Jul 2011 10

I want to say a few things about my parents okay we all love our parents right but at a point u just want them to shut the hell up I mean recently I have had stress out the f**king wazoo about a lot of s**t First of the thing we are getting a house cause we are sick of paying out the ass for rent and my mom wont stop watching house hunters and stupid f**king shows like that now she's acting like she knows every thing about houses about a few days later she starts to have doubts about the f**king house and kept asking me is this a good house is this a good house I'm sitting there and I said I don't know and she's keeps this s**t up for 3 weeks so I just made something up and she finally shut up about it next I got a girlfriend recently and thank god for her but she wanted me to tell my parents and I told her its a pain in the ass when I tell my folks about my girlfriends but she asks again and I'm sorta power less against her pretty face so I told them and now they will not shut the f**k up about her and Just a few days ago I picked out a birthday present for her i bought a huge sapphire a while ago (no it's not fake) & I wanted to give her it for her birthday so I asked my parents what they thought my moms like "u shouldn't give that to her , what if she breaks up with u next month" then I sit there with my mouth open in f**king disbeleive of her saying that I was like are u F**KING kidding me? Then I go ask my dad and he basically says the samething.... & I'm like wow thanks dad for the F**KING support now I don't know about u but I think that is 1,000% f**ked up & I though parents were suppose to be supportive next thing is the the f**king baby talk to the pets ..... Yea I think most people know what I'm talking about after as many years I've lived with them they would knock it off but omfg they keep going.... Next when they complain at me for not getting out of the house now I'll admit it I am lazy alot but shut up about it I'm not bugging u am I just sitting in my room not doing anything dusruptive to what your doing but yet they complain about it now when I want to get out and I got something to do it's all the sudden an in convince on them even though I told them a day befor and their like okay go and do stuff but when I'm ready their like fuuuuuucccckkk no I never said anything about u going anywhere and just try to make me late and threaten to ground me if I get and attitude which bings me to my next point my mother keeps bitching about me having and attitude when she bugs me she gets in my face and she's like don't talk to me like that and I'm a lot taller them her and I think what's stoping me from putting my foot on her stomach and spartin kicking her on the ground then I just get more pissed but not yell then she's like don't raise your voice at me and I say I'm not she raises her voice and says it again I try to calm down and I say I'm not so she screams it at me so I look at her in her face and say quit yelling in the back of my mind I can just picture her falling down in front of me and I would feel so f**king good to make her shut up but I know my dad would get all ass hurt and try to fight me and then I would get more pissed and then my mind opwould get twisted and I would just pick up a aluminum bat and hit him in the stomach and tell him to stay away from me but I just have to walk out of the house and wait till I chill out now just today she's spitting in the sink and doing it ever 15 seconds and it's annoying me to f**king death I feel some times duck tape would be my f**king hero.

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