch with tea and the ohter half at 5pm. then have a granola bar at 7-8ish to stave off hungry and drink tons of water.

bottomline.. if you set your mind to it.. you CAN do it... PERIOD.

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