Jan 2012 18

Jeez. seriously, i was just asking you a question because i DIDNT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU JUST SAID, MOM. you don't need to pounce on me. no, i wasn't "talking back to you"...i was honestly wanting to know some freaking information. sorry...guess you won't be getting any more questions from me. plus, you really don't need to talk down to me and tell me how simple and clear your statement was, so i shouldn't need clarification. well shoot, guess i'm just an idiot or something because CLEARLY i didn't understand. and after your long rant to me about how disrespectful i am, i try to explain that i simply *DID NOT UNDERSTAND*....and what? you cut me off and tell me to "go to my room". k. i'm not five, you know. i'm sixteen freaking years old. i could drive away right now if i wanted to. then maybe YOU'LL understand? (ok i'm finished venting.)

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