Jun 2012 03

I can't wait to graduate highschool I'll have all my s**t packed ready to go in the bed of my truck and as soon as I have my diploma I'll be peeling out of that parking lot, getting my ass out of town. It harbors all my empty promises and broken dreams my highs and lows my fears and failures it harbors who I am and who i've been and I don't like who I am and who I've been. I glance around and see everyone I love in everything I do, but they're all done with highschool they graduated without me because I'm a f**k up, and they're leaving. There's nothing left for me in this town, people tell me I still have my family but I hate my family so there's literally nothing here for me. I can't see how anyone can spend their lives in their hometown, it seems impossible to me surely the things that haunt me in my hometown haunt them in theirs unless they're lives are perfect. I just can wait to be somewhere new where no one knows me I can't wait to be exactly who I want to be.

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