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Alright I'm a senior and there is this chin who's a freshman at another school. Everybody knows her cus she's young but looks so much older she legit looks 18 and she's popular but she's not even a slut an I'm wondering would it be bad to talk to her? She looks and acts so much older...like its not like being attracted to the avg 14 year old and idk.. I guess guys don't usually post on this thing but my friend said it helps clear your head so I'm giving it a shot

[by Anon on Fri June 14, 2013 05:46:32 pm]
Welcome to my life bro. I'm a year ahead of your current situation. I fell for her when I was a sophomore and she was a seventh grader, shes my best friend's sister. My situations a bit easier probably because I can see her when I see my friend. I personally am ust gonna wait for two years until she's 18 and ask her out. In the meantime I'm just gonna get a better relationship going with her family so when the time comes they'll be cool with it. If I were you I wouldn't talk to her. Our situations are similiar but different. You have no pretext of talking to her and dating someone who's not of legal age can land you in a BAD situation. I know that you've thought about this too and I'm not giving you any new information or anything but you did ask for opinions on the Internet. So I would wait it out for a couple years see if its still there. If you DO decide to start talking to her just make it ONLY friendship, and if she thinks other wise correct her immediately, if she tries to make it more than that before she's 18 cut her loose, she'll get you in trouble. Good luck

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