May 2010 10

It freaking sucks. No body understands that I can't stand mothers day. Why? Because my mom died from lung cancer when I was 4. And your gonna sit here and tell I am lucky I had to be raised by my sister because my dad didn't know how take care if a 4 year old. Yeah I am re lucky one. I don't give a damn if you can't stand your mom. At least you have one still alive. How in the words do you get the nerve to ask me about mothers day when you know damn well my mom passed away? And then you go off to complain about how miserable it was because you had to spend a few hours win your mom. I would kill for just a few hours with my mom!! But you wouldn't undestand because your too self centered to care about anyone but yourself.

[by Olivia on Tue May 11, 2010 12:02:00 am]
my mother died when i was little too... i know how stupid people get when it comes to mothers... they dont understand what theyve got till they lose it. did you visit her on mother's day? i visited my moms grave... it was nice. hopefully the person ure talking about will get it someday... thanks for your post, i know now im not alone :)

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