Sep 2011 22

I\'ve been laid off for about 5 months now, and I am SO tired of finding a job I KNOW I could do and then having to jump through so many hoops just to get CONSIDERED. The only jobs that seem to be available are minimum wage jobs, ones that are only good for students or the retired looking for something to do. The rest of us who are actually paying BILLS couldn\\\\\\\'t possibly live off of these wages! PLUS, now companies think that you need a COLLEGE DEGREE to do secretarial jobs! Since when do you have to go to college just to type and file? It\\\\\\\'s OUTRAGEOUS that they have now excluded all the people who don\\\\\\\'t have college degrees and are older Americans (40\\\\\\\'s and 50\\\\\\\'s) and have work experience just because we don\\\\\\\'t have a college degree, and for CLERICAL WORK??? WTF has happened to this country? It\\\\\\\'s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find work as it is, and now companies are requiring degrees to type on a damn PC! It\\\\\\\'s INSANE!!!

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