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I'm graduating this year, and looking at my transcript, I'm so embarrassed. My marks are terrible, and have been since middle school.

Honestly, I don't remember anyone helping me with my homework, parents included, since then, nor anyone helping me figure out how to study.

To this point, the only thing I know how to study for is math, and that's because you get handed a review booklet or practice test.

Last year I know I tried super hard to bring my marks up, but this year I realized they were still bad. All my friends are consistently on the honor roll with the majority if A's on their report cards so I've recently really started feeling like I need to get those A's to prove something. Last year I managed to get a few more A's then usual, but still managed C's. This year I only had one C so far.. a C+. But I'm not getting A's in the classes I want to get A's in. I really wish I could redo high school with the intent of greatly improving my marks. I wish my parents had helped me with my homework all this time and with studying for tests as well. ..Or at least pushed me into better marks (or really, helped me work out a homework/studying plan).

I really regret my grades for the past few years. I'll admit, because I've felt inferior to my friends, I feel I have to attend university, rather than even consider college as well. I don't know what I really want, but I'd rather leave it all behind and go to school in another province too. I guess it's ironic when you think about it. But really, my overall ability to slack has made me miss deadlines for scholarships I wanted to apply for, and not be able to even research the school's I've applied for, and are applying for. But again, I wish my parents would offer to help, or help work all this stuff out with me (in a kind way). The downside is that we're not close so when my mom's tried to talk about school with me it turns into a big argument. We're not close enough for me to want to tell her what I want or why college isn't what I want.

But again, like I said, I really f**king wish I could redo high school, and I wish someone taught me how to f**king study.

[by Anon on Fri March 16, 2012 04:11:05 pm]
Exact same s**t going on in my life bro. You're not alone

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