May 2013 23

You are exactly right, how stupid of me to think that I have been living my life the way I should. Thank you for using your insightful stereotypes of all men, and people younger than you are to show me how foolish I am. To celebrate I am going to start beating my girlfriend daily, cheat on her, get her pregnant, then dump her for the person I was cheating with, rinse and repeat. Hell while I am at it I think I will throw out all of my morals all together, I will lay out all night smoking and getting drunk then I will spend all day laying around getting fat and playing video games. Oh and don't worry about those comments of my younger brother being the favorite. I mean just because a complete and total stranger can walk up to me and ask, and I quote "Why do you think your mother favors him over you." doesnt mean that I am right, nor does the fact you side with him in every argument no matter how wrong he is or that you give him everything he ever wants. So what if you and dad refused to let me go on trips organized by school organizations just because my report card, which had nothing below a B on it, was not adequate enough while my brother has two C's. Thank you for letting me go the ONE time you did just because my brother wanted me to. And thank you for never telling me you love me, like dad does every-time we talk, everyone knows that it only will make me weak and your bogus "pushing me away" excuse is more than adequate to satisfy my curiosity on the matter even though at the time I had pushed you away I was only nine, you were beating me within an inch of my life on a daily basis, and you and dad were going through a divorce which was traumatizing to my childish psyche. And I do appreciate it when you threaten to throw me out or stop helping me with my education, even though we live in the second most corrupt city in the entire nation, after all I don't NEED to have an education, family ties, or friends to get a job in this town. Please continue to give me such insightful information on how I am supposed to live my life, it is appreciated.

With disdain,

Your Eldest Son

[by Anon on Thu May 23, 2013 08:05:53 pm]
P.S. I also appreciated you making me cry in the middle of a restaurant for all to see after my graduation

[by Anon on Fri May 24, 2013 12:36:05 am]
Wow, I can't believe how hurtful your mom is, but I have to say, good for you for recognizing it and even better than you have people you can turn to who give you the right kind of support (like your dad). Sounds like you'll do a lot better now that you've graduated. I hope you'll be able to go off to college and she'll learn what it's like not to have you around. If you need help going to school, reach out to financial aid - I did and they paid for 70% of my education. If it's still tough, move to a safer city. I think living somewhere like South Dakota where crime is a lot less, school is a lot cheaper, even though it's quiet and boring is better than staying in the 2nd more corrupt city in the nation, suffering at the stress your mom causes you. She's obviously taking out her frustration on you, and you don't deserve that. No kid does.

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