Apr 2011 24

it seems like everyday a fight breaks out. ever since i could walk i've been abused. mentally and physically by my father. i hate him yet i love him. i've been kicked out repeatedly and abused constantly. my mother, brothers and i have also moved out repeatedly but as always my father knows just what to say to get my mother back. it seems as if he puts a spell on her. my poor mother. why does she do this to herself? set herself up for failure by staying with a horrible man. i dont want to seem mean but i always wish for them to get a divorce. no one deserves to be treated like my father has treated us. this man. i have great fear of, but i dont let hm see cause i am truly the bigger person. 17 years of my life i had to put up with the likes of him. the only thing i am thankful for from him is that because of him i am a bigger and better person. i will let no one bring me down. i am a respectable young woman and i will remain that way.if only a miracle could happen to rid of this no good man because i have been to hell and back and no one deserves what my family have been through.

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