Jun 2012 23

I am so f**king tired of all this s**t. I decided to spend my time cleaning up my basement and it's such a mess that's accumulated over the years. It's not even just a single room, and it's two rooms and a closet. I personally don't think it's my responsibility to willingly clean up the house and considering it's not all my mess, but I'm doing it anyway so I don't have to live in a s**t hole.

Honest to god, I made a pile of things to get rid of and it's been sitting on the floor for the past two or three days. I want my mom to go through it all to make a final decision but she's all "I don't have time right now." YES, but she's been spending a lot of her time lately watching television programs. So I think she does have the time.

But regardless, I AM SO MAD stepping foot into the basement because of all the junk my parents let us collect. The fact is, my dad isn't home a lot so my mom usually deals with this stuff. And in the upper part of our house, every time I tried to clean something out of one cupboard or shelf, she just found more stuff to put in/on it. My goal is to f**king get rid of some of this excess furniture- we have SIX of the same shelves. Three are in one room in the basement (along with another one of a different brand), one is in another room in the basement (both of these rooms are open), another one was SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF A HALLWAY IN FRONT OF A CLOSET IN MY HOUSE. Like what the hell. And the last is in my parents room. GOD DAMN. I cleaned all the stuff off the one in the middle of the hallway and strictly told my dad to get rid of it. Well, he hasn't yet, but he oughta soon. Because really? I don't remember how it got there, but one day it was moved there and my mom just started putting stuff on it. WTF. The thing is, I easily found new locations for all the s**t on it, something my mom could've done from day one.

Part of the whole junk thing is all our old toys from when my sister and I were kids. We have tons of board games for babies and no one's bothered to get rid of them still. So yes, another pile of stuff I have for my mom to sift through that she hasn't yet for months. My mom also ALWAYS accepts free stuff so we have random stuff she just grabs for free from hotels and from her workplace. It's extra annoying because it's stuff we don't even need.

I went through another closet in my house that has a ton of hats and slippers in it, and about four or five pairs of the slippers in it are the ones from hotels. BUT we also already have ten other pairs of slippers in that closet, so what the hell? She also brought home two side tables once from work but WHAT THE HELL again because did we really need them? We don't even have the space to spare for them. I hate her need for free stuff no matter what it is.

I am so enraged.

[by Anon on Tue June 26, 2012 04:43:21 pm]
Sounds like my parents house, although they're doing a lot better. One of things that helped was the thought of making money with it. So we did a garage sell, and I sold stuff for them on Craigslist and eBay. Once they started seeing money come in, it actually became fun to find things they could sell.

I used to be like your mom - wanting anything free- even though I have a great job and could afford anything. Just some weird obsession with it. Anyways, so now I'm working 80hrs a week and have NO TIME or energy to try to get free stuff. It's freeing really, plus I'm making twice as much money working twice as many hours. Bottomline, sounds like your mom needs a hobby outside of the house.

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