Aug 2010 12

okay so dear jenny tells me that she loves me , im her whole world but now i figure out why. i figure out its because im the only one who actually gives a flying f*ck about your problems!!! you only hit me up when youre having problems or when youre bored at home!! Im your "best friend" but thats only because you have no other friends. Maybe you cared about me at some point or maybe you just covered it up and used me as your ticket back into having a social life!! i thought i was important to you because you would tell me these secrets but now i truly see its because you have noone else. maybe youre still broken because of all the crap you had to go trough but i really wished you could see youre also braking me!! but you knw wht? ill be here for you till the end of time. im very tell ppl wht they want to hear and i guess you dont want to loose me because im the only one you consider good enough to be your havent changed one bit!! youre still that superficial f*ck!! you don't know how to love and i hope that one day you are truly happy. I forgive you for using me. One year from now you might have made new friends but i know ill also be in a wayy better place. i wish you saw that id do almost anything for you but maybe again you do.. at least now i found my true friends and a year from now the three of us we'll be closer thaan ever!!!-----ps - youre a very good lier and deceiver and it brakes my heart

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