Sep 2010 28

When you said it you didn't want 2 be with me anymore I felt like I lost my heartbeat, what's makes me happy, you keep me are the only person I have ever truly loved...dreams of marrying you...I really scrwed myself over this time I feel like everyday I'm gonna regret this ever happened I regret everything with yu ever happened the saying it is better 2 have loved n lost than 2 never have loved at all is so overrated cuz it hurts like hell I know yu don't hate me...since yu don't trust me or believe me or prolly won't accept ny apology I just wanna say I'm sorry 4 all the hurt n pain I caused yu...I wish I coulda been that girl ur wife...but I told my ex about yu the message yu didn't get 2 see yu only I don't know how 2 move on 4rm here because all my plans evolved around yu my future evolved around yu...I wanna be held I want yu 2 wipe my tears nut I don't have yu anymore I poured my heart out no secrets the other night I told the truth about talking 2 my ex on fb but I really didn't think nothing of it I saw his mom at church n thought y not respond 2 him nothing innappropriate was said numbers weren't exchanged n I was fully honest n I still lost you...If everyone thinks I was antisocial b4...I wish I could erase time til when I 1st met you n I would do things so much differently in ur eyes I'm untrustworthy I just feel bad I opened up so much n yu know my most darkest of secrets stuff that I would never have told anyone...I hate that I love you n I cant get over I can't even sleep my head hurts 4rm crying n thinkin so much...I'm startin 2 get the sick feelin cuz I know I'm not gon see you anymore n that ur not gonna be in my life I can't handle heart is pounding outta my chest...I just wanna stop talking I can't eat I'm miserable without you...I have fallen completely apart n I don't know how 2 put myself back 2gether...words 4rm a broken heart.........

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